Firefox Toolbar: Kewll, now with Twitter, Bing, Real-time search, Email notifier, Best Firefox addons, extensions and more

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Yes, you have heard it right, cool! This could be a completely new beginning in the usage of toolbars for all the tech-savvy guys around. The toolbar Kewll has been uniquely prepared to cater to some of the most desired needs of common users keeping simplicity and ergonomics in mind at the same time. Navigating across sites like Orkut, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace is just a breeze now with all the options present distinctly in easy to access positions. Every options of these awesome social networking sites provided just at the fingertips with just a click away. Now checking your Orkut scrapbook, uploading photos to Flickr or posting on your Facebook profile would take less than 10 seconds!

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It does boast of the Google, Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia search options that all toolbars have today. But it also enables you to search some of the top sites like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Orkut, Facebook, IMDB Movies, Images, Scoopler (the best real-time search engine, if you are not yet aware about it, better check it out), CNET’s Download site and Blog search. Did I say Flickr and Picasa? Oh yes, now searching some of the best photos in Flickr and Picasa Web Albums is just a click away. These tools are sure to satisfy all your needs for quite some time now. What’s better, if you have some innovative ideas, just click the Kewll button and contact.

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Just when you are thinking that it’s all over, a few more bits and pieces come together to make Kewll all the more appealing. You get your most essential tools like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Google News, Orkut, Facebook, YouTube, etc under “Royal Stuffs”. The best part is you can always use the Kewll button to suggest stuffs and see them appear on the toolbar soon. The News and Sports tabs deserve to speak for themselves. With updates happening every moment round the world, you won’t fall behind even for one second with it.

Firefox Browser Extensions
Firefox Browser Extensions

Now coming to my blog’s section. With overwhelming response from my readers about the tech articles and news of TCS, I decided to put it in the toolbar so that readers can stay updated in the browser itself and read the new articles any time.

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Checking the new Mozilla Firefox extensions and Firefox Add-ons is a breeze now with the “Check” option which instantly shows the best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons available. If you are concerned about a website’s rankings, you can check out it’s Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati rank and even predict a site’s future PageRank. It often proves to be an useful tool to blogger and webmasters or even SEOs. The Gadgets and Games section are for you to check out.

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