TCS 2010 Batch Joining Dates

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Freshers who got placed in TCS and are completing their graduation this year have reasons to cheer. After speculations and guesses as to when TCS would start giving them joining dates, the process had finally begun. Candidates are no doubt excited and are constantly sharing their views and discussing on the latest trend of positive developments in the 2010 batch community. This year TCS visited the campuses a bit later than previous year, more towards the completion of the graduation of the candidates. So with the start of joining process so fast is surely a very good sign for all the waiting candidates. Latest updates and news continue to get updated in their browsers through this.

Surely the progress would calm the air down and any sort of tensions that been developing amongst the candidates will be put to rest. With the markets looking positive now and the mood a lot more upbeat than what it had been previously, TCS surely is in a stronger position. The euro and sterling might make many to raise a few eyebrows, but with a client base as diverse as TCS, there is little to worry about the long term progress of the organization.

Lots of hot discussions is going on now in the online space, where people who got their joining are sharing their joy and those who havenโ€™t are trying to figure out when they might get based on last yearโ€™s joining dates. You can view your college grade here.  Have something to say? Feel free to scroll down and comment below.

TCS Offer Letter Batch Joining Dates
TCS 2010 Batch Joining Dates

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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255 thoughts on “TCS 2010 Batch Joining Dates

  1. [ankhi roy] i am from kgec(kalyani govt. engineering college),kolkata……….i have got my joining by TCS for cs branch on 22/07/2010…………at TRIVENDRUM…………….

  2. Hey dis is randhir frm orissa engg colllege bhubaneswar!!! Gt placed on 14th jan 2010!! Any ideas abt my joining dates and ilp center????Plz infrm me!!!

  3. hi….am jai sree…I have got placed in TCS in this january….could you please let me know that when ill be called for…am from Tiruchendur ,Sr.sivanthi Aditanar college…….

  4. hai i have got placed in TCS in college grade is B.can i know my joining date..if any have information regarding dis..plz inform me

  5. on what basis are TCS giving joining dates.. i cannot understand that why its giving joining to B grade college while a grade colleges are still to be given…

  6. @namitar u frm CS bkgrnd or non CS??? heard banasthali ppl gt joining arnd 15-20 days back….gt to knw frm sm frnd in banasthali…so al f u didnt gt thr joining at dat tm??

  7. I am Moumita.I got joining on 5 aug 2010…….but i am not able to join on time due to some reasons……..plz anyone can tell me the official procedure to delay the joining….will there be any future risk of not getting the joining……

  8. I am a JU student , got selected in TCS in 2010.Does anyone know this — is there any facility of morning tea in the TCS hostels during ILP , may be any shops nearby or somthing?

  9. hi,i m shirsendu shome from bengal college of engineering and technology ,durgapur.our's is a C grade college..can anybody let me knw wen we are going to get our joining?

  10. hi,i m ashutosh verma from haldia institute of technology.we got a mail abt nsr registration yesterday that is 24th july.wen can we expect the joining.grade of my clg is c*.

  11. i think MIT chennai (A GRADE ) got their joining on 12 august at chennai plzz update this.I hv a news of RAM MURTI SMARAK E. C. Lucknow,tht it hs got joining its a C* grade college . plz update this also….

  12. Hi Friends,Has any C grade got joining date?Please comment here.These people are not updating properly.When can we expect joining dates for C grade colleges of Bangalore?

  13. haii… how many days before tcs will give joining letter?i.e hos many days before will it intimate us?some are saying 20 days and some 1 month.plz tell me correct information.

  14. @all……….relax raho yaar……… is very hard during training…….sabki aani h joining…….oct end tak sabke pass hogi joining…..its nt fix ki kitne din pehale notice karenge tcs abt joining

  15. since last 7 days there is no update in the spreadsheet of Joining dates….what is happening?is TCS has fridge the joining or members are not updating the sheet?

  16. HII, i am Rajib,from Bhubaneswar.I got placed on April 7th…my college name is silicon institute of technology..its a C* graded college…any idea of when i would get mt joining dates…thank you

  17. Hi sheel rana here. I got selected in tcs on 15th of august. Could any body tell me about the joining date and where tcs gonna give me joining means what could be the place of joining(I am from b grade college)

  18. hey,guys what about the tcs offcampus 2010(which is taking place in large numbar).what is criteria for joining dates for students selected through offcampus.

  19. Hai, I got selected in tcs on 21st august 2010 in off campus drive held at chennai. Can any body tell me when would be the joining date and where would be

  20. i got selected in jan 2010 from asansol engg clg……….its a c* grade college………..plz anybody having ny idea tell me when i can get ma joining…………and for the people who update this blog………..i request them to be very keen about this site……as lots of students are looking forward for updates on this site very regularly………….for me i check this site atleast 2 times a day…..and even if i see a new clg getting theior joining it gives me a lot of hope……

  21. Guys y r u worrying abt the date of joining…. Its not in our hands right….Im also frm a c grade clg…. Just njoy d precious time…. Its almost d last long-break that we get in our life….. So B happy… Cheers…!

  22. College gradation are not appropiate ….many gud colleges which are filled during the counseling much earlier are been recognized as C grade colg… Further this gradation may create a discrimination in the work place…. this should not be disclosed

  23. can somebody tell how many B grade colleges r in the TCS list……and how many still remain to get their doj???so atleast we can project the commencement date of c grade colleges…….

  24. how the grade is given to the colleges. For Muthayammal Eng College(I got offer letter from this) what is the grade. i got offer letter on auguest when is joining date and where is the location?

  25. hi everyone….I got selected in TCS through offcampus drive in doubt is whether I need to consider my college grade or the college through which I have been selected(through offcampus)…pls reply me…Thanks in advance

  26. Mine is a c grade college.I got selected for tcs in jan 2010.I wanted to know if we would be placed at the max by nov or not.And please do provide any idea if possible for the approximate joining date…I also wanted to know, what is the basis of this kind of college gradation because according to our knowlegde regarding several colleges which have a lower profile than ours, have a better grade…THANK YOU

  27. hi friendz i'm Piyush from OEC, Bhubaneswar. I also got placed in TCS on 14th Jan. Somebody told me that they are gonna give the C* category colleges their respective joining starting from 1st Nov. Is it true…..?Plz inform me…….later….:)

  28. i got selected thru off campus drive at iter bhubaneswar on 14th aug… can anyone tell me whether the off campus drive was for the it or itis sector… der was no clearification regarding this…

  29. hi!!!!i also got selected in TCS in august through off campus drive!!!guys do u have any idea about the domain they will offer to off campus trainee???is it software development or testing!!! and when will its joining come?

  30. how do TCS grade colleges??? Its not clear .. furthermore there are no continuity maintained in the joining dates given… many c grade colleges got their joining earlier than some b grade colleges….at least they should provide some more days to the students to reach their joining venue after making bond & all other formalities …..

  31. hey.pls help me on this..i had the cut off % of 60 wen i got placed and after ma final reslts, ma aggregate droped to 59.9.wil it b a pbl in joining tcs????

  32. Do you guys have any idea that why Bangalore zone is so late….colleges with lower grades and placed after us got there DOJ(non karnataka)but we are still waiting…..pls ans, tnx

  33. hey rahul could u plz clarify that on what basis TCS people are giving joining this year??I guess its not the grade of the college coz when C* started then also many A nB grade colleges were left….If it was grade wise our anticipations would work..but now we r left with just blind wait..plz share if u get to kw anything about it…I am from BCET Durgapur which is a C grade college,n tcs recruited us on 5th feb 2010.

  34. Hello guys,I am Rakesh, Cleared my all round in TCS from Reva College B'lore on 21st n 22nd Aug. off campus drive.That time they didn't annouce the selected candidate list.In my HR round HR told me we will send your result thru. mail just keep checking your mail. I asked when can i expect my OL & DOJ, HR told after 3 week we will send you everything thru. mail. Not even only me all the guys who cleared all round got same responce from HR.I am still waiting. So, any one is here who attended TCS drive from Reva College & got any responce from them.

  35. heyyy guys..i got selected in 23 rd aug,2010 via tcs off campus drive.,kolkata..can u tell me the possible time of getting offer letter as well as joining letter pls….

  36. @Anu : people who got into TCS via oncampussing , till now they have not received their doj . As u can see oncampus selects are still waiting (i gt selected in january n gt offer letr in july), so be patient within 3 months we will get offr lettr.Doj will be dispatched aftr they finish off with oncampus selects.

  37. hi. My college is Velalar College of Eng and Tech, Erode. How do i know the grade of my college.. please someone help me. i am also not yet receive the joining date. i got placed in august itself.

  38. hi my college name is listed as VCET recruiting branch is MUMBAI. that means????????? what????????? shall i want to go training and placement in MUMBAI?????????????????? please reply me soon…. i will eagarlly see result tomorrow from any of you

  39. hi i'm shirsha from BCET,Durgapur.I got selected in TCS in feb' could u plz tel me when wil we get our joining & is d recruitment process stopped as no more cols r getn their joining date aftr 30th sept.

  40. Hi…. Tis s AARTHY..I got placed on 10th of jan 2010.. am 4m RAJALAKSHMI ENGG COLLEGE- CHENNAI, which comes under C grade..when cld i expect my doj n where..Thanks in advance……

  41. Rahul is doing a gr8t job….May God bless him…. Can someone pls tell me wat is the criteria for doj of two colg having same grade in the same city under same univ?….. Is there any chance of getting doj in the same order as of getting the offer letter….I am frm BPPIMT kol….I received my offr letter on 14/6/2010…. In which month can I xpect the joining

  42. hi frndsinfy had given doj much earlier be it in nov/dec shows clear decision in making…tcs gives doj to C/C* colleges whn so many B grades r still waitin frm bangalore section 4 their turn….shows biased HR practises….remember 7000 left tcs last quartermajor reason being bad HR practises…

  43. Hi.. We, (from A.C.College of Engg. and Tech., Karaikudi) received offer letter on June 18, 2010. But here, in this blog, its displayed as 7172010 (July 17)?! TCS recruited from GCE, Tirunelveli after finishing interview in our college (Both are C grade colleges). But, we have not yet received any info. On what basis, our joining date will be given? And when can we expect?

  44. hey rahul plzz ask ratan tata to call the great and magnificient college from AP itz nothing but our college GIET…..Great Institute Of Engng And Technology…..See in the name itself it has greatnesss………ummmaaaa i love my college…

  45. im frm jis college ,kalyani W.b …gt selected in 13th feb day before GATE which eventually got f***ed off due d same TCS …bdw when can we wxpext doj….can sme1 say 4sure dat it will b dis year…i doubt as octobers DOJ r already posted…ny1 with real news pls hlp…

  46. have u seen d gap ….after 27/9 its 28/10…a 1mnth gap………dats crap really………@nani..GODE forbid bt i think u may b rite coz as i think oct doj r already given so its leaves us jst 2 mnths…there r loads of college 2get doj still…plus mine is C grade…GOD help us..what bout u nd which college…

  47. @nani no chance b4 november dear…i think ho sakta hai nxt year hi mile..this is real mine is C..ur C*,bt dnt think it matrs nymore…nd to make it worse i was nt even allowed to sit in infy by my college on as i got placed..nthing 2do yar xcept wait nd watch.

  48. sir ,i am placed in lucknow off campus drive held on aug21, college is babu banarsii dass national institute of technolgy and management,luknow.please let me know my probable joining date.

  49. may be the god knows abt the joining dates in tcs …………………. if i have started a company i would have made it a top class company in this interval hahahaha

  50. hey.. i got selected in tcs on 28th august through off campus recruitment in lkw… does anyone know the probable date of joining? i belong to c-grade college….

  51. may i knw when they will give doj for off campus students…is it mixed with on campus or diff…because some coll have both ones na off and on…so how so grading works there

  52. may i knw when they will give doj for off campus students…is it mixed with on campus or diff…because some coll have both ones na off and on…so how so grading works there

  53. Is the collges n students of kolkata the worst..we got placed in december 2010 nd now its almost november…ek saal inn tcs waalo nay..baithaya diya…Have they forgetten people from West Bengal…its too much..

  54. @tanvi which zone r u?dnt bank on this…btr if u have facebuk account join TCS 2010 group….bdw as far as i know dec tak ka to doj already given,,,so may b nxt yr hi yaar…nthing 2do….i also jst wanna knw d date whenever it might b…kuvh kam to kar sakenge instead of jst sitting idle…….

  55. Am from SASTRA University A Grade college got selected thru Off campus in the month of august!!When will be the DOJ??Do anyone have idea??will it be with the on campus selected students Who are yrt to be Intimated??

  56. Hey i'm from MUMBAI,from a C-grade college ..i got placed feb…still i'm waiting for joining dates….my friend who got placed in TCS (off campus) in august end got the call during the 1st week of sept!!! and his college is not even graded by TCS!!!not fair …!!!!!!!

  57. have the TCS people 4gotten the KOLKATA zone?????? n what abt colleges in durgapur????? will we EXPERIENCE CERTAINITY even in 2010???????? or it will b in 2011????

  58. I got selected on 23rd june in delhi…written at galgotia college and interview at TCS< gurgaon…anybody from that batch???Can anybody help regarding joinig date??I got my offer letter on 30th june….

  59. why should tcs takes so many people at a time they could take when training period is going on for a batch and so on. It has been so long waiting for joining date and don't know whether it is this year or not.

  60. @Rahul BhattacharyaData given here is inconsistant….In the list of College Grades,BVBCET, Hubli,Karnataka Bangalore is of B -gradeBut in the list of joining dates, it's of C -grade…!!I don't think there's any such grading for any college as such and neither TCS has mentioned abt it anywhere.And one more thing, all ppl of BVBCET Hubli have not been allocated Chennai as ILP centre. Plz check ur erroneous data.

  61. Hi to all……………………I am one of the Selected TCS student…………..Suppose if you got the offer letter, but not receive any mails from TCS means, YOU HAVE TO APPROACH YOUR RECRUITED BRANCH MUST…………. Because there may be some problem occurs. Give your DT number and then clarify your problem…………

  62. Hi This is sakthi I got selected in TCS thro offcampus conducted by anna univ on 14th august… am waiting for the offer letter.. can anyone suggest our batch joining dates/month..?

  63. HI all …..can any one give me a info that what is the actual deignation of freshers in ITIS provided by tcs?I am actually selected in offcampus on 29th august at kolkata i got my offer letter my designation is “Associate System Engineer Trainee (Grade Y)” i dont know wheather i am selected in IT or in ITIS.Thanx in adv [:)]

  64. i got placed in tcs and my joining date is on 29th of this month…..but i am not getting joining letter downloaded….maximum of sis attempts are finished…..could you show me the solution as soon as possible

  65. hi rahul…. I attend tcs off campus on august 14th and i rejected in final round. then i attend off campus on sept month with another dt number and i got selected. I got my detailed offer letter. I was very scared regarding this issue. please help me

  66. hI RAHUL, This is Kumaran from chennai. I got selected TCS on Campus, but after my written test, 30 stds are separated from other stds, they said we are all selected for TCS IMS….. but Our grade are same tat they said….. Is IMS is good to our future or shall i quit the job and search for another one coz I am good in Programing skill they said u are not develping side…. Please help me rahul… I am eagerly waiting for ur reply

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