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One of the first phases of onboarding in a reputed organization like Tata Consultancy Services is going through a variety of programs and profiles like the TCS Digital, TCS NQT, TCS Ninja, and TCS ILP. I will emphasize that you need a strategy in place and sufficient resources to prepare yourself.

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TCS NQT, Ninja, Digital, Atlas, BPS, ITIS Tests by Rahul

Select a topic from above to begin. Powered by 3000+ questions curated by me for every category. It includes previous years topic-based contents, along with my unique addition of questions. I have decades of experience in the IT industry. You get 30 curated new questions in every attempt. Enhanced with continuous additions by me, you are guaranteed with the latest quality questions in each topic that are rich in quality. It is the best-in-class topic-wise collection of questions guaranteed to improve your preparation.

• The exams will provide you real-time explanations during the exam. You get the opportunity to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes along the way. Now you can focus on specific subjects and review the concepts for free with ease. Let me know if you have queries regarding any specific topic and I will try to assist you.

Are you preparing for TCS? Whether you are experienced or fresher, there is something for you here to refresh your knowledge. Brush up your skills, explore and answer new questions before facing the actual exam. The above practice tests by Rahul are essential for any TCS aspirant. Learn along the way with real-time explanations for every question. Choose a topic and get started. You can read more TCS articles written by Rahul, or simply submit a question that you have:

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The below study materials and guidelines will enable you in tackling any test confidently. The quality training questions and interactive answers with real-time explanations will help you bag your dream job in TCS. Let’s walk through a comprehensive roadmap on how to proceed to be ready for TCS.

TCS Ninja

TCS Ninja is one of the most renowned and attractive profiles for aspiring and talented software engineers today. A good grasp of the TCS Ninja syllabus will help a candidate successfully grab a TCS job offer. Questions on profit and loss, along with topics like percentage discount, profit percentage, multiple iterations of discount are essential for the TCS Ninja exam. The aptitude test evaluates you on your key skills of numbers, logical reasoning ability, and family oriented relationship problems. Questions on time and distance are also one of the key areas of assessment that candidates need to prepare for. Then I have probability, mixture, time and work, and relative speed. For a complete guide to all the topics, download the study materials above.

TCS Digital

The TCS Digital profile is a combination of various domains like Internet of Things, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Interactive, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud, Virtual Reality, Natural Language Processing, and more such latest generation technologies. The TCS Digital is one of the most prominent profiles of the entire recruitment process. It evaluates the candidate and assesses a variety of different skills. There are multiple rounds of tests and interviews on different topics before finalizing a job offer. The qualification process is also influenced by the CodeVita algorithmic coding challenges. You may upgrade from Ninja to Digital as well. For the eligibility criterion, complete study materials guide and more details, download the study materials above.


Preparation for the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) begins several months before the actual exam. It includes questions from topics like percentage, prices of products, advanced fractions, spatial reasoning, permutations and combinations, averages, and the overall number system. Strategic preparation and guidance can help crack this exam for aspirants looking to secure a job in TCS. The rules of divisibility are another important concept for this exam. Questions on seating arrangement, probability, number series, ranking problems, and string problems, are important topics for the TCS NQT exam. Download the study materials guide above to get a comprehensive and solid understanding of how to prepare for the exam and related question patterns.

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TCS Study Materials Guide

Benefits of Study Materials

The study materials package shared above is essential for strategic preparation. With the amount of candidates and the competition that comes with it, quality of study and practice resources play a key role. With years of expertise in this industry, I can help guide you in the right direction for all the topics.

  • Real-time Explanations - The best feature of utilizing the study materials is the practice test recommendations that comes with it. With the practice test package, every question being answered comes with real-time explanations. The exam simulates live exam environment. This dramatically enhances the learning experience. Every correct or incorrect answer thus helps you learn along the way.

  • Continuously updated Database - The content of the study guide is updated to ensure the latest useful information. With the technological landscape changing continuously and thus directly impacting the demands of the industry, the key to staying relevant is being efficient in the latest tools and technologies. Empower and challenge yourself constantly by pushing yourself out of that comfort zone.

  • Semantic Concepts - Even though topics might seem independent of each other, the ability to think analytically effectively binds them as a whole. The study guide and the recommended practice tests will evaluate your skills on related concepts. Successfully completing and going through each topic will indirectly improve your skills in many other modules that you will discover in future.

  • Finely Crafted Questions - The study materials will give you a complete idea of what kind of work I do in the software industry. As you get more familiar with the theory, it is recommended you start attempting the practice questions. Each of the question is delicately crafted to ensure a variety of concepts is evaluated. Try to answer each question correctly and learn from your mistakes along the way.

  • Wide Coverage - A study material is not effective unless it helps you utilize your knowledge in a variety of fields. The above study materials and recommended practice questions will expand your knowledge in diverse fields. The wide coverage of the topics help you improve your skills with every minute you spend with the course materials. Investing in your own learning never goes unnoticed.

  • Strategic Contents - When you see the included study materials, you will find each topic has been carefully chosen. Even many free contents that is lost in the vast space of the internet can prove immensely useful when utilized and directed the right way. With my deep expertise in data analytics, I can help you learn the right techniques that will help you crack your interview and assessment tests.

  • Brush up your Experience - For experienced professionals, it is crucial you do not come across as someone who has gone out of touch. Going through and revising concepts and techniques you have worked on will definitely impress the interviewer. I would want you to see being able to answer questions from the skills that you have mentioned. Familiarity with multiple technologies is a plus.

  • Topic-wise Plans - If you have tried studying without a plan, you might have seen your progress varies across different topics which gets difficult to track. With a plan, you have something tell you what to do that helps you move towards your goal better. I strongly suggest having a plan, and do everything you can to stick to that plan unless you get really tired or need a break to rejuvenate yourself.

  • Time Management Skills - One of the most critical things that I value among professionals in the technology industry is managing time. A client will want a product delivered for a specific sum of money in a definite amount of time. Hence everything that we do in the industry is bound by time and time-dependent variables. The study materials above will help you learn more about this.

  • Recurring Learning - What happens if you learn something and never use it again? You forget. That’s completely natural. The study materials and the practice tests suggested will make sure that the topics are covered holistically. Repeated coverage of contents with variety of questions in different perspectives ensures that you have properly learned the concepts. This is a key during pressure situations.

  • Dynamic Complexity - Questions on same topic can be of varied difficulty levels. I can ask you questions on the same topic when you are fresh out of college, when you have 5 years experience, and when you have 12 years experience. Obviously, the complexity of the questions that I will ask you will vary. Experience a combination of such different complexity levels as you explore the study materials above.

  • Latest Patterns - I make sure to keep myself updated with the latest trends and technologies. With connections and networks round the world, I am regularly in touch with the brightest minds across oceans. Reading and working with some of the best in the industry have helped me expand my skills beyond data analytics and data science. The above curated study materials will help you experience the latest questions the industry wants you to know today.

  • Analytical Tools - How comfortable are you with analyzing data? In today’s age, it is highly beneficial if you are comfortable with any of the analytical tools that helps analyze data. Also, knowledge of the latest programming languages that helps process data definitely adds value to your resume. Using the above study materials, brush up your skills on data analytics and programming that I would love to see in you.

  • Managerial Programs - Is your skill stronger on the soft skills side? I would love to see you flourish as a manager. Even though opinions vary, the necessity and value added by managers is vast. Challenging situations and projects can be extremely helpful when handed over to strong and efficient managers. Fine tune your managerial skills for any level of expertise using the study materials above.

  • Algorithm Interpretations - Regardless of tool, I would love to see if you think analytically and devise algorithms. An efficient algorithm in a specific situation is the first good step. A programmer can then implement the algorithm to function the way the algorithm is intended to. I would love to see in you the capabilities of a great algorithm creator. Use the study materials above to build your expertise.

  • Personality Guidance - Assessing personality is an important part of any evaluation test. If I am the recruiter, I would want you to have some core specific values that would help everyone around you flourish. Get a feel of what I would expect from you using the study materials above, and how you can make an impression in the industry. The right personality traits can take you places.

  • Resume Upgrades - What does your resume look like? A resume need not be mind-blowing, but I want your resume to be decent enough to include all that I would want to know about in a clear and concise way. Do you want me to take a look at your resume? Upload here, and I would give you 5 points of feedback. Too many times a strong candidate got overlooked due to a weak CV.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

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