Why do one blog?

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The most staggering question in today’s world of WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and several such sites has left me wondering, actually why do so many people blog? In fact, why was it that I started blogging, though being not into writing for the last seven years (I loved writing long essays in school). It seems to have a charm of its own, true, but to engross so many people all over the world is not just its charm, but have got to be something more than that. Frankly, I just thought of jotting down some reasons which just might explain the cause…

1. A class of people who love writing, have been gifted with tremendous writing skills, have made their names as writers. Their articles regularly get published in renowned magazines, etc. They love to have their own blog as a secondary way of expressing their emotions, whatever they feel like saying..only without getting paid in this case, maybe even getting paid in some cases.

2.The class who loves to write, loves to speak out their heart, haven’t been recognized as a writer though, but still want to express their opinions and views, their feeling and emotions, their thoughts and what their soul has to say. They love to communicate with their peers over each other’s blogs and thus form a steady network. This class seems to have two parts again:

  1. Those who loves to leave lots of comments on others post, communicate a lot with readers of his posts, which I like a lot. So many unexplored sides of the world get known while reading other’s blogs. A virtual bonding hence grows in this blogging world. A bonding which even our real life friends or even family members may not have known, as the way we blog we don’t always speak that amount. It leaves a gap which can never be filled up. But of course, we can tell our real life people to read our blog.
  2. The second part of people just want to emote their thoughts and creativity. They bother least to read anyone else’s blog, even if they have ample time. Comments are of little importance to them. Other people’s views are as immaterial as the stars in the sky. They are indifferent to what others have to say on the very same topic.

3. The other class of people really love to blog on a daily basis, just like writing our diaries. Any significant or insignificant event really finds a nice place in their blog. But a public blog substituting a private diary? Well, this is the charm of blogging in this digital world...what else?

4.The next class of people may have found out no one to listen to their opinions in real life, but they always had something to speak. Forced to keep to themselves, they have had enough. Finally blogs came to their aid and gave them a platform to set their confined minds out of the closet…

5.Are some kids blogging to earn from Google AdSense or AdBrite? Is someone blogging to have their blogs the maximum hit count, or visitors? Believe me, such childish stuffs would soon lose their fun. Soon you will realize my dear that life is a much bigger entity than earning a few dollars from AdSense, the true essence of blogging will then come to your forefront.

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If you were to ask me why do I blog, I would say I belong to class 2(1). Time to take a break…would be soon back.. 🙂

Why do one blog?
Why do one blog?

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

18 thoughts on “Why do one blog?

  1. Hi Rahul :)You have nearly exhausted all the points. But there is one more reason why I blog and comment on others blogs. It also gives me an opportunity to deliberately contest other bloggers views on various burning issues and test my views and beliefs. It sharpens my wits and improves my creativity. You should see my comments on some blogs. I go at them with daggers drawn 🙂 🙂 :)But they are good enough to tolerate me :)I take this opportunity thank you for visiting my blog and posting words of encouragement which I value very much.Have a wonderfull day 🙂

  2. awesome post manwaisecan u temme which category do i fit in out of d above 5? nd wat was dat reply on my blog, that said “both”?cud u pleesh explain? nd no, i didnt mind. honest comments (good, bad, worse) r olways welcome 🙂

  3. The thing is…for a budding writer, a blog is probably one of the toughest mediums. You have to always be ready, always have something to say. You know you have people waiting to read, y’know? :)I’m 2.(i) I think 🙂

  4. @JosephYeah, that cud well be no 6..seems like it consists of a major population@PriancaOnly you can understand yourself best..but certainly you r not 1,2(ii) or 5.. 🙂

  5. For me it happened like this. My Friend who had a great voice used the FM media to communicate with people. At the same time I felt the need to express my thoughts. Thats when I turned to blog world. Then there was no looking back.

  6. HiNew to ur blog ! 🙂 find this interesting ! n yeah i fit correctly in the 2 nd category ..half of (i) and (ii)

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