Suchitra Sen – The unveiling

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Was this hype really necessary to unveil someone with today’s spy cam technology who has voluntarily said she would not like anyone to keep contact with her or disturb her? One of Bengali cinema’s legendary actress’s, Suchitra Sen went to a life of quiet seclusion in her house for the last three decades and has devoted her time to the Ramakrishna Mission, refusing to meet nobody except her chosen ones which included a few family members and some others. This in a way increased her aura and charm which was already at its peak at the end of her career. But has the media lost its ethics? Sure Star Ananda will enjoy their success and many people will congratulate them after they managed to broadcast a small blurry video clip of her. The images got published in many leading newspapers like the Telegraph. A part of me has also congratulated them…but my soul says this was really against the conscience and ethics .. As people who love and respect the actress, I really feel this shouldn’t have been done at any cost. However curious people might be. Paparazzis should learn to respect people’s privacy after all. They even managed to get a glimpse of her a year back when a reporter sneaked in as a patient right when she was admitted to a hospital as shown here. True Star Ananda believes that they are only wishing all the best of health to this legendary actress who’s now 77 years of age.. as they said in the television..they might have fulfilled the curiosity of thousands of fans..but has undoubtedly broken the heart of this actress..we all are waiting to hear her reactions anytime soon.

Inspirations by Suchitra Sen
Inspirations by Suchitra Sen

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Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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6 thoughts on “Suchitra Sen – The unveiling

  1. I so agree with you. Every person has his own personal life and Personal space which should be respected. And nothing excuses a breach of that part of someone’s life. I admire Suchitra Sen too coz she is a woman with a lot of gusto. To go into hibernation at such a high point in her career and to live a simple life, isnt something anyone can do.

  2. Hi Rahul :)You have hit the nail on the head.She has every right to live in peace and quietude. It is a crime to invade on her privacy.It was paparazzi who were responsible for Princess Diana’s death.To make money these nasty people will do anything.Best wishes 🙂

  3. The paparazzi have done it again. I had no idea of this disgusting…. She is my most favorite actress all time. The press is disgusting……. they wont even leave an old woman alone!!!!

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