Oracle DRM WSDL URL not responding

The WSDL response pretty much goes often unnoticed in DRM until we try to use it in some way like the GL integration. The APIAdapter?wsdl and the oracle-epm-drm-webservices/DrmService?wsdl services usually load fine when the services are up. But I started getting the page cannot be displayed errors one day.

We need to follow a set of steps to make sure the services are up again, including taking a backup of and then deleting a lok file, as shared below::

1. Go to Services
Stop Oracle Hyperion EPM Server – Java Web Application (epmsystem1)

2. Go to:

3. Go to Services
Stop Oracle DRM Server Processes

4. Go to Services
Start Oracle Hyperion EPM Server – Java Web Application (epmsystem1)

5. Go to Services
Start Oracle DRM Server Processes

6. Start EPM System (under Foundation Services)

7. Start Admin Server for Weblogic Server (under Oracle Weblogic -> User Projects -> EPMSystem)

Once this is done, try visiting the WSDL URL again and it should be running fine.

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