What’s my TCS college grade?

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With the joining dates of 2010 batch students going on, candidates are more than ever curious to know what grades would be given to their college. Based on last years data where more than 20,000 TCS candidates of 2009 batch shared their information of colleges in Orkut and various other communities, this list is presented below. Apparently the joining dates are given in the order of grades, i.e. A, B, C* and then C. But after a few months different colleges of different grades of both CS and Non-CS streams start getting their joining dates in parallel. Here is the summary of the college grades.  

The 2010 batch joining dates have started earlier than the 2009 batch joining dates no doubt, and hence the mood is really high amongst the candidates. More so after a stunning show of performance by TCS in the quarterly results.

This useful chart below gives a schematic idea of the distribution of the different college grades in the different branches.

Tips to use the chart:
To know the number of colleges of a particular grade for a particular recruiting branch, just observe the height of the bar of that color for that branch. For example, to know the number of A grade Colleges in Chennai, notice the pink bar right above grade “A” in the horizontal axis. 

Quick Tips to find your grade:
1. Press Ctrl+F and type in the abbreviation of your college name.
2. Press Ctrl+F and type in your full college name.
3. If you know your recruiting branch, you can keep scrolling following the color of your branch until you find your college name.

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TCS College Grade
TCS College Grade

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38 thoughts on “What’s my TCS college grade?

  1. hey bro,my college name is not listed here…its bengal college of engg. and tech.,durgapur.i suppose its a C grade college,awaiting for my joining date…

  2. To find ur college grade:Open the nextstep portal and select View->Source on the menu bar of ur browser. Below the name of ur college u can see 'Institute level' and the grade (A, B, C* or C) next to it.

  3. my college is not listed here. my college is North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed University), Arunachal Pradesh.what should we do?

  4. @lalit: Dear…our Bengal College Of Engg. & Tech, Durgapur is in THE list.@all: Looking at current thread dere's no hope of joining in the mnth of Sep…Can anyone tell wen we wld get joining???

  5. hi..to get ur grade,logon to nextstep portal site and then right click to view source code..There will be something like institute level..where ur college grade will be present..i got to know my grade through dis only…hop dis was useful..

  6. Hi… my college name is not there in this list… My college name is V.S.B.Engineering college,Karur comes under Chennai recruitment branch… Plz add it…

  7. Hi, I am Rakesh & my college name is not in the list. i completed my MCA from MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY.I am 2009 passout. Can any one check my college grade

  8. Hi i am Jagdeep singh i got placend in tcs in greater noida off campus drive conducted by tcs on 22 of aug can u plzz temme wen i expect the joining date my clg name is also is not in the list plzz add itggs ip uiniv (gtbit)

  9. How to log in to nextstep portal site ? wen i use the login details given by tcs it is nt accepting ,pls help me .Whether offcampus drives DOJ is also based on colg grade

  10. hi, my college name is not there in the list..koneru lakshmaiah college of engineering. recruiting branch -hyderabadhow to know the grade of my college??

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