Dropbox vs Google Drive – The War Begins

When the emperor is proudly marching forward conquering everything that comes it’s way, can he leave behind a kingdom that is being defended securely by its rivals over the years? Definitely not. Despite rumors that kept on emerging over the last few years, Google did not launch it’s  Google Drive until this year. And launched it has, with seamless integration into all it’s services making it right away the cloud storage candy for computer lovers.
But the war is yet to be won, it’s just the army that has been prepared and war has been declared. Stiff competition is being faced from it’s closest rival, Dropbox (not to mention Skydrive here which finds itself difficult to  enter the scene in the absence of a desktop app). With the existence of an already huge reader-base, Dropbox is going to face it’s biggest challenge in recent times. No doubt they are going to cope with it strongly as they have proven to be supremely loyal, stable, perfectionist, professional over the years. But Google is going to come with guns blazing down as this is the territory that was pending from them over a long time, and with all of their services integrated into it, they already have an edge since so many of potential users might already been having a Google account. 

There are a lot of scenarios and facts that needs to be taken into consideration to analyze the battle between these two hugely powerful services. Every aspect has to be looked at from more than one point of view. So here you go with a face-off between the two giants:

Aspect Dropbox Google Drive
Free Storage  18GB (2GB initially, for every
friend you refer, you get 500MB
bonus space, i.e. 32 friends)
 Sign up for Dropbox here and
get 500MB bonus space
 5GB (no referral system)

 Sign up for Google Drive

 Availability Dropbox is available for iOS,
Blackberry, Android, Mac OS X,
Linux, and Windows.
Google Drive is available on
Android, Mac OS X.
 Sharing Dropbox allows you to share 
your folder very very simply, it’s 
like the same folder exists on
your friend’s machine.
Google allows you to choose
every single id with whom you
want to share your stuffs.
 Linking Dropbox seduces you with it’s
awesome feature that instantly
generates a link to a file.
Google allows you to share the
file too but it takes a few seconds
and clicks/tapping more.
 Sync Drop has an array of apps, and
Dropsync will do magic in
syncing your Android phone with
your Dropbox folder.
Google Drive allows sync, but it’s
not yet at par with the vast
number of apps that Dropbox can
boast about right now.
Dropbox has taken extra step to 
prevent this very common 
activity in shared files. It keeps
30 days history of all your files
Google also keeps a revision 
history of all your files for 30 days.
 Paid Storage

Storage – Rate/month

82 GB - $9.99
132 GB - $19.99
Dropbox Team feature:
Unlimited Storage -

for first 5 users (i.e. $66/month)
$125/year for each additional

  Storage – Rate/month

25 GB - $2.49
100 GB - $4.99
200 GB - $9.99
400 GB - $19.99
1 TB


2 TB - $99.99
4 TB - $199.99
8 TB - $399.99
16 TB - $799.99

So to decide a winner is definitely a tough choice. But for now I will be sticking to Dropbox because of it’s simplicity and no-frills professional service but keeping a close watch on both Dropbox and Google Drive to see how they both progress and come up with new features to stay in the competition.

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