The Virtual Web3 Paradise

Despite the obscure rise of the term Web3 and it’s close association with crypto currency and blockchain, it is interesting to see how the recent decentralization storm is taking up everything. As a successor to Web 2.0, the era which was supposed to democratize the internet, but instead became dominated by FAANG and related products,Continue reading “The Virtual Web3 Paradise”

Coinbase and the Blockchain Revolution

As we step over into the age of new technologies that has the power to revolutionize the very meaning of currency and fundamental aspects of society, it’s evident that such transition will take time to absorb and fill into our lives at a mass scale.  Some notable authorized organizations being the driving force today likeContinue reading “Coinbase and the Blockchain Revolution”

Software Engineering best practices we do ‘Not’ follow at our own risk

Software engineers all over the world were at some time or the other taught in their initial days some best practices to treat as the Bible while developing software and writing codes. But most of the time, we fail to undertake these steps. Due to lethargy, or time constraint, or taking things too easily, weContinue reading “Software Engineering best practices we do ‘Not’ follow at our own risk”