TCS ILP at Infocity Gandhinagar

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This is a guest post by Bhavin Doshi.

this is my first post from ahemdabad, during my ILP period. today we completed two days in TCS. so now i can proudly say that i too am a TCSer!

we reached here on 25th october. the infocity is located in gandhinagar, and is about a 45 minute drive from ahemdabad railway station. this post now contains two parts: information about infocity, and information about my experience in TCS ILP.

there are various kinds of buildings here, including residential, commercial offices and shops. residential buildings are of studio apartments, flats and bunglows. commercial offices are located in various towers. some of the towers are still under construction. TCS has its office in IT tower 1 and IT tower 3. IT tower 3 is also called as “Nal Sarovar”. i formerly thought that this is some landmark like powai lake, but its just a name of a building. The park is quite big, and its maintained in a very nice way.

we have got accomodation in studio apartments. normally, one apartment is occupied by 4 people. now, there four people are never from the same college. TCS allots random rooms to the people in order to make them communicate with new people and co-ordinate with them. rooms are nicely maintained and are cleaned everyday. i was lucky enough to get accomodation with my college friend shawn, which we both thought as something impossible. the room number is 102 in studio apartments block 5. other two room partners are from manipal university. they joined ILP a month before us, and will complete their training on 19th of november.

there is one canteen contractor who provides food both at IT tower canteen and at studio apartments. quality of food is nice, and i am lucky enough to get jain food too. laundry facility is available with manageable rates.

first thing: tie is compulsary. they said previously that tie is optional, but its not. there are strict security policies here. we are not allowed to carry any media inside ILP centre which includes mobile phones, pen drives, CDs and other electronic media. they have five levels of confidentiality, out of which only first level can be made public (which is there on all the ILP related presentations had confidentiality level 2 which is tcs-internal. this information can only be shared with people inside TCS. so there is hardly anything that i can share here.

we all had various presentations explaining various processes inside TCS. it also explained various portals that we would be using as employee of TCS. then there was information about importance of security rules, copyright rules and punctuality etc. all the sessions were very informative, but sadly only few of them were interesting. rest all were either not very exciting or had obvious information conveyed.

all the batches had size of around 250. hence they were divided in groups, but we are batch of 48 only, so we wont be having more than one group.

TCS has affiliation with HDFC bank, so we are offered customized accounts for our salary and reimbursement accounts. they also offer nice gold debit card and demat card options. almost everything is free of cost, with accounts being zero balance accounts. but the activation takes 7 days. we filled out forms today, so by next tuesday, we should get our accounts activated and ready to use.

its colder here than mumbai, but bearable. the temperature will go down in coming weeks, so then it would be slightly tougher to manage. most people didnt anticipate this and have no warm clothes with them. only i and nikhil loya are having proper warm clothes with us. lets see how it turns out!

Published by Rahul

Rahul is a data analyst and expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. He has performed extensive research across varied business scenarios and datasets to come up with insightful results. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy refining business data, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago. All contents here are copyrighted and belongs to Rahul.

12 thoughts on “TCS ILP at Infocity Gandhinagar

  1. Thanks for the info.Can you pls tell me the procedure on the first day of the ILP.Means regarding the documents verification over there in detail.Waiting for a reply and regards

  2. can u plzz telll me wheather V need 2 bring our own blankets with us or these all will b provided there ????plzz telll me soon so dat i can start my packing n all these ….i'l b thankful 2 U

  3. Thanx buddy for sharing ur experience with us…. m going to join TCS on 13th dec at gandhinagar, n my accommodation is in studio apartment…… So i hav some queries…..At the accommodation, are they provide bedding, pillow, blanket…. all these kind of stuffs….???Thanx in advance….

  4. Namaskar boss…….i am an engineer student ,doing at geetnjali institute technology study,udaipur.i am in final year now and i want the industrial training from tcs, i want 2 ask u that if it is possible or not…. NIKUNJ PATEL (08866391146)

  5. i am an engineer student ,doing b.e. at government engineerning college,modasa.i am in final year now and i want the industrial training from tcs, i want 2 ask u that if it is possible or not…and what is the procedure for it???trupesh patel.

  6. apart from documents what do we need to carry for accommodation let me put it explicitly- do we need to bring mattress or bathroom accessories like bucket with usI am joining TCS gandhinagar on 22nd dec-2011

  7. The students are not allowed to wash clothes or iron the clothes in the hostel in the name of saving water; rather pay Rs 10 per piece of cloth to have them pressed/ironed from the reception of studio appartments. I would suggest to give the clothes for cleaning/pressing o/s infocity coz it's cheaper.Had the management banned only the formal dresses not to be washed, then that could have been understandable. But, here except ur chaddi and baniyan, you have to give all your clothes to be cleaned/washed/ironed.Gandhinagar being a hot/humid place, you will be sweating a lot esp when you leave your AC ILP centres for your studio appartments. Then you will want to change your sweat soaked clothes. If you change ur dress twice; daily you will have to fork out 40-50 rs in laundry.And we are NOTTT getting paid that much.WTF…..WE CANT WASH CLOTHES EVEN WHEN THEY ARE CUTTING OUR HRA AND ALLOWANCES FROM OUR SALARY.Regarding the food, the food at TCS mess is ok; but during the night do avoid eating at the mess of TCS studio appartments. Even the security guards will advise you against that. Many participants have fallen ill due to food poisioning.Go to dhabas nearby for thalis ranging from 50-70rs per plate.Regarding the bed sheets, plz carry a couple of your own. (u cant wash them urself, even then)….coz the bedsheets , though told that it will be changed every 4 days, look dirty and soiled.Pray to god, that you have understanding room-partners. Coz, if u r not lucky, they wont let you sleep properly by creating ruckus; and the result will be u will be half-asleep during the training. That will give you a negative feedback and rating.

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