The Virtual Web3 Paradise

Despite the obscure rise of the term Web3 and it’s close association with cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is interesting to see how the recent decentralization storm is taking up everything. As a successor to Web 2.0, the era which was supposed to democratize the internet, but instead became dominated by FAANG and related products, WebContinue reading “The Virtual Web3 Paradise”

CrashPlan – Difference between ‘Friends’ and ‘Computers’

In case you have always wanted to use the ‘Friends’ feature on Crashplan but ended up finding your friends computers in the ‘Computers’ tab as shown here, here is just ca catch that even CrashPlan do not explain in their sites. I guess they find it pretty obvious and hence didn’t find it worthy toContinue reading “CrashPlan – Difference between ‘Friends’ and ‘Computers’”

CrashPlan Backup Sets is an interesting feature

CrashPlan provides you with a flexibility in terms of backing up your selections. Most service providers only allow you to select what you want to backup at one go, then it backs up all together. But Crashplan offers a standard amount of priority which you can set amongst all your backup folders. This is aContinue reading “CrashPlan Backup Sets is an interesting feature”