Chaos rule !!

Some recent unwanted incidents happening in some engineering colleges in West Bengal. Students saying last semester’s questions were of far difficult standard than expected and weren’t given a hint of it, leading to a drastic fall in performanceist2_5528427-revolution-stencil standards of some quality students as well. Not all students suffered, but many who did, are talented and do come from colleges all across the state. Something really went wrong, as students erupting now in revolts and destroying college property, some even demanding removal of their hods. I believe the system should have taken care of its own competence to mould the students in way to face such challenging papers, else such incidents are inevitable, in spite of having all the right intentions for the same. Right now, indefinite postponement and boycotts are the buzzwords. It’s really really a very tricky situation, coz students who have fared well and bad, all are coming together now. Can’t see any bright outcome of this agitation Sad

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6 thoughts on “Chaos rule !!

  1. hey ya..thats true…even in my insti v peopl hve bcum the victim of that..this kind of buzzing occurs so often in our daily curriculum..which in the end is followed by some classes being suspended..i b’lieve in most of this kind of chaos i’ve ever been into in my life is only to get out of some hectic schedules..v just got to see the heights of v youth…!!haahaa…

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