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In Information Technology and on the Internet, infrastructure is the physical hardware used to interconnect computers and users. Infrastructure includes the transmission media, including telephone lines, cable television lines, and satellites and antennas, and also the routers, aggregators, repeaters, and other devices that control transmission paths. Infrastructure also includes the software used to send, receive, and manage the signals that are transmitted. In some usages, infrastructure refers to interconnecting hardware and software and not to computers and other devices that are interconnected. However, to some information technology users, infrastructure is viewed as everything that supports the flow and processing of information. 

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Infrastructure Services range across a pretty decent array of technologies and tools ranging from the smallest bug in the system software to the mainframe server systems, from cross-platform compatibility of a software to the networking functionalities of a widespread network of workstations. They all come under the Infrastructure services. There is virtually unlimited amount of potential in this field and TCS has probably taken one of the smallest step in one of the most gigantic field of opportunity and is undoubtedly destined to some outstanding performance in ITIS in years to come. I think it will be pretty soon when ITIS services will overtake IT services in terms of total profit and revenue.  

Is ITIS inferior to IT?

This is the most frequently asked question which you’ll find at every TCS group. The stuff posted in this document will help you get answer to this FAQ. The answer is as simple as question, no! Both are different. Hence no comparison can be made. IT deals with development or coding part whereas ITIS deals with networking or server or administration or maintenance part. Both have good scope, the only thing is that ITIS is comparatively new in India. This point actually turns out to be an advantage as in ITIS, there’re more onsite opportunities. There tends to be repetition in the type of work, due to which you do not need to spend much time in learning new things once you have put in the initial effort. This is great if you are aiming for higher studies, or pursuing a hobby, giving you free time with more work life balance than you can ask for. Learn more on how IT infrastructure is designed from this video below.

Does TCS ITIS have onsite opportunities? 

ITIS ranges currently across most of the industries like banking, healthcare, retail, telecom, etc. It promises and undoubtedly delivers an enhanced quality of service to help their clients experience the perfect ITIS solutions they can yearn for. Major offerings includes Business Effective Infrastructure Readiness Assessment IT Service Desk Data Center Management End User Computing Services Database Services Application Management Services Converged Networks Managed Security Services, and more. ITIS is the infrastructure support part of IT, i.e. it includes supporting the related infrastructures on top of which IT stands. Onsite opportunity is good for ITIS, because you will be working with different tools. Each of these tools are unique, and so skilled associates on these tools are less commonly found than say skilled programmers on say Java or Python. Hence the demand for skilled associates on these tools is always high.

What is the scope of growth in ITIS in future?

Today’s business world and everything around it requires IT to survive in this competitive world, be it the local restaurant or the aerospace center all require IT to process their daily work, so an IT guy is never out of the job, may the IT development have hurdles, but the maintenance will never. This can prove evident that IT Infrastructure has a huge career growth, so don’t worry, ITIS guys will be in equal demand with the IT development guys. You get to work in a huge number of tools and technologies, that different clients are using today. These skills will be continuously in demand. You also get to work in different technology stacks and streams, due to which your exposure to various technical environments will be very dynamic. If you work in ITIS, your data extraction and processing skills using tools like SQL, Unix, Windows Shell, Python are expected to increase, because you will need to analyze logs and extract data frequently. One of the top rated explanations on what the future of IT infrastructure will look like is below.

How is the career like with TCS ITIS?

Infrastructure Services projects fall under this domain, i.e network monitoring, system administration, security, servers, maintenance, deployment and stuff like that. Besides these, there are some internal TCS projects too which falls under ITIS. When talking about working sectors, there are many big organizations, projects of banks, pharma companies, health care, retail, finance etc. Want to know what the career is like? Listen to how the work and day to day life is like from the global professionals who are working in this field of TCS IT Infrastructure Services.

Infrastructure management services need deep understanding on how to ensure stability to critical systems. The developers and all other employees in TCS depend on you to get their job done, because all applications and systems run on the infrastructure that you are maintaining. I would recommend take a look at this video to understand what an IT infrastructure environment looks like. Each component needs dedicated support teams. Even when the system is running fine, there are instances where we need to install upgrades and security patches. These activities need sufficient knowledge, documentation, and testing to validate them if they are working fine in test environments. If everything works out fine, then these changes are implemented by skilled infrastructure engineers. System downtime is approved by the largest clients for you to perform your duties securely. Once you finish your work, the entire organization can then resume working. So you can understand the criticality of your duties in the organization as a whole.

What is the salary in TCS ITIS?

The below publicly shared video shows the salary difference between professionals working in ITIS, and Python. The job responsibilities differ between these skilled associates. And also their salary is different as we can see. However the difference is not considerable as we definitely need the same level of expertise to learn and do our day to day functions. IT and ITIS run hand in hand is what I believe. The level of challenges, learning and growth differ periodically, however the potential to excel and pay is nearly the same. ITIS includes supporting the server of applications as well, which previously used to be a part of IT. So you get exposure to the codes and designs as well that your IT counterparts have developed. The coding languages that you thus get exposure to may be Angular, Julia, R, Python, or Java. If you want, there is a wide opportunity to learn new tools and technologies while working in ITIS.

How to move from TCS ITIS to IT?

You can convert from TCS ITIS project to IT field. I would recommend first to start brushing up your skills and build a strong CV. If you need help, contact me to refine your CV by uploading in the TCS CV review button given above. Once you are confident and have acquired a few skills, reach out to your RMG. The TCS RMG will listen to your situation and will assist you in moving towards a role of your choice. If you have heard of specific project requirements and you already find yourself fit for that role with the skills then you can make the task of the TCS RMG even easier. But keep in mind only the best fitted persons are taken for different roles, so even if you have learnt Python, if someone is also applying with even more experience and background in Python, then you have a competition. But overall you can shift from TCS ITIS branch to IT domain if you keep learning and trying consistently in different technologies.

TCS ITIS and IT Overview
TCS ITIS and IT Overview

Difference between TCS ITIS and ITES

ITIS stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Services. ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Services. We learned about ITIS above. ITES is a support framework for IT that involves soft skills more. ITES comprises of KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing), GPO (Game Process Outsourcing), Call Centres, Operations at Back Office, Logistics Management, and similar such services. There is less technical skill required, but knowledge and fluency with computers and common IT tools and softwares is mandatory for ITES. You can plan to move from ITES to ITIS or IT as well if you start acquiring the technical skills required for programmers and developers. If you are in an ITES profile, feel free to upload your CV with the review button shared above to get tips on how you can improve your chances of moving to the software developer and programmer role.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

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