Rise, Calcuttans

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Its sad to see my home town deteriorating like this in terms of its progress. It has only heard the plans of its improvement over the last couple of years but alas, it couldn't be given a shape which would have invariably made all of us proud. The city could have become one of the most prestigious jewels in the eastern part of India, one of the finest demonstrations of rise from its present state to something we have dreamt of. True we’re on our way with the IT sector in Salt Lake struggling hard to cope up to demand of the time. But how long?

We, Kolkatans are fighting hard enough to rise to the occasions when we see the world around us. The pollution department, health department and the security of the state all seem to be in hands of people struggling to cope up to the demand. It’s not that negligence is the cause. Its the strictness of the laws, the scare of a strict judiciary system that seems missing. People should perform the best they can, which seems possible here only under the strictest of rules set down to abide by them.

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Kolkata Protests
Kolkata Protests

Politics play a major role in the fate  of the state. Opposing parties simply doesn’t give a second thought to take up laws in their hands to meet their diplomatically-unsolvable-issues. Day in and day out plans of progress or solvable problems get out of hand. The current ruling party is the only party we can look up to to have any sign of hope as we have really no damn idea how competent(?) the opposition might be. Is it time for the citizens of Kolkata to do something?

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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16 thoughts on “Rise, Calcuttans

  1. You find the present Government to be competent??A Government which cannot go by a High Court order just because its not capable of controlling some sporadic violence??? WTH..!!!The only area where I find it competent is that it continues to become the Ruling Party year-after year – doing nothing!!!!

  2. @AmbikaTalking of competency at present? Absolutely not..but do you expect the opposition to be even at par with them?? Moreover, this sporadic violence shouldn’t have happened in the first place only if the Government had handled the cause of auto drivers the way Delhi did, looking into their interests too before asking them all to buy autos worth 1,26,000/- and to repay it in 5 years. Is this a joke!!

  3. Ya.. Truely.. Its he people.. However we need to decide on better politicians.. Cannot comment on calcutta politics as I m form maharashtra.. Dont know much bout there.. But we reallly need a change in the system… We really do!!!

  4. Hello Rahul :)The communist party has become lethargic, obsolete, bereft of ideas and sitting on its laurels. It is high time a new party came to power.Best wishes 🙂

  5. I second @Divesh comments ….. Its The People !!Never been to Kolkataaaaaa …… Just seen a movie City of Joy …. Loved it !! Hope I get to meet you bud sometime ………

  6. i agree with all of it… but i guess its a problem with the whole of india.. we are way too slow to take on stuff… to rid ourselves off a lot of epidemics both tangible and intangible… but we need to rise against all odds for our own sake if not anything else…

  7. @diveshWe have been lent a deaf ear man, many times we rose in past..Nandigram and Singur issues..the government went on indifferently..the opposition too has started rampages everywhere now..

  8. @RiyaThere’s no doubt..but things are really going wrong here..@Joseph Sirsadly, we don’t have a substitue now..you will get to know about our opposition in my next post soon 🙂

  9. That’s what oppositions should be ideologically, but they have crossed the limit to such an extent with their ideologies that our state has stopped progressing..my next post will make it clear 🙂

  10. I always wanted to go to Kolkata coz its my dad’s birthplace. He has fond memories of that place and holds a special place in my heart. I missed a chance in Dec 2008 when my cousins were going and I was held up with work :(From what my sister told me “The Airport is horrible”…”The City is in Shambles, not a place you’d like to go”… The only silver lining “Shopping is amazing and very very cheap..go thre for shopping..and food!!”I still want to visit Kolkata. But what really surprises me that it is such a historic city and it is in such a state. Wait. Why does is surprise me? The Government…aah…somebody needs to kick them hard and make them responsible!!

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