TCS Bangalore fresher Sudarshan Commits suicide

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In a shocking incident, a TCS employee in Bangalore committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of his office building on Friday.

A graduate from the famous Gotge Institute of Technology in Belgaum, 22-year-old Sudarshan Moothedath joined TCS on August 9.

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Just 10 days after taking up his new job, Sudarshan jumped to death from his office building. While no suicide note was found, police suspect a failed relationship could be the reason for the suicide.

Around 4.30 in the evening, Sudarshan was spotted by his friends on the 11th floor corridor of the office building. Apparently, he looked disturbed and hassled. A couple of minutes later, Sudarshan jumped off the building.

He was found lying dead in a pool of blood. Sudarshan was rushed to the nearest hospital, but was declared dead on arrival by doctors.

TCS Bangalore fresher Sudarshan Commits suicide
TCS Bangalore fresher Sudarshan Commits suicide

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5 thoughts on “TCS Bangalore fresher Sudarshan Commits suicide

  1. I quit TCS ITPL Bangalore because of same reason. No matter how much you perform as a fresher in TCS, your manager don't show any pity on you. Honestly speaking, even I got frustrated by manager's cheap and rude behavior and the only way to grow-up in TCS is by “licking the ass of manager”. Forget about HR, they are just puppets in the hand of manager. If you believe and have confidence in your talent and caliber, first you show the middle finger to manager and second look for opportunities outside. Believe me friends, still there are many companies who respects your talent.

  2. I think its the work pressure.These kind of jerks(managers,TLs) exist everywhere.Throwing attitude at you is the least thing they do,it can go upto any extent as well.So give them back answers and do whatever you feel is right.Even they should realize that they did not plunge into higher roles at the start.

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