Sqoop Import and Export tables from Hive to Oracle Database

Overview Exporting and Importing table data from Oracle database to Hive and vice-versa is one of the most common activities in the world of Hadoop. It is essential to get sorted out on a few basics for seamless first time integration to avoid various parsing and loading errors. As a Data Analyst, I frequently needContinue reading “Sqoop Import and Export tables from Hive to Oracle Database”

Troubleshooting Hive in Hortonworks Virtualbox Sandbox

While getting started with Hadoop, the sandbox provided by Hortonworks is an easy to use starting point. Once we download the Virtualbox, we can easily import it into our existing VirtualBox Manager. This is assuming we already have a VM VirtualBox Manager installed in our machine and the machine meets the minimum system requirements. TheContinue reading “Troubleshooting Hive in Hortonworks Virtualbox Sandbox”