TCS 2011 Batch aspirants have so much more reason to rejoice

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As we all know already, TCS has decided to hire an astounding 50,000 candidates from the 2011-12 batch. This number in itself tells about the stunning performance quarter after quarter by the company. This also means a really good news for all those college students out there waiting for their turn to join the corporate world.

The top company of the IT industry is here to welcome them with open hands, provided they meet the special technical skills and the other requirements. of course.ist2_7362923-group-of-friends-jumping-in-joy It is going to be a big boost for the industry as well a kick start for all the candidates, who earlier might have thought they didn’t stand a chance in such a great company, might now see a ray of hope and try working harder and improving themselves. Its all a very good sign in the end, for the company as it gets the creamiest of the cream layer of candidates and for those who didn’t get selected but ultimately resulted in improving themselves to a level they wouldn’t had otherwise.

Now that IT companies are coming near the end of the engineering course is also a very good practice as it facilitates the concept of on-demand more than before. Here are some study materials that you might want to read in case you are aspiring for this dream company of thousands. Joining of the new candidates as it has been already declared would be in a ‘staggered’ manner over the entire next year, the same way the 2010 and 2009 passouts joined.

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