Evernote and how it transformed my digital life

As digital data has grown over the years and our dependency on gadgets has risen, there came a need for something more than the concept of simply storing files in different folders in the cloud. The concept of note-taking thus evolved and has made steady progress over the last 4-5 years. I had Evernote installed in myContinue reading “Evernote and how it transformed my digital life”

Write a Guest Post for Insight Crunch

Insight Crunch is the most happening place for discussions and information on the IT sector, the latest technology, and the gadgets that emerge. This site is viewed by thousands every day and have dedicated readers. You are welcome to share your experience, and write articles and contribute to this site. Your originality and creativity will be appreciated,Continue reading “Write a Guest Post for Insight Crunch”

Importance of Communication Skills in the global upfront

This is a guest post by Ashish Nandwani.   The need of effective and potent communication is becoming more and more cardinal in today’s global arena, No doubt the companies spend a lot of  money on training individuals to make them presentable for cross-cultural communication. Intercultural or cross-cultural communication substantially considers how to greet , manage and workContinue reading “Importance of Communication Skills in the global upfront”