iFIT Pro-form Treadmill Permission Error Fix

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Background of the iFIT App

Pro-form builds some of the most popular treadmills with an exciting fitness app called iFIT. The workout possibilities are unlimited with this treadmill which provides different landscapes to run on. With an iFIT subscription, it is possible to simulate the inclination and altitude gains of a particular track. The treadmills also provide displays so that we can see the progress and statistics of each run comprehensively. That displays of the treadmills are using an Android interface. The iFIT app runs in the Pro-form treadmills on the Android operating system. Sometimes due to permission issues, users of the grid will face error where it cannot start that Red Mill at all. That Red Mill refuses to start and keeps on giving a permission denied error. This can become frustrating and there is little help that we can find to resolve the issue. Here I will walk through the steps that will help you resolve the issue and start your treadmill within a few minutes.

IFIT Permission Error in Pro-form Treadmills
iFIT Permission Error in Pro-form Treadmills

Reset your iFIT App

First, you have to find the reset button in your treadmill. This button is usually located around the sides of the top platform where your treadmill display is present. It may be on the right side or the left side of the dashboard in your treadmill. It looks like a small, unmarked black hole. There is no label or indication beside that hole mentioning that it is a reset button and can save your life. If you cannot find the reset button, check your treadmill manual. It should be present somewhere around the middle pages in your treadmill manual.

The reset button will completely factory reset your treadmill and remove any customizations or custom settings. You will need a paperclip to proceed. Bend the paperclip in such a way that it can be inserted into the hole of the reset button. Pro-form recommends that you proceed with two people. Switch off the power of the treadmill. Now one person inserts the paperclip into the treadmill, and the other person powers on the treadmill. As soon as the treadmill is powered on, the display will light up. Give the display five seconds to boot up while still holding the paper clip pressed on the reset button. Then you remove the paperclip from the reset button. During those initial five seconds where you held your paperclip pressed on to the reset button in the system, the treadmill understood that you want it to be reset.

Reset your Pro-form Treadmill to fix iFIT Permission Error
Reset your Pro-form Treadmill to fix iFIT Permission Error

Resetting your Treadmill iFIT

Once the factory reset process begins, you will see a screen that shows a progress circle stating erasing all data in the treadmill. If you see this step it means that you have successfully started the factory reset process. In the next screen, you will see that the treadmill is installing system updates. In this stage, the treadmill downloads any additional software updates that might be helpful for it to function properly. These steps will automatically comments without any intervention from the user.

Once the system update is installed, you will see a welcome screen. The welcome screen will mention congratulations on your new treadmill. This is similar to the screen you will see when you first purchased the treadmill.

As you proceed into the subsequent screens the interface will ask you to choose your Wi-Fi network.

Once you choose your Wi-Fi network, the treadmill will download some updates of its workouts that it's wants to save.

Based on your Wi-Fi and connection speed, it will take some time to download all the workout updates.

Once the workouts have been downloaded, the treadmill will take some time to apply all the updates.

Finally, the iFIT logo will come up where it will start the app with all the latest data that it has just downloaded. If you are seeing the screen it means that your treadmill has been successfully factory reset, and you are now ready to use your treadmill.

I prefer to start the treadmill in the manual mode. If you want to start your treadmill in the manual mode, you have to choose manual start option in the top right of the screen.

Once you choose manual start, you will be seeing the screen where it says that the iFIT app is loading work out.

The default option will be loaded in the manual mode where there will be a track set up that will run in loops. Initially it will provide a warm-up speed. You can also choose to skip the warmup period so that you can directly enter the main walking stage of the treadmill. I prefer to end the warm-up much earlier than when it wants me to end. I immediately choose my speed as 3.3 miles per hour and keep changing it based on how I feel that day. Are you facing any other errors in your treadmill? Let me know in the comments below. And upload your treadmill error messages and photos here if you want me to check more.

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