Good looks pay off in the outsourcing world?

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The popular concept that hard work is the main key behind success might take a small back foot in this discussion. True that there is no alternative to hard work, but apart from that, there are some X-factors that come into play when you are looking for success in the outsourcing world. It comes more into play when you are directly interacting with some people whom you need to convince and get a deal or something done.

Outsourcing Industry
Outsourcing Industry

One of the many factors that come into play is how you look, your overall appearance. Apparently a less prioritized concept, but believe me, it helps a long way in quite a number of circumstances that you might well believe it to be unnecessary in. A good-looking associate, male or female, is always one step ahead when it comes to deal making and in the marketing and sales area. A nice looking face and figure will always be a pleasing presence in front of the opposite party. If you know the tricks of the trade and is already experienced, then you will know how to utilize it by smiling and talking with gestures to make the situation even more warm. It is always beneficial and most people know to put the best face forward when the priority is to put up a nice image and get the job done. It is not that the good-looking guy or girl is best fit for the job, but he or she is the need of the hour.

It is not a biased opinion. Skill and success can never be measured by looks. But in the outsourcing world, when grooming and cut throat competition looms large, these factors are coming into play. It does not mean clothes which betray the official dress codes, but it strongly means the more than perfect official dress code and perhaps some more improvisations which will take you a notch apart from the rest. As you might have guessed already, it has a lot to do with the attitude as well. Because, as Desmond Morris puts it, you will always be talking more by your body than your mouth, and your body talks what you think, your attitude speaks through your body.

It’s always a tricky niche to discuss on. Yet this is how it is. Do you have any insightful opinion on this?

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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