TCS ILP Experience – The girl next row

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This is a TCS ILP guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

The train started 20 minutes after the scheduled time.Delay in train schedule is a very common thing in Bengal.So if a train comes in correct time, there remains a possibility of missing the train.Reluctant Bengalees. The only case where the train may come in time, if it comes 24 hours late.

Anyway I was not feeling bad.It was like an adventurous trip for me.I had spent 4 long years in private hostels of Kolkata, so staying outside of home was not a very big deal for me.The only thing that I had gained staying in home was 33.33 gram fat per day that added some 6 more kilos to my body.

If I summarize Bhubaneshwar it will be like: Temples + Tier3 + Very less pubs + no malls, I had already figured it out that the city won't be charming. The only interest was the new life that I was going to begin, my first month's salary and a probability to impress a new female colleague.

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TCS ILP Experience

A lady in a pink top and denim blue jeans was sitting with her family. They were in my next row after the aisle.She was reading an English novel by some author.I felt lucky, even the quinquagenarian uncles were also staring at her.The only person who was suffering was her father.He was the common enemy for all the young bachelors sitting there.A lucky guy sitting next to him was trying to impress his son(actually daughter) offering his mobile, but can't progress more because the little guy was far smarter than him. A Nokia 1200 was not sufficient for him.I looked at my N96,it had N-gage 3D games but of no use now.

I was in the wrong frame of reference.

Now after sometime calls started coming from my home, it was no longer 40 minutes, everyone started missing me. Why doesn't God sent us with pre-activated GPS systems that can be manipulated by us? I would have fixed my positions to college library, classroom and study-room.

But that was good for me because my famous Donald duck ring-tone attracted that hideous kinky, though the rest of the compartment was equally disturbed.It was successful to wake up his mother who was sleeping from the moment the train had blown the first whistle.But Pink-top was still busy with her novel, not even looking at anyone.Now I was cursing the author of that novel.I put a romantic instrumental ringtone but the incoming calls stopped coming.Now I was missing the callers.

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It is very painful for a smoker to travel in an AC chair car, because you couldn't sleep, and you feel the urge of smoking.I remember once we had a smoke in Rajdhani express.It is very easy to smoke in train because with an impeccable security everybody assumes that nobody will smoke, but where there is a toilet there is a way.Sometime Rajdhani may have a smoke-detector in the toilet , so we changed the theory - Where there is a door there is a way.

Both me and my friend obtained the same theory again, and for your information it worked fine.This whole process got repeated in every hour.

Night at 9-o-clock the train reached Bhubaneshwar, when I was about to get down I noticed the lady was reading a book by Dale Carnegie which was too old for her age and enough boring to get her asleep.Actually she took her mothers way, possibly she had slept more than her mother, the whole long 6 hours.I understood that when her father pushed her awake from her sound sleep.What a posture of sleeping? Girls can do many things that a boy can't even imagine.It was just a small sample. I gained some confidence.I was not ignored.

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