Deloitte vs Accenture – Clash of the titans

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After PWC was sold of to IBM, EY to Capgemini, years ago, the big players in the field of consulting remained Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, KPMG, Ernst & Young, CSC, etc. Most IT companies in general provide consulting service along with their IT solutions. The undoubted big players in this field can be named easily, but the daunting task comes when scoring one above the other. But still, with proper knowledge, a clear picture can be put forward.

Job Security

When it comes to job security, IT consulting field is probably one of the worst. When the cost-cutting measures are to be put into place, the consultants will be the first to leave unless they have reached a position in the organization where they are irreplaceable.

But when it comes between Deloitte and Accenture, Deloitte has an edge over Accenture. The business model of Deloitte is slightly more humanitarian than Accenture, and it is not about getting the work done out of you for the organization no matter what. You will be feeling  this difference in the humanitarian approach better once you work in both the companies.

Deloitte vs Accenture
Deloitte vs Accenture

Training Facilities

The training facilities at Accenture are much better equipped. You will be groomed and taught well enough to find your place very soon in the live environment. Deloitte’s 107 acres Westlake training center facility is going to provide a boost to their learning and sharing culture, but it will be interesting to see how many people beyond Texas benefit from it.

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The salary in both the organization’s is more or less the same, maybe a few bucks more or less. But if you are just starting out, you might well prefer Deloitte to Accenture if you get a higher package. But if you have got 4-5 years of experience, and you are probably a Senior Consultant, then you will notice that the salary isn't just competitive enough anymore. So in the long run Deloitte might dry you up slightly, where Accenture will continue to satisfy you. But there’s a catch. Read on.

Work Culture

Deloitte’s employee policies are very rewarding to their employees. They are honored for their hard work and their business model ensures a happy overall workforce.

But in Accenture, you might just get the feel that all the organization is aiming for is to retain the taskforce anyhow. Be it by competitive packages, or something else. And you will have to prove yourself worthy of the package you are getting. People working in Accenture say you will continue to be a part of Accenture until you ‘burn out’.

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  1. Although Accenture originally began as a spin off company from the famous firm of Arthur Andersen Consulting, it surpassed it's parent company in both presence and revenue in 2001.

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