Meta Interview Experience

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Meta is one of the largest technology corporations in the world today. In order to learn about the Meta interview questions, it is important to know the mission statement and how to answer questions on their cultural values. This way, when you take the Meta interview, you can be confident to succeed. If you read this article from the beginning to the end, you will be in a good position to absolutely dominate your interview with Meta. Like many mission driven organizations that we have, the mission statement of Meta is pretty important to them. Hence, when you are going to appear in the Meta interview, it is very important that you know all the details. The mission statement of Meta is to give people the power to build a community and bring the world closer together as a whole. Thus, when you think about the products of Meta and their offering, and how the people are meant to leverage the Meta products, it makes a lot of sense. Meta has overall six cultural values. One of the first one is to move fast. When Meta says move fast, it helps them to build and learn faster than anyone else. This basically means acting with a sense of urgency and not waiting until the next week to do something that can be done today.

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Meta Core Values

At the large scale of operation that Meta has today, it also means it has to continuously work on increasing the velocity of their highest priority initiatives. This can be done by methodically removing barriers that get in the way. Meta prides itself about moving fast together in one direction, as a company, and not at an individual level. Meta talks about this mindset, and how the functioning as a company makes sense. The next important thing about Meta is their cultural value, which is focused on the long term impact. What Meta does here is focused on long term thinking, and it emphasizes and encourages individuals to extend the timeline for the impact that they have. Instead of optimizing for near term wins, Meta encourages individuals to take on the challenges that will be the most impactful. Even if the full result of the current work is not seen for the near future, the long term impact should be significant. The way Meta approaches these problems makes a ton of sense for you to be familiar with this before you go to the Meta interview. The next core value of Meta is really awesome. Meta is focused on building awesome things. Meta says build awesome things and pushes individuals to ship things that are not just good, but are also inspiring. Meta has already built products that are used by billions of people all over the world. But now Meta is focused on inspiring people as well.

Meta Interview Experience
Meta Interview Experience

Meta Future Vision

The quality bar is being applied to everything Meta is doing. Meta is talking about building inspirational and transformative things. That should be really apparent when you go in, and you interview with them. You should be able to talk about Meta's mission and why you were inspired for the company. These are some of the things that Meta wants you to remember. One of the next important core value of Meta is about living in the future. Living in the future helps us build the future of the distributed work that we want, and where the opportunity is not limited by the geography. This means that Meta is not limited and operating as a distributed first company, and thus the early adopter of future products. Meta is building to help people feel present together no matter where they are physically. Meta is a mission driven organization with a lot of focus on technology and community. The next Meta core value is focused on being direct and respectful to your colleagues. Being direct and respectful to your colleagues is about creating a culture where all members are straightforward and willing to have conversations with each other. At the same time when people share feedback, they recognize that many of the world's leading experts work here. Team spirit is critical in an organization of this size, which is also geographically diverse.

Meta Teammate Spirit

The last value of Meta is about meta, metamates, me. This is about being good stewards for the company as a whole and being aligned to the mission of Meta. It is about the sense of responsibility that individuals have for their collective success and to each other as teammates. It is focused on taking care of the company and each other. There is a lot of energy in the Meta community and how they want to enable people who are geographically diverse. To exist in one space where everybody can fully interact with each other. There is a lot of focus on being a good teammate in Meta. These are the main themes that should be in your mind as you go through the Meta interview process. One of the first interview questions that you also will be asked about in Meta is to introduce yourself. This is a really important question when someone starts with this. The key to answer this question is to move quickly and efficiently through the things that you want to say. So start with a bit about your background, and then maybe where you are from. You can share details about the people in your family where you grew up, and then move on to your passions and some of the things that you are passionate about.

Meta Passion and Skills

If you can tie each of your passions to some roles or responsibility, then you can also share those examples. For example, if it's in the technology sector, you might want to talk about programming. Also in your free time you can share about the stuff that you did with that technology besides your official work. At the same time, give them a summary of your career thus far and the direction you are headed currently. One of the next questions that can face which is very important is why do you want to work for Meta? Anytime you are asked this question with a company, you want to be able to articulate why you want to work with them and why that would make it interesting for you. Thus, for every single company that you are going to appear for an interview in your life, it is one of the key questions that you want to be able to answer. When you are faced with such a question, talk about something related to the company and then narrow into the role, so you can talk about their mission. You can talk about their cultural values, which we discussed. You can share your feeling about the community and the future, what you want to achieve. Gradually you can transition to the actual role that you will be working in. Talk about the excitement you feel about getting into this role, and how you want to contribute in this field.

Meta Cultural Values

One of the next questions that you can face in the Meta interview is their cultural values. To answer such a question, you should be able to go to a previous work situation where you demonstrated one of Meta's core values. This will give you a great opportunity to pick any of the six core values of Meta and incorporate it. So make sure to read the core values of Meta again and find one that makes sense for you, and then find a way to share an answer based on those core values. One of the things that you can choose is being direct and respectful with your colleagues. This would be a great opportunity for you to share a story about how you used some courage and gave important critical feedback to a colleague, and then you both were better off at the end. So pick any of the values that resonates with you and make your answer. One of the next questions that you can face in the Meta interview is telling about a situation where you failed. Whenever you get this interview question, always try to use the first 50% rule. The first 50% rule means you pick a situation that happened in the first 50% of your career. This way, you can put a bit of distance from something you did yesterday. It's something really relevant but in the first half of your career. Also make sure to share something that is not too dire, and also not too trivial. It's got to be something that is somewhere in the middle and that is understandable. You will also want to share something about this answer that highlights not only how you failed, but also how you learned from it, and how you emerged as a stronger professional due to this incident.

Meta Collaboration Skills

The next question can be about your best collaboration experience. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share a major accomplishment. Everybody should go into the Meta interviews with some stories that they would want to highlight, and that would put them in a good light, which would impress the hiring manager, the recruiter, or the HR person. A great opportunity for you to is to have a story in which you collaborated, or led a project. If you have collaborated on a project, highlight it, and place an emphasis on geographical diversity. Maybe you have led a team that you worked with in different countries. Complete your answer within one to two minutes at most. You would also want to highlight how good a teammate you were. You would want to contribute to Meta's mission and your answer should be aligned with their core values. The core value of Meta is to bring the world closer together. So whatever role you are going to highlight, think of it in terms of Meta's core values and explain accordingly. If you were in sales, maybe you know there's a way you function in your day-to-day job. You can share your skills in line with Meta's vision of bringing the world closer together. If you have been working in the computer science field, it is also going to have a lot of activities that you could have done to contribute to building the Meta products and helping bring the world closer together.

Meta Describe Yourself Question

Another question that you can get asked in the Meta interview is to describe yourself. The best way to answer this question is to have you describe yourself through the lens of another person. You can share things that your teammates describe you as, like hardworking or committed. Your teammates might also describe you as someone who is always willing to lend a hand, someone who doesn't necessarily need direction, but is able to understand a problem and solve it without someone needing to tell them step by step, what needs to be done. You can also share about some of the positive attributes that accurately describe you that would be a benefit for that particular role. Another Meta question interview that you can get asked is why do you want to leave your job. While answering this question, it is important to resist the urge to talk negatively about your current job, boss, or teammate. You should answer this question by saying that while you are working in your current job, you don't get to do something that you would want to do. That thing that you don't get to do is something you get to do in this new job that you are applying for. That way you were saying that you really liked your company, and you are not getting something that you want to do, and that you have always respected Meta. And when you took a look at the job description, you realize that you have been wanting to do more of this particular activity that you don't get in your current job. This new activity is also a big portion of the responsibility according to this job description at Meta that we have seen. Hence, that has really inspired you to pursue this because that is where you want to see your career headed. This would be a great way to answer this particular question.

Meta Know Your Strengths

The next Meta question can be about your strengths. You can answer this by highlighting something that is related to the job you are applying for. The job would include different skills, competencies, and behaviors, so make sure that you are highlighting some top few points and things that you need to be able to do effectively in this new role. This will also help the interviewer get a view into your behavioral aspect. In the assessment study questions of the interview, you will also be asked about questions regarding the ability to work under pressure at Meta. Questions can be like describing a time when you completed a difficult task while under pressure, and to describe your behavior at that moment. This would be like a behavioral interview question at Meta. Anytime you encounter such type of question, you would need to use the STAR method that includes a Situation, Task, Action, and Result. It would give you a framework to allow you to work through a story and answer the interview question effectively. Take a couple of minutes to answer the question in not too much detail, but providing enough for the interviewer to get your perspective. While walking through the STAR method, you will be highlighting the situation you are in, the task you had to complete, the specific action that you did, and the result. However, you remember that this is about the time you completed a difficult task under pressure. So give them some of your strategy in a situation like that. And you would also want to share with them the lesson you learned in that situation and how you came out better from there. Similar to some other questions, you can also highlight that that was a tough situation, and you have become better out of after coming out of it. During the Meta interview, you need to share such types of environments that motivate you. Know that when we give you a behavioral interview question with a specific situation, many of these situations you are very likely to encounter in that role in Meta. So make sure to tell the interviewer that that is the type of environment you would like if you had a chance of working, and you would want to take the opportunity to learn from those environments and grow as a professional.

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Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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