Meta Interview Process, Core Values, and Facebook Interview Questions

Meta is one of the top organizations in the world today with a variety of products and platforms. I won’t be surprised if you are one of the millions of aspirants longing to be a part of the organization. We want to know what is the eligibility criteria to get a job in Facebook. We want to know what kind of questions we need to answer to be a part of the teams building Instagram. The overall process can take between 1-6 months. In this article we will cover comprehensively how to prepare yourself and what you can expect during the recruitment process at Meta.

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Meta Practice Tests for Essential Concepts

• The Practice menu above has over 3000+ questions curated by me for every category. It includes previous years topic-based contents, along with my unique addition of questions. I have decades of experience in the IT industry. You get 30 curated new questions in every attempt. Enhanced with continuous additions by me, you are guaranteed with the latest quality questions in each topic that are rich in quality. It is the best-in-class topic-wise collection of questions guaranteed to improve your preparation.

• The exams will provide you real-time explanations during the exam. You get the opportunity to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes along the way. Now you can focus on specific subjects and review the concepts for free with ease. Let me know if you have queries regarding any specific topic and I will try to assist you.

The above practice tests are essential to evaluate yourself as we will learn further in this article. So make sure to score well in the practice tests above before the actual exam. Whether you get a good score or an average score in the above exam, you can be sure you will achieve similar results in the actual exam.

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Meta Interview Process and Core Values Interview Questions

Steps of the Meta Hiring Process

The Meta or the Facebook hiring process as we often call it, consists of major 4 steps.

Step 1: Meta Resume Screening

The initial stage of the Meta hiring process is the resume screening. In this step, the interviewer will analyze your resume and decide if you are a good fit for the role. Your background and education is taken into consideration, along with the required skills that the role you are applying for demands. I have deep experience in the software engineering industry for different domains. If you want to get your CV reviewed by me and learn how to improve your resume, upload your CV below.

There is a definite standard of quality expected for resumes submitted to Meta. We will learn about it here, but it goes beyond that with the overall impressibility factor that maybe missing even after following all the theoretical rules. So I always suggest getting the resume reviewed by professionals with experience in this field. Here are some great tips, implement them, and then get your resume reviewed above.

Step 2: Meta Phone Screening

As we know in the software engineering industry, we will have a preliminary screening with the recruiter, and then a more detailed interview. The preliminary interview round will be discussions on your background, your aspirations, your achievements, and overall personality, that will help the interviewer determine if you are a good fit for the role. There can be one or two rounds of phone screening. Meta will notify you via email and will request you to provide your availability if that is the case. If all phone screenings looks good, we move to the next round of the Meta interview.

Step 3: Meta On-Site Interviews

The next round is a technical round. Here is where the Meta Practice Tests for Essential Concepts I shared above will help you succeed. Be prepared to answer questions on projects and topics that you have mentioned in your resume. You will also be asked coding questions from any of the common programming languages you are comfortable in. Questions will also be from data structures, data analytics, data interpretation, and algorithms. Assess these skills in the Meta practice tests above. The coding rounds are often termed Ninja, design rounds as Pirate, and behavioral round as Jedi.

The next round is a behavioral round. Note that the behavioral round of the Meta on-site interview can also take place before the technical on-site round. There is no fixed rule in place for this. Also, the rounds are often virtual on-site, so you can participate remotely. The behavioral questions help the Meta interviewer understand your personality traits, your team skills, how well you thrive under pressure, how you handle multiple tasks, how you handled past challenges, and how you react in different situations. Take the Meta practice test above to be ready for this round as well. The problems are often asked to solve using some collaborative editor like

Step 4: Review and Meta Offer Letter

When you have passed all the on-site interviews successfully, you will be on the team assignment period for a while. This is common practice for other companies like Google as well where you will be assessed for multiple teams if you can fit in to before finalizing. You will get to meet various different team members and team leads during this period who would want to know you better. If everything gets settled, you will receive a formal offer letter via email which you can then accept and proceed with the next steps.

Meta and Facebook Values in Details

Meta has six core values. Meta defines these values as the driving force that guides their work, how they spend their time, and how they work together.

Meta Practice Test for Meta Core Values
Welcome to the Meta Core Values Practice Test. I have deep knowledge on what it feels like to work with these values across different teams. The practice test here will help you get exposure to scenarios that need to be handled with these values at the core. Learn how to answer questions driven by the Meta Core Values. You get new questions in every attempt of this practice exam.

  • Moving Fast - Moving fast enables you to learn faster, make mistakes faster, and improve faster. I believe this is a key to how growth what Meta looks forward to, both at an individual level, and at an organization level. Meta encourages individuals to move fast and be able to prioritize things that are of higher priority, and aim at removing barriers helping the company move forward.

  • Focusing on Long-Term Impact - Meta aims at focusing on long-term impact that emphasizes long-term thinking and encourages everyone to work harder on making the time frame even longer. Meta wants to focus more on long-term wins than near-term successes. The Meta Core Value on long-term impact also specifies that they would even opt for something long-term, the results of which may not be seen for years in the immediate future.

  • Building Awesome Things - Meta values focusing on things not just good, but that are awesome. Meta wants to build something that is not just loved and used by all, but something that will also inspire people. The path to inspiring people is tricky, and of course challenging. I believe inspiration is a qualitative factor that would need analysis beyond the immediate UI and UX of a product.

  • Living in the Future - Meta cherishes the opportunity of distributed work where we are not limited by our physical and geographical presence. This is the belief that also helps drive Meta as an organization, where it looks forward to be one of the early adopters of a distributed-first company. Meta aims to be come an organization where people feel like a team and connected regardless of their actual location.

  • Being Direct and Respecting your Colleagues - Meta believes in a culture where professionals are straightforward, and open enough to challenge each other and have hard discussions. Meta emphasizes that it is critical to be respectful when providing feedbacks. The world’s leading experts in various fields work in Meta, so it is expected to have deep and quality debates on various topics.

  • Meta, Metamates, Me - Meta is about being taking care of each other and the company. The phrase Meta, Metamates, Me comes from the naval phrase Ship, Shipmates, Self. By this phrase Meta shares the sense of responsibility and care that we have towards the organization, towards each other, and towards one’s own self. Meta thus values inclusivity and collective success of the company as a whole. Make sure to learn what the Metaverse is here.

Meta and Facebook Interview Tips

Succeeding in a Meta and Facebook Interview requires preparation. I can show you how exactly how to approach such an interview.

Be a Storyteller

Reminisce your work experiences. Pick up 4-5 major accomplishments you have done, and then practice elaborating and explaining them to yourself or someone. These achievements and stories should highlight the required skills that Meta and Facebook will be looking for in you as an applicant. The stories should focus on your different skills, like problem-solving, challenge-handling, leadership, managerial, coding, and similar such skills as applicable to the position you are applying for. Being ready with the stories will thus help you be flexible enough to answer any questions.

Focus on Meta Values

We already learned the Meta Core Values. Enrich your interview answers more with the values you stand for, and make sure these align with the values in Meta and Facebook as well. The qualities of respect, empathy, learning ability, team work, and humility are of paramount importance. Leadership skills and managerial ability are also key skills that the Meta interviewer will focus on. There are a number of different teams in Meta that are constantly in need of strong visionary leaders. Being adaptable to learning new and different things is also one of the key important qualities.

Follow the STAR Method

Situation. Task. Action. Result. This is abbreviated as STAR. Situation refers to any project, task, or challenge that you faced. Task refers to your actions and responsibilities in that scenario. Action refers to the steps you have taken to resolve the situation. Result refers to the final outcome of the situation. Explain all answers that you give in this approach. This will give the Meta interviewer a clear visibility of what you handled, how you handled, and the outcome that you managed to achieve. Try to provide measurable figures and metrics as and when possible to quantify any details in your STAR method. The below video explains more on the STAR method.

Meta Interview Questions

The questions that are asked during Meta and Facebook interview often focus on Computer Science fundamentals, Data Structures, and Algorithms. You will be provided sufficient time to complete the coding questions. Here I will share some of the important topics:

  • Binary Tree - The questions will need you to be familiar with what a Binary Tree is and how the different nodes in a Binary Tree are arranged. Based on that you can answer the different questions like values returned when traveling from top to bottom.

  • Binary Tree traversal - Questions on Binary Tree traversal are common for the Meta interview. You should have good clarity on Depth First Search and Breadth First Search. You can choose a method of BST traversal like the Iterative Inorder Traversal pr Recursive Inorder Traversal.

  • Array of numbers - Questions on handling arrays of numbers are important for Meta interview. You may be asked to return the most frequent elements that occur in this array. The algorithm’s required time complexity may also be given.

  • 32 bit Integers - Questions on 32 bit integers that you need to reverse can be asked in the Meta interview. You may be tasked to reverse the number similar to reversing a string. The required time complexity and space complexity will be provided to you.

  • Binary Search Tree - Questions on Binary Search Tree can be of different types like returning the 2nd smallest value among all the nodes. Or returning structurally unique Binary Search Trees having a specific number of nodes and unique values.

  • Linked List - Questions on Linked List are popular in the Meta interview. The length may be mentioned as n or may be given a specific value. Now you be asked to create a copy using one of the methods - Shallow Copy, Deep Copy, Combination, Lazy Copy, etc.

  • Array of Intervals - Questions on array of intervals can also be asked in the Meta interview. The start and end values may be provided, and you may be asked to merge all overlapping intervals. In the worst case, all intervals will be mutually overlapping.

  • Solution Design - The Meta design interview questions are an integral part of the process. It helps the interviewer know how you handle a problem while being cautious about the constraints, resources, challenges, and the end goal. Using your skills to mitigate risks and handling tradeoffs are critical qualities evaluated here.

  • System Design - Meta considers System Design as one of the most critical roles of a software engineer. Questions can be how you can plan to improve the Facebook newsfeed, Instagram feed, Comment feeds in the posts, User interface designing, suggesting the development idea of a new System, and so on.

  • Questions can also be asking you to suggest something if you want to change about Meta. What you are doing to set yourself apart from others. How you handle workload in your current projects. How do you handle work pressure. How you have managed or led a team. Describe a time when you helped a colleague. Share a failure you experienced. What challenges do you see ahead of Meta in coming years.

How to Prepare for Meta Interview

Preparing for the Meta Interview is a long process that begins several months before the actual interview. I suggest you choose one programming language that you are good at and start getting ready to deliver solutions using it.

  • Practice writing correct solutions in the programming language of your choice. Make sure you are able to deliver quality algorithms and solutions within a specific time frame. Take special care to handle exceptions and boundary values before declaring your code complete.

  • We often overlook bugs when we attempt to complete writing a piece of code quickly. So it is essential to review your code and make sure it is free of any bugs before presenting it your Meta interviewer. This will help the interviewer get more confidence in your work.

  • Think out loud often. I would advise you not to keep trying to complete your task for prolonged periods in silence. Ask questions to your Meta interviewer if you are facing any challenges. This will also help the Meta interviewer understand your though processes in a better way.

  • Try to optimize your solutions. Value your years of experience and spend those extra few seconds asking yourself, is this the best solution that I can provide for this questions. Even if you cannot complete the most optimal solution in the given time, let your Meta interviewer know your thoughts on it.

  • Always make it a habit to start with clarifying questions. This will give you time to think and understand the problem more. When you ask the right questions it also helps you help arrive at your solution faster. For system design related questions, try to think what you would like to happen as a consumer of the product.

  • Meta design interviews can be categorized broadly into Systems Design and Product Design. For both of these rounds, many of the questions may be common. However, System Design focuses more on scalability, reliability, business continuity, and concurrency. Whereas Product Design focuses on API, data modeling, client server architecture, and the overall product stack.

  • Meta behavioral interviews are focused more on the Meta Core Values which we learned above. In a highly fast-paced environment, the essential qualities the Meta interviewer will look for are how you can adapt in an unstructured environment, how you can resolve conflicts and challenges, and how fast you can learn and grow.

  • The Meta interviewer wants to learn more about you. So with the STAR concept known to you above, get ready to answer questions about your past experiences. What was the most difficult challenge you faced? How do you approach resolving conflict with a co-worker? How do you react to critical feedback? Describe a memorable achievement. Do you prefer working alone or in a team? How would you approach marketing a digital product? How would you focus on building relationships and trust in a team? What would you think of as a challenge you are likely to face in this new role?

  • Beat the imposter syndrome. I know it happens, but be confident and do not doubt yourself. Make use of your support system, whether it is your family, or your friends, or your colleagues. You have come a long way in your career and there is no reason why you cannot go even further. Focusing on developing your skills will definitely take you a long way ahead.

  • Ask questions to the Meta interviewer as well! Be curious about what a normal day working in Meta would be like. If there is any specific performance criteria for the Meta role that you are applying for. What are the opportunities for growth in this role in Meta. With a clear idea about the role you might also be able to continue a quality conversation with the Meta interviewer. Asking questions will also create a lasting impression on your Meta interviewer and help have a constructive discussion.

TCS Hiring Guide and Resources

TCS Hiring 2023

TCS is hiring for the batch of 2023 through the TCS National Qualifier Test, or TCS NQT. The TCS NQT follows an integrated test pattern which is common for both TCS Ninja and TCS Digital Fresher hiring at TCS. The best thing about TCS NQT is that candidates will be appearing for a single exam. And based on how they perform in this TCS NQT exam, candidates will be qualifying for either the TCS Ninja profile, or the much coveted TCS Digital profile. There are different stages and the pattern of the recruitment also varies between the TCS Ninja and the TCS Digital profiles. TCS is one of the largest software service organizations in the world. The fact that TCS is hiring and if you are eligible, I would suggest do not let go of this opportunity. Even if you do not join, I would say keep TCS as a backup option just in case the economic situation does not improve. This article is updated every week to provide you the latest information. Read my other articles highlighted below. Also, make sure to evaluate your skills with a mock practice exam curated with a variety of questions to be ready for TCS.

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TCS NQT, Ninja, Digital, Atlas, BPS, ITIS Tests by Rahul

Select a topic from above to begin. Powered by 3000+ questions curated by me for every category. It includes previous years topic-based contents, along with my unique addition of questions. I have decades of experience in the IT industry. You get 30 curated new questions in every attempt. Enhanced with continuous additions by me, you are guaranteed with the latest quality questions in each topic that are rich in quality. It is the best-in-class topic-wise collection of questions guaranteed to improve your preparation.

• The exams will provide you real-time explanations during the exam. You get the opportunity to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes along the way. Now you can focus on specific subjects and review the concepts for free with ease. Let me know if you have queries regarding any specific topic and I will try to assist you.

Are you preparing for TCS? Whether you are experienced or fresher, there is something for you here to refresh your knowledge. Brush up your skills, explore and answer new questions before facing the actual exam. The above practice tests by Rahul are essential for any TCS aspirant. Learn along the way with real-time explanations for every question. Choose a topic and get started. You can read more TCS articles written by Rahul, or simply submit a question that you have:

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TCS NQT 2023

The TCS National Qualifier Test 2023 is open for students who are graduating in 2023. The eligible degrees are B.Tech., B.E., M.Tech., M.E., M.C.A., M.Sc./M.S.. These degrees need to be offered by recognized universities and colleges in the country. The TCS NQT is one of the most popular and competitive exams in the software industry today. Prepare yourself for aptitude, reasoning, and verbal ability questions at TCS Interview Questions which is a third party industry professionals driven venture. It would not be wise to appear for the exam without sufficient preparation. Your first step in to login to TCS Next Step official portal. Then register and apply to the drive. If you are already registered, TCS says to login and complete the application form, and after submit click ‘Apply for Drive’. If you are a new user, i.e. you have not registered earlier, you first have to Register yourself, and choose category as ‘IT’. It is important to make sure that you are truthfully declaring your competencies when you choose IT and that you have the eligible qualifications as mentioned above. Now you can choose ‘Apply for Drive’ Choose your mode of test either In-Centre or Remote, and finally click ‘Apply’.

TCS Hiring 2023 NQT Registration Syllabus Digital Ninja BPS Atlas Off-Campus Cut-Off Phases Fresher NextStep Registration Link
TCS Hiring 2023 Guide

TCS NQT Registration 2023

What important points should you remember for your TCS NQT Registration? I suggest keep all your original documents ready. Create a folder or portfolio with all necessary documents within it. If required, keep a separate file for more important documents within your folder. TCS says that all communication related to the test will be done by their test partner, which is TCS iON. If you are receiving any email from free email sources like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, be sure that it is a scam. Also as you already know, there is no payment required to be made to TCS, and also there are no affiliated organizations or third party who are interviewing in behalf of TCS. Knowing these facts will help you steer clear of any monetary scams. The entire process from application, registration, examination, interview, and onboarding to TCS is completely free. You only need to brush up your skills and be ready to answer any challenging questions. You can explore more on the different topics at TCS Interview Questions which is a third party expert initiative, or my article here.

TCS NQT Syllabus 2023

The TCS NQT test is differenced into 2 parts. The first part is the Foundation Section. It consists of the following topics:

  • Traits - 1 min
  • Numerical Ability - 25 mins
  • Verbal Ability - 25 mins
  • Reasoning Ability - 25 mins

The second part is the Advanced Section. It consists of the following topics:

  • Advanced Quantitative Ability - 20 mins
  • Advanced Reasoning Ability - 15 mins
  • Advanced Coding - 55 mins

Thus, the total duration of the TCS NQT test is 166 minutes, or 2 hours 46 minutes.

For any assistance or queries, TCS provides the TCS Helpdesk Team contact and 1-800-209-3111. TCS also provides TCS Launchpad which is a learning resource of TCS. You can login with your TCS Next Step credentials here. Once logged in, select Catalogue and subscribe to the applicable courses to begin.

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TCS NQT Eligibility

The eligibility criterion for TCS NQT is 60% in Class X, Class XII, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation, and Post-Graduation (if applicable). This is inclusive of all semesters and all subjects. The accepted academic degrees are Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Engineering, Master of Computer Applications, or Master of Science from any recognized universities and colleges. Many candidates ask what if there are backlogs in your career? TCS mentions there should not be more than 1 pending or active backlog when you are appearing for the TCS selection process. The same is applicable for arrear and ATKT. If you are selected to be a part of the prestigious Tata Consultancy Services, no pending backlogs, arrears, or ATKT are permitted during the time of joining. Such pending backlogs should be cleared by you within the course duration of the University where you are enrolled. Can you join TCS if you have a gap in hiring? Yes, you have to declare any gap in education and provide relevant documentations, and also your break in education should not exceed 24 months until your highest education. Part-time and correspondence education is not considered for TCS hiring, only full-time courses are permitted. Work experience of upto 2 years are allowed, and yoru age should be between 18 to 28 years of age.

TCS Digital Hiring

The TCS Digital profile is one of the most valued profiles in Tata Consultancy Services by aspirants all over the country. TCS Digital profile offers a salary package of 7 lakhs rupees. TCS Digital hires for the different domains like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Natural Language Processing. You can get hired for TCS Digital if your college is a TCS Premium college. TCS Digital profile can also be attained by cracking the TCS CodeVita pre-qualifier. You can also get the TCS Digital profile is you perform well in the TCS NQT. The eligibility criterion of TCS Digital includes all branches of B.Tech. and M.Tech. You should have 60% in Class X and XII or a CGPA of 6.0 or higher to be eligible for TCS Digital. If you are pursuing a degree, you should have 70% or a 7.0 CGPA or higher for TCS Digital. For Post Graduate candidates, you should have 60% or 6.0 CGPA at least in Under Graduate results for TCS Digital. You should not have any backlogs during the timing of joining for TCS Digital if you are selected. Any education gaps must be declared with relevant documentations for TCS Digital. The TCS Digital recruitment process consists of three rounds - TCS Digital Online Test, TCS Digital Technical Interview, and TCS Digital HR Interview.

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TCS Off-Campus Digital Hiring

The TCS Digital Off-Campus hiring consists of the 3 rounds of tests as detailed below.

  • TCS Digital Online Test (Round 1) - The TCS Digital Online Test involves 2 online tests. One consists of Aptitude and Verbal Ability assessment. The second consists of Coding knowledge evaluation. The approximate time duration is 60 minutes.

  • TCS Digital Technical Interview (Round 2) - The TCS Digital Technical Interview consists of discussions on projects and your technical background. The technical interview needs preparation of the tools and technologies that you have already worked on. So make sure to brush up your skills for this round of TCS Digital.

  • TCS Digital HR Interview (Round 3) - The TCS Digital HR Interview consists of scenario based questions and personality evaluation sessions. Be ready to answer some of the common questions that are asked in the TCS HR interview. Learn what to say and what qualities the interviewer is looking for in you.

TCS Ninja Hiring

TCS Ninja is one of the most popular profiles among candidates who are looking to be a part of Tata Consultancy Services. TCS Ninja offers a salary of 3.4 lakhs. The TCS Ninja eligibility criterion is B.E./M.E./B.Tech./M.Tech./M.C.A./M.Sc. To be eligible for TCS Ninja you should have 60% or 6 CGPA and higher throughout Class X, XII, Under Graduate and Post Graduate (if applicable). You should not have more than 1 arrear while applying for the TCS Ninja profile. And you should not have any pending backlogs when joining the TCS Ninja profile if you get selected. You can have a maximum of 2 years of education gap for TCS Ninja. Be ready to present proper documentations explaining your gap in education. Only full-time education is considered for TCS Ninja. You can apply for TCS Ninja in TCS Next Step and choosing Apply for Drive option. Make sure you prepare enough before the actual exam. See the practice tests I have built above and choose the appropriate topics to test your skills. If you can consistently score above 80% in my practice tests above then you can be sure that you have a good understanding of the essential concepts.

TCS Ninja Hiring Results

The TCS Ninja recruitment process consists of an online test. If you clear the TCS Ninja Online test, you will be further requested to arrive for the TCS Ninja Technical round, the TCS Ninja Managerial round, and then the TCS Ninja HR round. The online TCS Ninja test consists of 4 sections - Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Programming. Make sure to practice using the Practice Tests I shared above to be ready for these rounds. Every attempt will present you with new questions for the TCS Ninja exam. These exams will give you a real feel of what to expect in the actual exam. Try to score passing marks at least in every attempt of these practice tests and you will understand the level of expertise I want you to have. One of the common questions is if you can move from TCS Ninja to the other available TCS profiles to gain broader experience and increase your salary. The answer is yes, you can apply and move to different domains in TCS by continuously learning and upgrading your skills. Based on the respective assessment tests and how you perform you can move from one profile to another in TCS.

TCS Ninja Cut-off Marks

The TCS Ninja cut-off marks is based on the number of candidates appearing for the exam, and the overall marks scored by the candidates on a percentile basis. In simple terms, his means it depends on how your peers perform in comparison to you. Hence the cut-off marks for TCS Ninja will vary for every test. When you take the TCS practice exams above, you will be presented with a pass and fail percentage based on the cut-off marks I have decided for you using these tests. These will give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect for the main exam. You will also understand the level of preparation I expect from you before applying for the actual exam. Since the cut-off marks varies you need to improve your level of preparation to the highest level possible. Understand from the above practice tests which areas you need to improve on, and then focus on them, then retake the above practice tests. I would advise get comfortable scoring high marks in the practice tests above before appearing for the actual exam. This will not increase your confidence but improve your chances of succeeding in the main exam immensely.

TCS BPS Hiring

TCS BPS stands for TCS Business Process Services. TCS BPS is about managing and executing business operations and spans across different industries supporting processes like accounting, HR, and supply chain management. The TCS BPS role is more focused on providing IT and non-IT support to the different domains. The TCS BPS offer letter takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive after you submit your documents. Based on experiences of candidates in BPS profile the TCS BPS role is definitely a promising stepping stone into the technology world. However if you are looking forward to moving more towards IT and development fields then keep brushing up your skills, take the practice tests I shared above, and continue applying for the IT positions. The TCS BPS eligibility criteria is Graduates and Post Graduates with at least 9 months of relevant work experience. Are you ready for TCS BPS? Take the practice tests I shared above for necessary skills that you will require to find out. You should have good verbal skills and preferably decent aptitude skills. I suggest getting a good score in my practice tests shared above before attempting the actual exam.

TCS Atlas Hiring

The TCS Atlas job profile is for roles like Data Scientists, Data Validators, Risk Modelers, and Statisticians. The salary package varies from 7-8 lakhs. There are online tests and interviews conducted during the TCS Atlas recruitment process. The TCS Atlas eligibility criteria states that candidates should be between 18 and 28 years of age. In terms of education, TCS Atlas aspirants should have full time post graduation degree with a specialization in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. The test provider for TCS Atlas is TCS iON. A infrastructure readiness check will be scheduled a couple of days before the actual exam which you will be communicated over your email. You should have 60% and 6 CGPA or higher through Class X, XII, under graduation and post graduation degrees to be eligible for TCS Atlas. The exam for TCS Atlas consists of sections on Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, and Coding. The TCS Atlas exam duration is usually 90 minutes. How good is your aptitude and reasoning skills. Test yourself by taking a try at my assessment tests shared above. If you can get a good score, you can be assured that you are ready for the actual exam.

TCS Off-campus Hiring Phases

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the largest organizations in the world. TCS conducts off-campus hiring every year and candidates can apply for this in the TCS NextStep portal. Register and choose ‘IT’ from the list, and then in the application form choose ‘Apply for Drive’. Only candidates with B.E., B.Tech., M.Tech., M.E., M.C.A., and M.Sc. degrees are eligible. These are online tests and interview rounds for various positions in the organizations. Candidates are evaluated in different skills - Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, Coding. To get an idea what kind of questions to expect take the practice exams I have built above. Every attempt will present you with a new set of questions, so make sure to take the practice exams a few times. The minimum marks required is 60% or 6 CGPA and above in Class X, XII, Graduate and Post Graduate (if applicable) degrees. You also should not have any arrears or backlogs at the time of joining TCS if selected. You should have proper documentation if you have any education gap. Any questions? Comment below and I will try to answer.

TCS Fresher Hiring

TCS is hiring freshers every year through the TCS National Qualifier Test, also known as the TCS NQT. The test is for the TCS Ninja and TCS Digital profiles. The salary package for TCS NQT ranges from 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs. To prepare for the exam, I suggest take the practice exams above to evaluate yourself. Whether you score good or score average in these practice tests I have built, you can expect similar results in the actual exam. Every attempt in the practice exams above will present you with new questions. To be eligible you need to have B.E., B.Tech., M.E., M.Tech., M.C.A., or a M.Sc. degree. The TCS Integrated Test Pattern, also known as the TCS ITP, is another test that allows you to showcase your skills using which you qualify for either the TCS Ninja or the TCS Digital interview. You need to prepare for Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, and Coding skills for the TCS assessment exams. Build your knowledge and keep practicing until before the actual exam. This will help you encounter different questions of varied complexity from each topic. The more wide variety you can cover the better your chances of succeeding in the main exam.

TCS Next Step Exam Date

All exam dates and details of next steps of candidates being hired are updated by TCS in the TCS Next Step portal. Starting with a package of 3 lakhs and often reaching upto 7 lakhs, TCS Next Step provides details for candidates coming from various backgrounds of TCS NQT like TCS Ninja, TCS Digital, TCS Atlas, and TCS BPS and experienced hires as well. Keep track in TCS Next Step daily of the different phases and dates of your TCS hiring process like Candidate Registration, Application Received, Applied for Drive, Candidate Batched, Offer Letter Generated, Offer Accepted, ILP Eligible, ILP Scheduled, Joining Letter Generated, Joining Letter Accepted, and so on. TCS advises to stay safe and trust only genuine emails and updates from authorized TCS information sources, so if someone reaches out to you for TCS referral or expedited hiring process you should keep waiting instead and revisit the TCS Next Step portal. Reach out to the dedicated TCS Helpdesk contacts provided in TCS Next Step and wait for them to answer your queries. You can also ask me for guidance if you have any queries regarding your situation.

TCS Ninja Hiring Registration Link

The TCS Ninja registration is being conducted under TCS NQT. Take my TCS NQT Practice Tests shared above to prepare for the TCS Ninja exam. You can apply for TCS Ninja at TCS Next Step, after registering and creating your account, choose IT when prompted, and start filling the application form. Keep a note of your Application ID, and start filling your Education and Work details sections. In Other details section, provide remaining information like certifications, resume, achievements, photo. Finally you choose to Apply for the Recruitment drive - choose Remote if you want to give the exam remotely, or choose In-Center if you want to attend the exam by physically attending the venue of the exam. The entire process of registration for TCS Ninja is streamlined using the dedicated TCS portals for aspiring candidates. You can check every step of the process and request for updates or help via the provided dedicated TCS contacts.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

The Virtual Web3 Paradise

Despite the obscure rise of the term Web3 and it's close association with cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is interesting to see how the recent decentralization storm is taking up everything. As a successor to Web 2.0, the era which was supposed to democratize the internet, but instead became dominated by FAANG and related products, Web 3 is all about re-decentralizing the web.

The 1990s saw the Web 1.0 era, where the typical internet user would mostly view web pages, created by other users. Users had little knowledge how to create their own webpage. The Web 1.0 saw the masses passively consuming media created by publishers. In Web 2.0, the masses were creators. Blog posts, Amazon review, Wikipedia entries, YouTube videos, and crowdfunding campaigns all saw the people creating content in the Web like never before. However, the downside that no one realized back then was the monopoly over the user data that companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft were having. The content was stored in servers owned by the major corporations.

Web 3.0 would allow users to unlock the web open where their data will live on the blockchain, and not a central server. Instead of the business platforms owning it, the content would be owned by the user. This is a major shift in content ownership and moderation landscape. The access to the content would be controlled via a private cryptographic key that only the user will possess. Data migration to a different service would also be seamless as there is no one entity controlling the data storage and server.

The crypto landscape is however not too user-friendly. This puts the average user open to risk of losing assets unless it is clear how to manage NFTs and different wallets. Convenience is a factor that the blockchain eco-system is struggling and has a long way to go before seeing mass adoption of the startups. MetaMask and similar apps that provide windows into the blockchain often require plenty of steps before completing a planned action that the average user will hesitate if they are not tech-friendly. DeFi and other similar protocols and eco-system will take time for mass adoption.

As much as Web3 dreamers might shun the crypto casino, the fact remains that cryptocurrency – money – is the sole driving force of what everyone is trying to build. Here’s where the concepts of game theory comes in, along with the higher tenets of Web 3. This is also where Web 3 movement breaks with the economic innocence of the past waves of internet utopianism. Web 3 apps even give them a say in how the platforms are run with sort of a governance power ver the platform. With tokenomics, the business model of nearly every Web 3 proposed Web 3 platform entails distributing tokens to everyone involved, and thus incentivizing them to use and improve the platform. Web 3’s approach to financial incentives is an ingenious way of solving new technology’s adoption problem.

Embracing Web 3.0
Embracing Web 3.0

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