Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Practice Exam Microsoft Certification

What is AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals?

Value of the Exam

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam is one of the most coveted and essential exams that cover the general knowledge about Microsoft Azure. It covers a comprehensive landscape about core Azure services, Azure security, privacy, compliance processes, and trust, as well as Azure pricing and support. 

Cost and Expiry

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification cost is $99. The Validity of the Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certificate does not expire. To pass the Az-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam you need to score 700 points or about 70% from 40-60 multiple-choice questions in 85 minutes. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Practice Exam below will give you a comprehensive experience of the main test. 

Official Exam Guide

The Exam Syllabus can be downloaded from the 'References' section of the Menu above. There is no eligibility criterion to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam. However, using Azure for at least 12-16 weeks with various hands-on activities is recommended before taking this test. Complete our Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Practice Exam below for practice questions and knowledge-based quiz. Choose 'Schedule Exam' from the References Menu above to schedule the final exam with Microsoft when you are ready. 

✍   Welcome to the Free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Practice Exam. The questions here have been fine-tuned by our Certified Azure professionals, and will challenge you with interesting scenarios from various topics. Our vast pool of Azure resources continues to grow every day, making this test even better with time. Every problem in this practice exam is part of the course content for this certification. 

   ✍   Download the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Exam Guide from the 'References' section of the Menu above. The below Free AZ 900 Practice Exam will give you a good vibe of the actual exam. For tougher questions and exclusive content get access to our Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Premium Exam. It is important to note that your score in the main exam will be very similar to the free practice exam below. So in the below practice exam if you are struggling with some questions and topics, or not able to achieve the passing score, or able to easily score more than 90%, chances are you will achieve similar results in the actual exam. 

   ✍   Achieve a Passing score of 70% in the Free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Practice Exam below. You will have 54 new questions in every attempt. Time limit is 85 minutes. Similar to the actual exam. Please do not refresh the page during the exam.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Practice Exam

Exceeded max quiz attempts above?

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✍   After you click "Enter to Begin Exam" in the Lifetime Premium Access section below, you will get a login screen. Now enter the password which you received and begin your AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Practice exam. You will be presented with new questions in every attempt from a dedicated pool of expert questionnaire. 

AZ-900 Exam - How to Prepare?


   ✍   The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Exam is designed to evaluate you on your conceptual skills of using Azure. Are you able to discuss on benefits of cloud computing? Can you describe different categories of cloud services? Do you know the various Azure architectural components? How comfortable are you with the Azure core resources like Azure App Services? Are you able to describe the Azure management tools like Azure Portal, PowerShell and CLI? Can you describe the different Azure security and compliance features? Are you aware of the Azure Service Level Agreements and service lifecycles? We will walk you through in details on how to get prepped up. 

Key Resources

Module 1: Cloud Concepts 
   ✍   Cloud Concepts - Microsoft Learning and Azure Guide
   ✍   Economies of Scale - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Capital and Operational Expenditures - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Consumption and fixed cost models - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Consumption and fixed cost models - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   IaaS vs PaaS vs Saas - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   IaaS - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   PaaS - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   SaaS - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Cloud Deployment Models - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Private vs Public vs Hybrid Clouds - Microsoft Learning

Module 2: Core Azure Services
   ✍   Datacenters and Regions - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Geographies - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Availability Zones - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Region Pairs - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Regions and Availability Zones - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Resource Groups - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Tagging Resources - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Resource Manager - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Resource Groups - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Compute - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Virtual Machine - Azure Learning
   ✍   Virtual Machine Scale Sets - Azure Learning
   ✍   Web Apps on App Service - Azure Learning
   ✍   Serverless Functions - Azure Learning
   ✍   Container Instances - Azure Learning
   ✍   Kubernetes Service - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure Networking - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Virtual Network - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Load Balancer - Azure Learning
   ✍   VPN Gateway - Azure Learning
   ✍   Application Gateway - Azure Learning
   ✍   Content Delivery Network - Azure Learning
   ✍   Benefits of Azure to Store Data - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Storage Services Use Case - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Storage Services - Azure Learning
   ✍   Storage - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Blob Storage - Azure Learning
   ✍   Files Storage - Azure Learning
   ✍   Disk Storage - Azure Learning
   ✍   Table Storage - Azure Learning
   ✍   Queue Storage - Azure Learning
   ✍   Databases - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Cosmos Database - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure SQL - Azure Learning
   ✍   Cosmos DB Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure SQL Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Marketplace - Azure Learning
   ✍   Commercial Marketplace - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Managing IoT Devices - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Internet of Things (IoT) Hub - Azure Learning
   ✍   IoT Central - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure Sphere - Azure Learning
   ✍   Synapse Analytics - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure HDInsight - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure Databricks - Azure Learning
   ✍   Machine Learning - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure ML Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Machine Learning Studio - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Artificial Intelligence - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Functions - Azure Learning
   ✍   Logic Apps - Azure Learning
   ✍   Event Grid - Azure Learning
   ✍   DevOps Overview - Azure Learning
   ✍   DevTest Labs - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure Portal - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Portal Features - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure CLI - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   PowerShell - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Cloud Shell - Azure Learning
   ✍   Advisor Use Case - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Advisor - Azure Learning

Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, Trust
   ✍   Networking Introduction - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Network Security Group - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Application Security Group - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Virtual Network Traffic Routing - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   User-defined Routing - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Firewall Protection - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Firewall - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure DDoS Protection - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   DDoS Protection - Azure Learning
   ✍   Identity and Access - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Active Directory - Azure Learning
   ✍   Security Center Purpose - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Security Center - Azure Learning
   ✍   Key Vault Purpose - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Key Vault - Azure Learning
   ✍   Managing Access - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   RBAC Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Resource Locks - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Lock Resources - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Resource Tagging - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Tagging Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Policy - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Governance and Policy - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Govern Multiple Subscriptions - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Blueprints Overview - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure Blueprints - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Cloud Adoption Framework - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure CAF - Azure Learning
   ✍   Azure CAF Overview - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Protection Standards - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Compliance Terms - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Privacy Statement - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Compliance - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure Government - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Azure China 21Vianet - Microsoft Learning

Module 4: Cost Management and Service Level Agreements
   ✍   Purchasing Services - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Compare Costs - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Manage Costs - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   TCO Calculator - Azure Learning
   ✍   Analyze Costs - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Cost Management - Azure Learning
   ✍   Service Level Agreements - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   SLA Definition - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   SLA Techniques - Microsoft Learning
   ✍   Access Preview Services - Microsoft Learning

Essential Training

   ✍   We recommend taking atleast one complete video tutorial course besides any textual guides or books you plan to read. The best choice is the Official Microsoft Azure Tutorial Videos which provides bite-sized crisp learning experience on each topic. The quality of the information and clarity is cutting edge in every video.   ✍   In parallel with the videos, we suggest a patient walkthrough of all the topics included in the Official Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Guide. The questions in the exam often match the verbiageof the documentations of the topics in this guide. The Official Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Guide is perfectly designed to get you straight to the topics, and relate with the Microsoft documentations just the way you want it. Even more, online searching and reading of the fundamentals and related topics from the Azure AZ 900 guide will definitely help you achieve clarity for most of the topics. The Official AZ-900 Microsoft Practice Exam is expensive between $99 to $109 unlike the exams here. 

Real-time Evaluations

   ✍   Azure exams are all about learn, practice, repeat. To take your preparation to the next level, keep attempting our free practice tests with intelligent real-time solution walkthroughs, and improved score assessments powered by our Cobalt Algorithm. Each test brings with it an unique set of good stuff for you to learn and practice from our vast pool of Azure questions. Our Vision Algorithm ensures the questions align perfectly with the knowledge and topics that you need to be aware of.   ✍   Enhance your learning curve with our creative approach to practical problem solving. Varied difficulty levels of questions adjusted with the right precision provides you 60 minutes of unparalleled assessment experience in every attempt. Get a definitive score representing your current preparation for the main exam. We recommend getting fully comfortable with our tests before taking the main exam. 

Mandatory Tutorials

   ✍   Learning Azure requires some strong foundations initially on which we can build on later. There is an interesting analogy by Elon Musk, the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors, to view knowledge as a semantic tree. Make sure you have a robust foundation of the fundamental principles and concepts, i.e. the trunk and the big branches. Only after that, we can move on to the details, i.e. the leaves and the small branches. This approach works remarkably in accelerated learning at later stages. Investing 5-6 hours is an affordable price to pay for each of the below videos to garner crystal clear concepts.

 ✍   For Learning Azure from the basics and skilling up to the next level in a few hours, the below video tutorial is a pretty nice fit. It walks through the essential components, features, functionalities, and use cases of Azure, along with interactive demos. It is recommended that you read more on the concepts along the way as the tutorial progresses. This will give a nice feel of how the environment interacts with the various integrated components. Some concepts like Governance can be best assimilated while viewing the functionalities and usage of the components like RBAC, resource locks, Azure Policy, Blueprints, and Cloud Adoption Framework.

   ✍   For an exhaustive learning experience, devote a few hours to the below tutorial. This video is elaborate, and deep dives into the finer concepts of Azure. It is recommended that you explore with as much variety of concepts as possible, since the more comprehensive your learning the better. Many of the times the scenarios in exam span across samples from industries and businesses that we see in our daily lives. Having frequent exposure to such scenarios will help you understand the variety of use cases where we can use Azure.

✍    The below Azure AZ 900 Tutorial provides you with a comprehensive exposure of the environment and related concepts. Plan to complete it in multiple seatings, to make the most out of this content-rich long video. It is recommended that you become thorough with the initial concepts first even though some may seem optional, before you plan to skip to the advanced finer details. Many of the topics and components referred in the lectures later for definitive gains and robust architecture will be using the concepts that you will learn below.

AZ-900 Exam - How to Pass?

We are often posed with the question on How to pass the AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam since there is such a variety of opinions around it with always changing question patterns. We are glad to let you know that the Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Microsoft Certification Exam can be passed effectively with only 12-16 weeks of strategic reading and practical problem solving. If hundreds of our candidates are able to achieve this Certification, there is no reason why you should wait. 

We will share our Top Tips to pass the Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Exam. 

Tip #1: Know your Exam

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is for you to go through the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Exam Guide and read it's related documentals. You can download it from the References section of the Menu above. The Exam Guide will give you a crisp glimpse of the entire exam in just a few listed topics. It is extremely well thought through and you will realize you might be struggling in some of the concepts. Keep a note of the topics and then go back to the articles which it pertains to, you may need to improve and read more on those topics. 

Tip #2: Essential Videos

The Microsoft Tutorial Videos are mandatory if you have not taken any online courses. Also make sure to go through the topics in the Azure Help Guide. Besides that, check out our collection of videos listed in the section above on How to prepare for the Exam? Here we will recommend some more videos for Advanced Learning

On Azure Fundamentals, we recommend you to go through the below series to get an exceptional understanding from Azure Expert Tim Warner.

Another exceptional Azure Concepts presentation below by reknowned Azure Master Adam Marczak, who is a Microsoft Certified Most Valued Professional and a Senior Cloud Architect.

On AZ 900 Questions Analysis, here is a thorough walkthrough on all Azure AZ 900 Questions and more by Ravi Kirans, a Microsoft Azure Expert. You are not expected to do hands-on during the exam. But it can help you with conceptual questions, or help you get to answers if you have been working on Azure before taking the Microsoft Certification examination.

Practicing questions form an integral part of Azure learning, the video below by Azure experts will cover all the essential details in a brilliant way. You will not be asked to create or navigate using the Azure environment during the exam but this knowledge can boost your overall score with crystal clear understanding.

Tip #3: Key Focus Areas

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Exam has Conceptual and Theoritical questions you are required to answer correctly to achieve a good score. The Exam Guide from the References section of the Menu will give you a comprehensive list of all topics. Among them, we advise to take special attention to the below key areas and practice quizzes from our Exams here: Benefits of Cloud Computing, Difference between Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure, Consumption-based Model, Shared Responsibility Model, IaaS, PaaS, Serverless Computing, SaaS, Public cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Availability Zones, Resource Groups, Subscriptions, Azure Resource Manager, ACI, AKS, IoT Hub, IoT Central, Azure Sphere, Azure Databricks, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, Azure Portal, PowerShell, CLI, CloudSHell, Azure NSG, RBAC, Resource Locks, Azure Policies, and Service Level Agreements. 

Tip #4: Practice

Practice is at the heart of Azure. Solving practical problems multiple times daily will make sure you are well acquainted with the tool and can derive any insight whenever asked for. This will come handy during your examination as you can save your energy for the complex problems later, instead of getting exhausted with the easier ones. And with a huge collection of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals sample questions exactly like what you can expect in the main exam, you have all the tools you need here at

Tip #5: Google

Google can be a blessing if you know how to use it effectively. Though you are not permitted to use resources like books or search for answers online, you can recollect answers faster if you have practiced earlier and done research on those topics by searching specific answers online. Such reading provides clear understanding and conceptualization of the topics and helps remember the Azure topics with better clarity. 

From your online search results, we recommend visiting the links of the Microsoft Help Articles first. Often the answers are created in such a way that the verbiage will exactly match with the Azure Help Documentations. If you cannot find your answers in the Azure Help Guides, move on to the other search results. Wherever possible, try to answer the questions using Azure Official Documentations instead of other sites. Questions like the different types of subscriptions available in Azure and related security and networking concepts are best available in the Microsoft documentations itself. 

Tip #6: Get to the answer

Microsoft does not restrict how you arive at your answer as long as you get it right. Thus whether you logically analyze and eliminate the options to arrive at the correct answer or you know the answer to the tricky question that you stumbled upon it does not matter. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification Exam does not require you to use the tools in an Azure environment, but it helps answer the questions faster if you have prior experience working in Azure.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Exam questions span across all categories from conceptual, to insight-driven, to management of various types of Azure resources, and to intensely enhance security and networking infrastructure of your Azure environment. Exposure to a variety of Azure environments and being able to analyze them effectively is a key skill in Azure. You only get one attempt per device for our free test. Based on the scores of thousands of test takers, we would advise you to be active in Azure for at least 12-16 weeks with various hands-on and theoretical problems before attempting this test to make the most out of this opportunity.

How to improve your score?

Optimizing your Score

Microsoft assesses your skills on different categories - Azure Concepts, Services, Azure Security, Governance, Service Level Agreements, and more. You can download the AZ-900 Exam Guide from the 'References' in the Menu above. Being strong in only one area and appearing for the exam can prove fatal. Unless you are well adept in every area, you are taking a gamble on your luck. Improving your score in Azure is possible only through rigorous practice and well-planned topic areas to study. If you would like further guidance, take our practice tests, or use the Contact option from the menu and reach out to us. Mention which email id you used to give our practice exam along with the date and time. We will review your results and send you a personalized feedback.

Continuous Assessment

Microsoft does not provide you detailed assessment score breakdown results after you complete the Certification Exam, so you will never know which questions you need to improve upon or which questions you answered correctly. That's why taking our Practice Tests is critical where we provide you real-time results as you progress. Microsoft clearly states that their exams are designed to measure skills, not enable skills. Hence their report only shows high level topic areas with percentage scores without further granularity. 

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Dumps

Understanding Dumps

Well, it is no wonder that we are all enticed by a notion of a AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Dumps, that can enable us to pass the coveted Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification with lifelong validity within a couple of days. But it can prove fatal during your exam if we take a route of Dumps. We encourage Learning Azure. The concept of Dumps is not appreciable at all. It never helps learning, and is counter-productive. So if you are looking for a quick way to pass the test, Azure does not work that way. 

Accessing our Dumps

However, if you can pass all our quizzes comfortably, chances are high you will pass the main exam. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Dump PDF can take a break for awhile. Microsoft emphasizes you must practice in an environment before appearing for the exam, that's why we request you to practice all our tests prior to the main exam. Each attempt of our tests brings new questions in every attempt and so make sure to attempt more than once to get maximum exposure.

You will also get a Free Azure Essentials Certificate on completing the 54 questions if you score over 70% in our Free Microsoft Azure Essentials AZ-900 Certification Practice Exam above. Opt for our Premium Certificate if you want to full-proof your learning, and get another collectible certificate. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Premium questionnaire series have undergone further rigorous stress test from our experts. The questions will never be more complex in the actual exam than what the Premium questionnaire offers. Each question in the exams have been delicately crafted so that it covers across all the categories of Azure similar to the actual examination pattern.

When does the Certificate expire?

Certificate Validity

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification does not expire. This Azure Certificate is always valid and can be used to demonstrate your fair understanding of all the essential capabilities of Azure. Even as Microsoft continues to add new features and capabilities to Azure the core concepts and environment remain similar. Thus the Azure Fundamentals examination does not expire after few years and keeps shining bright in your CV.

What if you fail the first attempt?

Retaking the Test

You can again appear for the test after 24 hours if you fail the first attempt. Use the Schedule option from the Menu above and you will be set. However, we advise you to assess what happened in your last attempt. If required, Contact us from the Menu above with your score details and we can suggest you if any specific area needs more practice for you. There is a waiting period of 14 days between your second and third attempts, third and fourth attempts, and fourth and fifth attempts. You can attempt atmost 5 times in a 12 month period. If you have exhausted all 5 attempts, you can try again after 12 months from your first attempt date. Exceptions to this rule can only be approved by Microsoft if there were any lab or equipment failure during the exam.

What is Azure Purview?


Azure Purview is an unified data governance solution provided by Microsoft. It provides a comprehensive solution to maximize the business value of the organization data. The features and benefits Azure Purview can provide is truly remarkable. It helps to manage on-premise, multi-cloud, and software-as-a-service (SAAS) data. Azure Purview provides automated data discovery which is pretty impressive. It also provides lineage identification and data classification capabilities. One of the most important benefits of Azure Purview is it's ability to help an organization in creating an unified mapping of it's data assets and their relationships, thus helping in improved data governance. Azure Purview helps build a glossary with business as well as technical search terms which immensely help in further data discovery activities. 

Azure Purview Data Governance

One of the most critical activity of a modern organization today is data governance. Azure Purview provides an extremely robust capability for an unified data governance, thus helping manage and govern the data which can be present in on-premise, or in a multicloud architecture, or as software-as-a-service (SaaS). It also provides the capability to create a holistic and current map of an organization's data landscape by using automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and more importantly, an end-to-end data lineage. Azure Purview thus helps consumers find valuable and trustworthy data to empower their business decisions even further. 

Azure Purview Unified Data Mapping

Azure Purview helps establish the foundation for an effective data governance strategy with Azure Purview Data Map.

In today's world of data, where an astonishing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, Cloud driven computing and resource management technologies like Azure are in demand like never before. Deriving insights from data quickly and providing C-level executives with instantly actionable intelligence is the new refined present. There is so much data sitting idly in organizations today with a gold mine of information, the light is yet to shine fully in the analytical world and this is just the beginning. A quick summary of rate of data growth is below.

What is the actual exam like?

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Practice Exam and Sample Questions below will give you an experience of what the Actual Exam feels like. The Exam can be purchased at Pearson VUE Exam Services from the Schedule Exam option in the References section of the Menu above. While creating your account, make sure to provide your name correctly as per a government issued ID. You can choose the option to take the exam at a nearby center or at your home. It is preferred to visit a nearby center to avoid unknown challenges.

Scheduling your Exam

Time Slots and Time Zones

Once you purchase using a Visa, Master Card, American Express or Visa Debit card, you have to schedule your Exam. The Pearson VUE site will guide you through the steps to sign up and provide you an opportunity to schedule the exam. 

Rescheduling and Refund Policy

Exams are refundable if you cancel or reschedule your exam atleast 6 business days prior to your scheduled appointment. After that there is a fee charged. There is no refund if within 24 hours of the appointment. Business days are considered Monday to Friday excluding global holidays. 

Missed Exam

If you do not show up for the Exam you will forfeit the entire fee of the exam and there will be no refund. It is advisable to plan ahead and either reschedule your appointment or cancel your exam prior to 6 business days so that you are refunded of the exam fees. 

Rules of the Exam

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam by Pearson VUE is a highly controlled exam in a restrictive environment where you will be provided the question in the examination software. You cannot access any websites or search online and are not allowed to take notes or have any material on your desk. 

The Exam requires you to agree to the below conditions to proceed with the examination if at home: 

Rule #1:

You must be in a room alone, with no distractions, throughout the course of your Exam. Your proctors might ask you to take pictures or rotate your webcam to ensure your area only contains items permitted by Microsoft. 

Rule #2:

You should have a Government issued Photo ID ready to show to your Proctor.  

Rule #3:

Desktop computer or laptop only are allowed for the exam. Your device must be connected to a power source. 

Rule #4:

Webcam, microphone, speaker must remain on during the entire duration of the test.  

Rule #5:

An External Monitor can be used only if the following requirements are met: 
• The Laptop Display settings show the Monitor to be used (ie. Show Desktop only on....) 
• The Laptop is closed 
• A Webcam is provided from the External Monitor 
• An external Keyboard and External Mouse is added  

Rule #6:

Your desk must be clear of any miscellaneous items, notebooks, gadgets, papers. 

Rule #7:

To meet system requirements, your computer will need to receive a ready status for webcam, microphone, operating system, browser version, and connection speed. Your Proctor will guide you during the computer setup verification activities. 

Rule #8:

Internet speed must be at least 4 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not allowed. 

Rule #9:

Only one computer screen is active. If you use multiple monitors, you must disconnect auxiliary monitors and face them away from you. Please check your screen resolution settings to ensure are not set to an extended display setting. 

Rule #10:

Use your phone only if your Proctor is trying to reach you while setting up the system. Before starting the exam, make sure your phone or headphones are not in the exam area

Rule #11:

You cannot leave your seat during the entire duration of the exam. So we suggest to keep some drink or water nearby. 

Rule #12:

The Proctor should be able to see you during the entire duration of the test. You cannot talk to anyone except the Proctor during the exam.  

Rule #13:

Disable any pop-up blockers. A pop-up will appear to confirm that you would like to enter into the GoToMeeting to start the Exam process. 

Rule #14:

You must close and remove all Remote Software applications and virtual machines as running processes. This refers to programs that allow for your session to be viewed, controlled, or recorded remotely by another party or computer. 

Rule #15:

Any automatic software updates have been disabled for the duration of the Exam. These updates could cause your computer to restart during your Exam, causing the Exam session to be invalid. 

Rule #16:

Your corporate firewall may prevent you from taking your Exam. If you choose to take your Exam from your office, please confirm with your IT department that network restrictions will not prevent you from successfully connecting to your remote proctor. 

Required Setup for the Exam

System Setup:

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam requires an environment with optimal connectivity speed between 4 Mbps download and 2 Mbps uploadwebcammicrophone and an isolated seating arrangement. A countdown timer will reflect how much time is left during the Exam.

ID Verification:

Your ID will be verified at all Pearson VUE test centers when you visit in-person. Remotely, the Proctor will request you to start your ID verification by holding your Government issued Photo ID infront of the webcam, wait for a few seconds to focus until the Proctor can clearly see the details and confirms you. 

Environment Review:

The Proctor will then require you to take pictures or rotate your webcam 360° to make sure you are alone in the room, your desk is clear, and there are no unauthorized display screens or monitors around you. This essentially requires standing up with your laptop and turning it 360° so that the Proctor can see. If your connection fluctuates, or there are miscellaneous items in your room or desk, this step can take awhile. 

Agree to continue:

Once the Proctor has completed your ID verification and environment review, a list of Rules and Agreements of the Exam will be read out to you, same as the ones mentioned above. You are required to audibly confirm Okay for each Rule mentioned by the Proctor. The Proctor will then help you get connected to the internet server where you will receive the optimal upload and download speed. This entire process can take 10-40 minutes

Scoring after the exam:

All exam scores are reported on a scale of 1 to 1,000 and are scaled such that the passing score is 700. Any score of 700 or greater is a "pass." Any score below 700 is a "fail." The actual number of items you need to answer correctly to pass is determined by a group of subject matter experts in conjunction with the Microsoft psychometrician during the development and maintenance of the exam. The passing score is based on the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate competence in the skill domain and the difficulty of the questions that a candidate answers when taking the exam. 

Taking your Exam and Top Tips

Virtual Machine Access

Now that you are all set, if remote, the Proctor will help you connect to the Exam Software. At the beginning of the Exam will be information about how to answer the questions, the rules and regulations about how you should responsibly stay visible and in the same seat during the entire duration of the exam. 

Feel at Home

As you start answering the questions, you will realize the questions are similar to the ones you practiced above at the Free Complete Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Practice Exam, the Premium Complete Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Practice Exam. Our extremely affordable brilliant exams will now help you breeze through the main Exam questions. 

Slow and Steady

There is no need to rush as there is ample time, if you have been able to pass our Practice Exams above, you will comfortably score more than 90% and also finish answering all the questions in 40-45 minutes in this Main Exam. The questions are multiple-choice and some have more than one correct answers, so besides radio buttons you also have checkboxes. You cannot access Google or Azure Help Guide during the exam. You cannot use any application from your local machine during the exam. 

Role of the Proctor

For remote exams, the Proctor plays a critical role throughout the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam to make sure you successfully complete your exam. The role can be categorized into Identity Verification, System and Configuration Setup, Accessibility Enablement, Rules and Regulations Enforcement, Supervising the Exam, Addressing Adhoc Accessibility or System Issues during the Exam, Ensuring Closure of the Examination. The Proctor also has a set of guidelines that they will follow and verify in order to proceed as per the process for a successful examination. 

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Practice Exam

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