wss_username_token_service_policy use case for Oracle EBS and DRM Integration

The year of 2017 was an incredible year with tremendous ups and equal downs both at a professional and personal level. However, it has again helped in garnering some very fruitful insights regarding everything around me and to plan few things better ahead. This is not to undermine any of the other years like sayContinue reading “wss_username_token_service_policy use case for Oracle EBS and DRM Integration”

DRM Data Loading Automation using ODI

The Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management application is a pretty flexible tool and most of the activities that can be done manually can be automated (using ETL tools like ODI, Informatica PowerCenter, etc). Recently I was presented with a business scenario by one of my readers which is pretty interesting yet tricky. Yes it involvesContinue reading “DRM Data Loading Automation using ODI”

DRM Single Physical Hierarchy Multiple Logical Hierarchies

The Oracle Data Relationship Management application provides tremendous flexibility in terms of managing the master data for an organization. It has amazing customizing options and integrability with other Oracle products that makes it even more useful.  Here I will explain how easily we can solve a complex business requirement using DRM. The requirement is toContinue reading “DRM Single Physical Hierarchy Multiple Logical Hierarchies”