TCS Joining Date 2009 Batch

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All that freshers who got placed last year are concerned about now is their joining date. Offer letter has been already provided early this year. It has been just a few days since our semester exams ended. Results are soon to be declared within a few days. Me and my friends who got in TCS are all waiting when we will be contacted for our medical tests, a routine followed by TCS every year. Things are looking pretty good with respect to financial condition of TCS as they recently recruited about 250 freshers from the 2010 batch for their Cincinnati branch. It’s a matter of time now till we get our medical tests done and get our joining letters.

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TCS Joining Date Analysis

From various communities and discussions by TCSers it seems joining won’t be before September or October 2009. Till then it’s time to do something like revising old stuffs and learning new stuffs with renewed vigor and energy, as it’s entirely up to us how we utilize our time now. Many of us are enjoying merrily playing cricket and football matches and having the time of their life, a fresh beginning, a transition period, a never-before-experienced phase between our academic and professional careers. Really looking forward to utilize this time in really creative useful positive way for personal growth!

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Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

232 thoughts on “TCS Joining Date 2009 Batch

  1. I dont know whether JU people have got the medical test letters or not ,I am from Institute of Engineering & Management ,Kolkata.Generally the JU people and we used to get the joining letters by almost same time.What about this year??????????

  2. can someone give me some words of assuring that TCS is going to give DOJ by oct or nov……Now it is really gettting complecated guys……

  3. hi guys.i m 4m NIT bhopal n we have been informed by our placement office that we ll b get joining in september 2009. so lets wait

  4. hi i had placed in tcs on 2008 june through campusi had got offer letter waiting for doj . it will be in this year??? or it will take lots of time?? due to global slow down in economy. medical checkup also not over for me .

  5. Hello guys I am from Gujarat,In Gandhinagar in march I met few students from andhara pradesh having ILP there so they already have your joining date and they were from 2009 batch

  6. @Gujarati friend above: 2009 batch students pass out of their last sem in the month of June, the guys you saw in March were no doubt of 2008 batch πŸ™‚

  7. Hi GuysThere is chance that they may inform joining dates on or after 20th july for Andhra students…thats just a to my knowledge none of 2009 has yet received their DOJ….so in the mean time just chill…

  8. hi guys i m from nit bhopal. we have been informd by TPO that joining will b in jan-feb. hope its not true

  9. Hope that information is not true…. Jan-Feb is tooooooooo far…..Have any of u guys joined any other software course???? Or can anyone give me any tips as to wat is the ideal course which one can join during this period?????

  10. hiii friends…. i am balu from GITAM , vizag..Some of my relatives who are working at TCS now have told that freshers may get joining letter at the end of this year(DEC)…

  11. @balu: The end of this year??????will it take such a long time?????And what abt the medical tests performed by them each year?No news regarding that is also coming ..

  12. @ALL Any one heard the news of medical test for 2009 batch???.some of us told that it will start be at the end of this month. hope that is true.

  13. hi dis is prabhakar from delhi, im also waiting for my joining in TCS.hope we wl meet in tcs

  14. hi, i am frm a private coll in WB ,we had our capussing in feb 08, still d med is yet to b done. does any WB student has got d date f med frm any coll?

  15. hi everyonei hav done ma 4rm CUSAT, kochii hav heard dat v will b getting d calls 4 medical check ups in last of july… it a rumour or true can any body confirm plz…and if any one is having any information regarding any coll in india plz post here…

  16. @vivekYeah I have heard this rumor of last week of july too, but its better not to trust anything unless someone has heard anything officially..And if anyone gets their DOJ you will soon get to know here!

  17. hi everyone who got Selected in TCS. I am from andhra Pradesh. TCS,Hyderabad branch selected 123 students from our college on April 4th and I'm one among them. I heard that they may call for medical check up and all in september.Does anyone have appropriate information about when they r going to call us for the Medical test. I heard that all Indian Companies r competing for the UID project from the Indian Government. Its a 15,000 crore project with time span of 5 years. Let us all wish that TCS should get that project.If anyone have any info. about TCS Medical chkup or DOJ please share with everyone…….. Lets Hope for the Best…..

  18. hi TCS from andhra pradesh……….i too heard that med check up will be in d end of this month..but dont build hopes (as rahul said)…hope all us get our call letters soon. all of u pls pray to god.:-) πŸ™‚

  19. I have heard the joining for the pass out of 2009 batch will be starting in the month of oct last or nov first .Can anybody tell me about the basis of calling student.Is it Regional or something else

  20. Yes the rumours are that the joining date would probably be after september.. i guess the basis for calling is based on their priority list of colleges.. just hope that ur college is one among there higher ordered ones..

  21. Hi again.TCS completed med chck up for GCT and PSG tech in tamilnad. They didnt inform anythng abt DOJ , so let us wait.

  22. hiiiiiiii all TCS guys …Like you even i am suffering from same syndrome.I'm a student of KIET aprivate clg in UPTU.TCS made 102 offers in my college last April.But now they are not responding at all.Guys i'm really scared about the joining of TCS.Will someone plz give me somethought about the medicaltest and the date of joining plzzzzzz. n thanks RAhul for creating such a useful blog.

  23. Hi,Rahul, i contcted my frnd, this info is sure, but they are not informed abt DOJ.To my knowledge no others are called for med chk up in tamilnad.

  24. @victor even i am from a UPTU college, JSS that is. i think all UPTU colleges will be informed together. if i get any info i will post it here and if u do get any pls post it here too..

  25. In WB there is also no news of med check up and DOJ …. anyone having any news of TCS joining please post here ….

  26. hi i am barath frm SRM i am also waiting for call letter,they didnt inform anything i am confused fully wen they r going to give,please inform if anybody knows exactly…..

  27. cool guys….dont worry …we hope the best …in the mean time just improve technical skills…..i heard that TCS will start calling from september according to priority of colleges they had

  28. i am confused..i talked with a high placed TCS personnel back in late february , he almost assured me of the fact that they are not going to call before october, and suddenly for last 1 or 2 days ,this wild speculation i hear is that they are going to give dojs soon after conducting the medical test, which is tentatively scheduled in early august(according to them, spare me if wrong).since when markets became so promising?? p.s. i would love to hear from those who have been waiting for the call but has CAT in mind as ultimate goal…are you registering for mock cats or not??

  29. I think the information for the medical test is given via mail or the TPO will inform us .Please if anybody getting joining letter or medical test info please post

  30. uma again..medical checkup has been conducted for CIT (coimbatore institute of technology) but not for gct and psg..thats coz cit and tcs had some kind agreement..heard that other colls ll ve medical checkup in the last week of july..

  31. heard from gct placement cell that the doj ll be in sept end..but asked one of the HRs..he told that only after oct or nov..dunno which one to believe..other colls have been informed tat mostly sep will be the joining month..

  32. Hi Rahul,medic chkup has been done for cit only..i asked the psg and gct placement reps yesterday and they told none of them have rcvd the mail reg medi chkup..moreover im from au..and au,gct and psg would get the letter in the same week..i havent rcvd any mail yet except one address reconfirmation mail..if u get any more info..pls keep us informed…

  33. Hi uma, I just rang up my frnd again seeing ur info,she(x-stud of GCT) just confirmed that m.c was over for GCT…..

  34. Thats gud.. Those who r done with addr ver earlier(like in our final sem) will receive m.c within july end.

  35. wowww.. am done wid dat address verification process…glad to here that we may get m.c date by end of july..thank U keerthi

  36. hi all…i just wanted to know that the address verification u r talking about,is it online or they will come to our home??

  37. @agnivaThey came to some of my friend's homes to verify, but mostly they verified through phone calls. We had been given a background clearance form to fill up and submit before that to our TPO.

  38. @agniva TCS ppl will come to our house for Address verification… they will take a signature from us and our parents…thats it…

  39. Our Address verification was completed in March..No Medical Verification until now..Those students who are in same state of mine tell whether you got this Medical verification done??

  40. Hi….. I am Murugan.. I am a student of Velammal Engineering College from Chennai…Actually i had my backround check up form filled…But no one has contacted my home and all….Is any problem will be for me?

  41. I got Tcs opportunity through campus placement on 7 th june 2008..I am a 2009 passed out..For time being i am working as lecturer in one engineering college near here..Pleae rahul or keerthi or uma help me yar…

  42. hi rahul, i m a guy from MP .do u have any information abt doj 4 our anybody out here is frm mp.if yes plzzz contact

  43. where did u got the news of doj in feb is it sure .it is soo worying.give confimed news wher did u got it frm???

  44. @kiranPlz don't worry abt rumors. When TCS starts communicating with us or some colleges start getting joining dates the scenario will become very clear.

  45. @aashuNo news of any joinings anywhere buddy..only medical dates (those too rumors) are doing the round. You can keep in touch with me by email on the top right to stay updated of any developments.

  46. Hey…Actually I am in an address now new yar… They might have did verification there na rahul?

  47. Q1 results are out, they beat the expectations, but at the same time while answering the question about the recruited ones of 2009 batch, global hr ajay mukherjee seemed a bit negetive(just a tad)..ofcourse he said that they will fulfill their commitments, but simultaneously he also talked about their inability to place all recuited persons of previous year to a project.he talked about “controlling the recruitment policy” ( i don't really know what that means,may be i am being pessimistic)now,as the tension continues, i would like to hear from you about if you reserved a second option in case we grow old before the DOJ comes..are you ppl writting any other exams??what about you rahul??

  48. @anonymous buddyMany of my friends are sitting for exams like gate, cat etc. But I am just chilling my times through by revising some old stuffs and relaxing a bit. I have full faith in TCS πŸ˜€

  49. hi frnds,this is d news i got from tcs website in there q1 rslts…. “There is a great news for all the TCS employees as TCS has decided to give the variable component of the pay in this quarter. The new campus recruits of 2009 batch will start joining the company in this quarter and will be staggered in 3 different quarters. And TCS will go for more campus hiring starting from Jan 2010 only.”

  50. hi….frnds me too got selected in tcs like u all….but der is a problem…my all engg agr. is 59.92….so would it be a prob for my joining as their requirement is 60%??

  51. 59.92 is a very very tricky situation, first contact ur friends, then ur tpo…u may try to ask for help from tcs…but am not sure whether they would allow, as 60 often means 60.00.

  52. hi rahul. i hv contacted one of my TCS friends and he told me joining will start from oct. b y the way where are u from dear prabhakar

  53. hi i m from UPTU college .please tell me the date regardin joining of 2009 batch of TCS .medical test is also nt conducted yet.i got information dat AIEEE coll got joining date in oct. Their medical is also ovr….kindly inform me please

  54. guys, today mahalingam spoke to cnbc…. He told tat tey had given offers for 24,500 freshers and date for their joining is already been scheduled…. so we can expect good news soon….

  55. well,i used to be a student of IEM as well..agniva dey, right??i said ECE because i mistook you for dingo(agnibes)tumi ki jano, Biswajay sir bolechen feb 2010 er age joining hobe na?

  56. @ anonymoushow can i recognise u if u dont reveal ur name??aar ami jani na je biswajay sir erokom kono kotha bolechen??tumi kotha theke janle??

  57. @anonymous…I am also a student of IEM,CSE…..I am Amit..Bhai tumi jodi B.C sir er source ta ektu janao,tahole amrao ektu B.C sir er kach theke jante pari je uni eto khobor pelen kotha theke,jekhane uni nije konodin industry r sathe jukto chilen na..By the way,tomar naam ta jante parle khub bhalo hoy…..

  58. I know Rahul……I use Bengali only for that guy..Sorry for that…By the way,please let us know,if anyone get the letter of medical check up..

  59. Many of the colleges also had PRE-ILP in the last semester. What impact will it have on the joining dates ??

  60. ok , i don't want to speculate on anything, i can not confirm what biswajay sir said, because i heard it from another friend of mine,who happens to be a student of iem as well,and that was not a verbatim quote.When i wrote it in the previous post, i was rather inquiring about the authenticity of the news than stating was a bit unexpected although very amusing to know rahul is well aware of B.C ..small world, eh??

  61. my name is anonymous..if that helps ( i know it won't πŸ™‚ ,but its safer when you exchange information which are very uncertain )anybody 'dared' to call tcs ?

  62. @anonymousThanks a lot. You are very scared about that unsure B.C.Sir info you said., just chill out. And if you get any news of joining let us know.

  63. Hey Guys,,I am Graduate from BIT Mesra, Ranchi…I was also selected by TCS in July,2008.Me too waiting for DOJ….hey Rahul good job by maintaining this blog and keeping everyone informed about the latest news regarding DOJ.. If any news pls do inform…

  64. Rahul… I have sent mail to the ilp support team.. I hope i will get a good reply.. Hey…As you me too confident more about the TCS.. You know i have friends(seniors) in TCS .They said that TCS will always follow the promises so they will surely call us soon..

  65. One more thing yar..In the month of january I have been called by TCS office at chennai to do small project for them.I have signed the non judicial stamp papers to be the employee of TCS till 30 th april..But because of less project they have not alloted me project yar..Still i am having the letter given by them officially signed by YAMINI THYAGARAJAN (HR) 0n 21 st january 2009

  66. Hi, I too am placed with TCS. One of the many who sadly don't know whst to do sitting at home. I m an Instrumentation engr, so currenly taking up Java/J2EE. Do you think i shud supplement myself with some other package too like oracle? And i am seriously worried sick abt the DOJ TCS. Can anybody out there help me out with how best v can spend tis particular recess time??

  67. Contd……(Anonymous, July 22, 2009 12:34 PM )And I m from Sri sairam Engg college, chennai.. I dont have the slightest idea if my col falls under tier 1,2 or 3 or whatever. If anybody can help me out with it too pl?

  68. @Anonymus aboveYou can use your time learning programming. You can strt with dr. scheme which is also taught during the ILP in TCS so tht you can have a headstart in training.

  69. Hey rahulu r doin a gr8 job. i m from mumbai n got selected in march 2008.Like u guyz, all initial formalities are completd 4 me…badly waitin 4 ne news abt med.test n DOJ :(Please let me know if ne of you ppl have idea abt DOJ 4 mumbai's colleges.

  70. i have talked to delhi Hr of tcs and he told that within one month all college TPO's will be informed about joining dates

  71. i jus met a accident….wud take 1-2 mnths 2 recover…wud dere b ne prob if med comes up early?

  72. @ Anonymus aboveHi good to know that joining dates ll b informed in a month. Can u tell me which coll. are u from??

  73. @rahul :I am from IEM Kolkata,last yr our seniors got the news abt jng in aug and the jng date was 24 th sep.Can u tell me whether TCS is going to follow the same strategy this yr?

  74. if rahul was in a position to know the strategy, its highly probable that he wouldn't think of creating this thread πŸ™‚ – anonymous(the old one with that B.C. news , remember me?)

  75. Right buddy. No information is concrete as of now except that joining wud start this quarter (said by TCS itself) … so keeping fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  76. hey i m from Mody institute of tech & science Rajasthan………..i want to knw abt address verification as in my coll sm recieve call for this frm tcs and sm nt is it a necessary step followed by tcs every year b4 givin mdcl n doj

  77. @anonymous above ..dont worry about that …in my coll also some sutdents have got addrss vrfctn ..some hvn't ..Its not a big issue ..

  78. I'm from Bengal Institute of Technology, Kolkata. I heard that TCS Kol HR said Joining date would be in Dec for first 10000 freshers. Rest will get placed in 3rd quarter. But this is not a confirmed news. I'm still waiting… what else can I do!!!!

  79. mindtrix or anyone, can you tell me the contact o of tcs kol hr…they gave a helpline no , is it the same no you ppl are using?

  80. hi i am abhinav….reading all the blogs i felt that nobody knows exactly about anything….i have heard that they will call us according to the college grading system…i am from biet jhansi…..we have got only offerletters….we were placed in february 2008….

  81. yeah as per ppl already placed in TCS der are absolutely no chances of joining b4 september atleast. So keep patience for 1 more month..hopefully the picture will be clear by aug end

  82. hai i am also selected for tcs waiting for doj when they will give the doj i have no other option plz kindly inform me

  83. Hi, i am Naresh. I am from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab. Our Placement Cell has informed us that TCS is surely going to provide joining letter by the mid of September ruining all the rumors. So no matter of worry at least.

  84. hi naresh,good to hear that news from u.can u tell whether this information is applicable to all the zones of india….or only to the north zone???

  85. hi agniva, our placement office has confirmed that TCS is commencing this process by the mid of September and wiil continue calling the students college by college. Only this sort of info i have. I can't tell this that whether it is applicable to only north zone (delhi) or rest of the country. But we will be together there in TCS after two or three months, and thats for sure.

  86. hi buddies… i am from TCE madurai, Tamilnadu… Can any one thel me that when will be the joining date for south zone colleges???

  87. hai ragul u r dng good job.,.,am frm cit coimbatore.,.,here already done medical test n we got offer letter but dont knw when they call us.,.,i heard will call on september.,.,.,

  88. @Manoj Hi buddy …I am Murugan..You are from CIT right ?You please tell me when you got offer letter ? and when you got medical check up please?

  89. how long we got to wait rahul losing patience .when will they start to call ??? after they start it would take 2 or 3 months for sure

  90. hey are we talking about tce company. is tce ur college name and is d joining date confirmed by tcs in feb in ur coll? plz reply

  91. hai murugan, offer letter date s 24/12/08 n the medical test we did after 1 month but dnt knw exactly,.,.,medical test was just blood,urin,eye,ecg,bp,x-ray etc.,.thn finally doctor check up thats all.,.,cool guys,.,.,

  92. @tkdude wats da new reduced package n r u serious bout tcs giving joining on feb 2010…coz no one has receieved anything….enlighten us……n ya rahul keep up da good workl

  93. Hi rahul… me also got placed in TCS. got the offer letter in feb 2009, still waiting 4 d call. u have done a gud work yar. congratz. keep updating man. thank u…

  94. hi friends…i m a student of RKNEC nagpur(m.h)..i too placed in TCS (batch 2009)like you ppl..waiting for the DOJ and medical test date..v ppl have got only the offer letter and done with background check information…if anyone get any news plz post it.(plz post confirm news)..

  95. hi ppl, this is a grt surprise 2 u all… this time ter wil be no medical test separately…. u wil get joinin date directly and medical wil be done simultaneously…..i wil be the first one to notice u on this site……lol

  96. @ anonymousthere has already been the medical for few of the colleges….how can it be be different for the other colleges!!!….plz authenticate ur info…

  97. @ManojHi Manoj,Which dept you are ?Then how you are engaging you?Will you please help me to know some things?I have one friend in your college soo only asking about your dept ya..

  98. @rahul@agnivaif i reveal my source also u will not be satisfied unless u get ur joinin dates…. so ppl jst wait and watch…i obvsly dont hav ny written letter frm any hr….but one day, u will thank me 4 the info tat i gave u …..4 ur satisfaction i am frm karnataka….

  99. please could someone give some correct info….some say dey already got medical test done…some say it'll take place 2gether wit joinin…some say feb 2010 will be joinin with reduced package…wtf….guys dont assume….if u really know something from a valid source…den please let us know…..coz we r anxious…fed up of waiting…

  100. @ aboveHai frnd, Dnt worry abt all those saying. Since TCS didn't inform anythng formally, letz wait..TCS used to keep up their promises:)There is no reduction in package nd so….Dnt confuse with all those rumours.

  101. hi everyone… i m Vaibhav here from MSU, Vadodara, Gujarat. 2009 batch mate, placed in TCS.. I talked to HR of TCS, Ms Surekha Ravella, she says that TCS may call the ppl from gujarat in october-november,not before that… That's the news i got on 1st August.

  102. tcs used to send their token emails(as if symbolising we haven't forgoten you)..but its been long time since i received the last one(ispeak ). i am also hearing kolkata ppl will get their training at cmc ,wouldn't need to go to bhubaneswar or trivandrum…god knows what is true and what is rumor

  103. Hello Tcs guys,i am sumit form vit( vellore institute of technology. From our college tcs recruited 1072 students this year so i am sure they cant back now. i heard that tcs guys are making batches for various college n it will take still more time. May be we have to wait till oct end. lets hope we all get it sooon..

  104. hey tcsers.. i am from GCT coimbatore..i read in this blog that medical test s not finished for GCT.. its a rumour..we and cit finished together in jan 09..our placement cell informed us tat u ll get d DOJ from jul to sep.. but we didnt get friend called to hr chennai..they said tat dont worry med test finished only for few ppls.. u r one among them.. so don worry u ll b called soon..upto my knowledge in tamil nadu only GCT and cit finished med test..i want to in all over india who r all finished their med test..also i forgot to inform u that v r informed that the duration of training ll b 5 months.. expecting answers soon…

  105. This is malini,Iam not an engineering student, but a BCA graduate selected in TCS (offcampus at VIT)for IT Infrastruture. I was a 2008 pastout batch. received a revised offerletter insept check and bgc was finished in 2008 itself.july 2009 i got a call from tcs, they told me that hey will inform my joining date soon.This is true.Another news i got from my friend that a VIT student(arts and science) got the joining date(july 21).I dont know this is true or not.

  106. hi,I am really shocked to know that TCS selected 1072 from VIT,thats too much…I dont know why TCS transformed from recruting qualitatively to quantitatively…I think TCS is now feeling the heat after recruiting so massively (remininding me of army jawans recruitment)…but the present situation should be a eye opener for TCS,so that in future it will select based on quality,but not every guy who comes out tagged “ready for work”…no offence guys..

  107. Hi,i am from South side Tamil Nadu college, AKCE. We all have got offer letter and no medical test yet. When will we have medical test? And, Is the call by TCS based on college ranking or something else? We were recruited by TCS in May 2008. If anyone knows details, let me know.Thanks in advance friends…

  108. Hello friends,This is the 200 th comment which shows how desperate we are for joining TCS.Atleast they should inform us when the joining date will be no matter if it is late (hoping for the earliest) so that we could plan out things and dont just sit idle.We can't even join another company for 2 to 3 months.

  109. why questions being posted here..rahul's not an information technology expert,market expert or something…a TCS HR concern neither….

  110. Hi all, Iam bharath from chennai. I got placed in TCS this june got my offer letter but i have not yet received any info abt the medical tests. I heard that TCS mite b scrapping medical test and that they will start calling from Sept. This info was given by vice presiden HR in an ILP which was held in chennai. I still will have to confirm tis. Plz let me know abt the DOJ and keep updating.

  111. How much time we will get after getting the medical check-up information till the medical check-up date, I am planning to have a trip broad for 15 days. I am afraid if the call medical test falls in between ??? Can any one help me, I am from SASTRA Thanjavur selected for TCS

  112. I quote below the statement of Mr S Ramdorai, CEO & MD of TCS which has been published in 'Times Of India ', Calcutta edition of 07.08.2009.”Quote”These recruits (18,000) will join us from third quarter onwards”Unquote”Therefore, there is no reason to speculate. Let us wait.

  113. hai tcs guys.real fact.,.,dont worry abt medical tests date n cit students did medical test thts sure dont knw abt tey wont call tht coll students only.we will get it soon. then one thing they will not give same date call bcoz see 25000 students yar..hw can

  114. hi ppl i am from SASTRA UNIVERSITY ..i got placed in may 2008…i completed my final year in 2009 …me too waitin for the DOJ…in many colleges d ppl from ILP-TCS came and taught us der training course …our college s one among that…v ppl were asked to drop one of our electives and take der course it was ” principles of programming and design ” d ppl from ILP came…

  115. biggest joke i feel right now is TCS: expect certainty ………where is certainty??? HR people should give dates even if it is jan-feb like what infosys has done.

  116. i blieve third quarter means end of d yaer, near abt nov-dec. so dere's lot of time to find out a part time job.

  117. Hi.. i am from gct.. is it true that ceo assures the doj will be starting from q3? coz the sit. is getting too complicated.. cant search for another job for 3 to 4 months..

  118. Hi all,All TCS selects from RMK Group Colleges in Chennai have undergone Medical Test in January/February 2009 itself. Address verification has also been completed. Joining Letter, ofcourse, is yet to come !!!

  119. harry: hi iam from a private engg college in Andhra. whats the email ID of HR of TCS hyd to contact? please help me out. thanks ahead.

  120. tcs said that they would start giving joining from this quarter….so i was wondering there must be at least few people getting joining within sept '09…..

  121. I cannot see further comments .. comment no. increases but I cant c new cmmnts … Is there same problem to someone else ..

  122. god knows n only Tcs hr people know …wen will dey give our joining dates….infosys guys have joined on 11th aug….wat is wrong wit dis Tcs…..

  123. When will TCS call 2009 batch students , i read it will be third quarter , so TCS meant from (July-Aug-Sept) or (Oct-Nov-Dec)? From where they are referring to third quarter? from year wise or industrial start of year from April?…Am sorry for this foolish question…but this wait has made me dumbo πŸ™‚

  124. hi guys… well i gt some real imp news to tell u people jst a month bck i calld to TCS hr Mumbai branch n askd him about DOJ he told me tht thy havnt decided the batches yet bt within a month or 2 we'll be calld fr d medical test.. so there is still a hope:):)..

  125. this is the mail tat i rcevedHi:Ref: TCSL offer of employmentIn order to equip you for an enriching career in the IT industry, TCS has planned to start your Initial Learning Programme (ILP) from september 30, 2009 @ Coimbatore. ADDRESS OF ILP CENTRE – COIMBATOREC/o Vanitha RaghavanTata Consultancy Services LtdTeknoturf Infoservices, K.R.V. Towers,126-G Sengupta Street, Ramnagar,Coimbatore – 641009Tel: 0422-2234548 ILP Co- ordinator: Mr. Shrikrishna R.Successful clearance of pre-employment medicals and background verification is mandatory to join TCSL. You also need to sign a 2 yr service agreement which will be sent to you along with the joining letter.A detailed joining letter shall be sent to your permanent address shortly. The joining letter will contain the following annexures1. Annexure to the joining letter (4 pages) 2. Surety Verification Form (1 pages)3. Acceptance for joining (1 page)4. Service Agreement format (4 pages) 5. Service agreement instructions (1 page)Request you to carry your latest updated CV at the time of your ILP training.Travel expenses shall not be borne by TCSL.Travel expenses are to be borne by you.Accommodation will be arranged by TCS during your Initial Learning Programme and the rent towards the same would be deducted from your HRA. Accommodation will be made available to you two days prior to the ILP date. Please note that during the ILP, your stay at the TCS arranged location (hostel or hotel) is a must. A detailed mail giving you the accomodation details shall be sent to you one week prior to your ILP schedule.For any queries regarding the joining formalities you may access the link mentioned below which will help you to complete the joining –>>Freshers Recruitment Updates –>>FAQFeel free to connect with us incase of any queries or clarifications at or 1800- 22 -01-00 (toll free)Thanks & Best Regards.ILP SupportRecruitment HelpdeskTata Consultancy ServicesMailto: Free No.: 1800-22-01-00Website:

  126. i gotta TCS HR number who seems to be responding.. U can also call.. 66164055. for a guy from Velammal , he has confirmed abt DOJ by Dec-Jan..Donno hw far it is true..

  127. hi everyone…in the recent comments box i saw that an anonymous saying that he/she has got the joining date on sep 30..but i dont see the comment anywhere..can the anonymous post the comment agan??

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