TCS clarifies rumor on demand for outsourcing in 2011

Tata consultancy services put all discussions to rest after a hype regarding weakening demand over the IT and outsourcing sector after brokerage firm CLSA's report was published which has downgraded the country's software services sector. IT has been clarified that the market is still strong and clients are positive more than ever.



The candidates for TCS 2011 batch can relax. The facts that TCS added around 69,685 and around 31,500 left the company leaving a net addition of 38,185 are not to be startled at. The process of such intake and attrition is pretty normal and does not reflect anything on the demand for outsourcing. It has been further clarified that clients are on the look-out for new projects to give to TCS for the future.



The hike on the H1B visas and the Greece debt suspense has posed a tricky situation no doubt but as it has been pointed out, the outsourcing sector is pretty robust as of now to be affected by such potential hiccups.

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