CrashPlan – Difference between ‘Friends’ and ‘Computers’

In case you have always wanted to use the ‘Friends’ feature on Crashplan but ended up finding your friends computers in the ‘Computers' tab as shown here, here is just ca catch that even CrashPlan do not explain in their sites. I guess they find it pretty obvious and hence didn’t find it worthy to mention. But for newbies, it might seems tricky.
If you sign in using your own CrashPlan account in your other computers, it will show in the tab ‘Computers’ as CrashPlan will identify them as your own laptops and PCs. To view your other computers in the ‘Friends’ tab where you can set the ‘Storage Quota’ and other features, you will need to sign in to those other computers using separate CrashPlan accounts. For any further doubts, feel free to contact me. 

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