Kolkata Maidan being mauled by rallies again and again

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Our beloved maidan has been hurt again by a rally by a political party, flouting court directive. Its really feels bad when our beloved bookfair has been shifted to a different venue for the same reason yet we continue to pollute the place. Really its time people learn to respect the greenery and not just follow something just it had been ordered. Its a matter of global awareness nowadays to save greenery when they are so much on the verge of decline. And I believe the first steps come by protecting the heritage that we cherish in our own home city.

Kolkata Maidan Greenery
Kolkata Maidan Greenery

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Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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7 thoughts on “Kolkata Maidan being mauled by rallies again and again

  1. There should be someone atleast whom we should obey !! This is certainly not the way things should be..some really harsh treatment is necessary it seems to put things in places..

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