Why Crashplan can save your life

Crashplan is the new fantastic backup service that has caught up with Dropbox. Being an avid Dropbox user with 17 GB of sync space myself, I really didn’t  use to spend much time thinking about backup. The fascination of sync,despite it’s small storage capacity, captivated me over the last year. I use Skydrive for my highly important documents, and Dropbox for the ones I daily work with it. Both Skydrive and Dropbox has their limits. Skydrive provides 7 GB storage and Dropbox 17 GB, thus none of them provides the option of unlimited storage.

This is when Crashplan came in, straight out infront of us to the delight of users who has over 1 TB of photo and video collection, and were just wondering what it would be like if our hard drive just crashed. Of course it’s the most terrible feeling in the world, when you try to access our life’s memories and you are just stunned by a technical failure. Poof! All gone. Hours of work to collect and sort out the photos and videos, all gone. Crashplan provides the perfect solution with Unlimited storage for only 4$ a month.

If the memories do not form that big a part of your life, then the important documents you work with, even if they are large edited video files, will be backed up for your safety. Crashplan will provide the feature to backup your files every minute. Once your entire file has been uploaded, from the next time onwards, it will be take only a fraction of the previous time to backup, as only the changed portion will be uploaded. Thus even if you lose your valuable work, you can take a sound sleep at night while you let your file ‘Restore’. The next day morning, well, you get your stuff back. Isn’t that wonderful?

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