TCS vs Accenture – Comparison at granular level

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“I cannot decide which company to opt for. What to do now? Should i go to TCS or Accenture?” – This is the question that has crossed the minds of thousands till date for sure. And there has been random searches for data comparison from your peers, over the internet, from your relatives, and everywhere else. Well, now you can just go through this article below to find the most comprehensive comparison ever to help you take your decision.

Project Allocation

After completion of your training, Accenture follows a process of allocating the domain randomly. It is not dependent on your performance during your training. So the guy who ws the topper during your initial training days might just be getting a domain unfamiliar to him and with much lesser growth opportunity and vice-versa. So there is nothing which could be predicted for certainty. It also apparently appeared as a fact from people who have worked in Accenture that it is a touch difficult to change the domain once one gets into it.

Coming to TCS, the training would be based on a a particular domain. But after you join, there is no certainty again which domain you will be allocated to. It can range all across the vast stretch of the technology field. But you can voice your preference before being allocated, or after few months of working, the outcome depending entirely upon the scenario and project you are working in.

Work Life Balance

Work pressure at Accenture is often pretty high. People report often 12-15 hours of work. Not that this is the general scenario. But many projects have tasks which require a lot of labor. The Knowledge Exchange of Accenture is a vast ocean of information which you can access if you are working in Accenture and read for types of tasks and projects that have been going on and is currently being performed.

Work pressure at TCS is a pretty relative term. It varies across projects. Apart from the minimum working hours, you might have to stay back sometimes a couple of hours or more to finish your tasks on few days. But on a regular basis, the working hours is seldom hectic. But in some projects you might well have to work for 10 hours daily and might have to come on weekends as well.

TCS vs Accenture – Comparison at granular level
TCS vs Accenture – Comparison at granular level

Screening and Attrition

People working in Accenture have across different platforms reported that there is a little bit of screening policy in place. This policy might eventually lead to people not securing a place in the organization after sometime. However, there are a number of criteria which you have to fulfill to get thrown out, so there is absolutely no need to panic at all.

When it comes to firing of employees, TCS is a light year above the rest. So you need to perform either really badly or break the company’s rules, policies beyond such control that you will be forced to be thrown out of the company. On a serious note, periodic screening might happen, specially during times of recession when there were reports of down-sizing the employee strength in the organization, mainly from the 5-7 years experienced bracket.

So if you are actually having a thought across your mind which one has an edge, do not consider the recession factor because in such times, most organizations will have similar policies. But the level of firmness and aggression will vary much across organizations during those times. That is where you can find the difference between TCS and Accenture.

Brand Image

Accenture has the image of an international organization, a foreign company. But inside it is very much the same as in any MNC in India. There are the same kind of people working, same atmosphere and environment, same kind of policies and HRs, same sort of projects, project works and coding. The chances of onsite might just be a touch less because Accenture is present outside India in across many countries with pretty decent workforce. But however, having Accenture on your CV no doubt gives it a boost simply because it’s such a large global organization.

TCS has the brand image of a resolute, stable organization with the employee’s benefits in mind and hence job security is a touch higher here as is the general opinion across all levels of society. Onsite depends entirely on your project scenario. People, environment, policies and HRs are also not too different across organizations. So you will neither fall from the sky if you come to TCS after Accenture, nor if you come to TCS from Accenture.

Salary Hikes

Salary hikes in Accenture seem to have faced a block after the recession, specially for freshers joining the company. But anyhow, it is way near to the industry standards as time is passing by. But joining Accenture as a lateral and then with about 2 years of experience, the hikes and salary seems to be almost at par with your peers in other organizations.

TCS gives a pretty decent package and continuing to do so for the freshers as well. The package is also nice for laterals joining the company. But for people who are not laterals, the pace of hikes seem to be moving from 4th gear to 3rd gear as per the public opinion. But anyhow, it is good enough to satisfy your needs as people in the IT sector get saturated with money very soon, be it in TCS or Accenture!

Onsite Opportunities

Accenture has onsite opportunities depending on the project you will be working on. But the fact is that there is a very large number of branches of Accenture across the world, so this might just cut into your chances of getting an onsite. This not to say that people do not get onsite chances from Accenture, but at a piece of the cake is taken away due to this factor.

TCS on the other hand provides a decent number of onsite opportunities, but then again, depending upon the projects. With a few US policies being newly introduced into place, the onsite visas have dried up a little. I wonder how much it is helping Obama’s unemployment issue at hand, but still the policies have been created with a good intention to the nation. So when the opportunity comes along with your visa, you can happily fly away.

Do you want to have a comparison from another perspective? Do you have something to share? Feel free to speak out below in the comments.

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