Team work and the odd ones out in IT sector

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The IT sector boasts of team work and team spirit at the very core of its values. It comes as no surprise that the kind of work that is being done inevitably demands absolute team work. A perfect mixture of the experienced and freshers in the team is the ideal scenario when it comes to effectively cost-planning a team. All experienced professionals in the team would throw the profit out of the organization. All freshers will be an obvious disaster.

Now coming to team work, people are really considered lucky here if they are in a good    team. That is because there are many teams where people suffocate into and are forced to look for other options. A nice team to start with in your professional career is truly a boon. You get to learn a lot of things which will help you in your career in the long run. Things you learn not only helps in you current job role, but also to grow as a working professional. People get less tired mentally and even physically when they are into a good team. Productivity of an employee increases by leaps and bounds when colleagues around him are always ready to help and cooperative. The productivity of the team as a whole rises inevitably amidst such positive atmosphere.

According to popular studies of human psychology, people tend to feel stress a lot less when they know there are people around him whom he can rely upon in times of distress. Your  body would thus respond more positively in case such a stress situation arises. Working in a good team also teaches you interpersonal skills which are vital in the service sector.

IT Sector Team Work
IT Sector Team Work

Getting to know people from all sorts of backgrounds is another advantage in a team. Sometimes we need to adjust ourselves just a bit to move along with the team. These all are lessons in their own way. It seldom happens that all the team members are from the same region or have the same tastes and values. It is pretty normal for them to differ and that's why individuals are individuals. Your team member might get stuck in a tricky assignment which you are pretty aware how to overcome. It becomes your moral obligation and duty to help him out. Well, if you are selfish, then also you need to help him out. Guess, why? Here comes the tricky part.

We human beings always perceive of others as a neutral being from the beginning. Even if we converse, and seem to be friends, it’s what in the subconscious mind that defines what we do and when we do. Your helping hand to your colleague in the time of distress will etch a mark in his subconscious mind about the supporting hand you lent out. When your time of stress comes, he will not hesitate to go beyond the usual limits to help you out (just in case he is not too generous, in which case he will help you out even if he doesn’t know you and you should consider yourself superbly lucky to have such a gem of a team member in your team).

Also, another trick of the trade is it always helps to share your knowledge with others. Who know, who might come handy when you are on a holiday or vacation! This is not the intended reason, but it always help because knowledge sharing always enhances one’s knowledge and acts as a superb value addition to the team.

Now coming to the odd ones who find it difficult to cope in a team. Their stress level undoubtedly rises. If he’s the good guy finding himself or herself surrounded by a sea of politics and work is being extracted out of him and passed on as other’s work and his visibility to his bosses is being reduced to the minimum so that everyone else gets the credit for his work, it is indeed a nightmare for him. He is the sole person working. He cannot raise his voice. This is when it gets out of hand. Because we cannot keep on accepting injustice forever. Everything has an end to it. The higher management would be informed about this sooner or later and actions are bound to be taken. If that is not the case, unfortunately and inevitably, the person will try to move someplace else.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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