Project Natal : Breakthrough in home entertainment by Microsoft

microsoft xbox series s on a surface

Details on Project Natal  You stand in front of your Xbox 360, and it recognizes your face and voice instantly and logs you in immediately, and you can start walking and jumping as you play a skateboard game or any other action game. It brings a real-life experience to all your gaming stuffs. In some circumstances it will also detect if you are lying something! Microsoft Senior Vice President Don Mattrick and Steven Spielberg introduced “Project Natal” last month and it immediately grabbed attention of millions. Spielberg was ecstatic of the concept. This tech stuff about to be released next year has been officially confirmed by Steve Balmer, the CEO. “Two months ago, Don shared with me the ‘Natal’ experience, and the gamer in me went out of my mind when I got to be really interactive with this,” said Spielberg. I really feel this concept of motion gaming is really great and is going to revolutionize home entertainment. It is simply unlike anything that has happened ever before to the gaming as well as entertainment industry. As rumors do the round what could it be priced at, it’s extremely unlikely people will opt for the Natal if it’s priced way higher than it’s existing competitors, however hi-end it might be! A very cool demonstration of this device is given below.

Microsoft New Xbox One
Microsoft New Xbox

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  1. Mircosoft is coming up with some cool technologies nowadays.. first microsoft surface and now this one.. this video is almost unbelievable!!!

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