Infosys Hiring Process

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This is a guest post on Infosys by Gayathri Sachdeva. The views expressed are of the author.

Friends, oday iam going to share some insights on Infosys Hiring Process. Well Infosys also gives many chances to freshers to prove themselves and get into Infosys, similar to TCS.

Infosys Hiring Process
Infosys Hiring Process

Infosys hires freshers through campuses in the following modes

1.Infytq (A pre placement chance for students studying in 3rd year of their Graduation)

2.HackwithInfy (Coding contest similar to TCS Codevita and offers different package roles namely SE,SES and PP)

3.Infosys Campus Hiring Program (For Infosys tie up colleges)

Let's dive into the deep for knowing each process.


This is a golden chance for 3rd Year students for Infosys if they are successful in Infytq ,they will enjoy fruitful results in the form of Preplacement . Well the process to somewhat tough to get into infosys

During our time the process is like this

1.After Registration on Infytq app on Infytq website you will be given to choose one slot for the exam which comprises of Aptitude ,Verbal and Python or Java(40 Mcqs) all questions are MCQS Only

Here is a snapshot for how to book a slot. Be wise in booking slot as it may change your exam result and my suggestion in this is choose a 2nd or 3rd exam date . It's my suggestion only

For us the first phase exam was conducted remotely that is online and camera proctored exam

The Python MCQS comes from different topics 

  • Programming Fundamentals of Python
  • OOPs
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • DBMS & SQL

Please get prepared for Python and aptitude ,verbal portion is nearly half of Python MCQS portion

After the first phase the Infosys results were declared after 20 days nearly for us.

On that some crazy things were happened , in the morning of results day the results were shown in the Infytq app only(Please be patient for checking results as you will get mad by the Infytq app)

Most of the students who wrote well didn't got qualified and some of them started to write mails to infytq helpdesk that even though exam went well and they didn't got selected please review the results once .

Infosys gave us the real twist in the Night , when all the well studying guys were depressed ,infosys HR gave them Hope by sending the test results to the TPO'S and those who were shown qualified in the Infytq app in the morning were actually not qualified and who were shown not qualified in the Infytq app were got qualified .That was the crazy thing happened on that day with us.

The 2nd round took place after 2 weeks if was not wrong . That day infosys officials came to our campus for conducting 2nd Round in 2 slots(Morning and afternoon)

The pattern for 2nd round was 

  • In the objective programming MCQs round, students will have to answer 20 MCQs. These 20 MCQs will be asked from OOPs, Data Structures, DBMS, SQL & Fundamentals of Python. Infytq programming MCQs section is of easy to medium difficulty level.
  • In the Hands-on coding round, students will have to answer 2 coding questions. These 2 questions should be coded only using Python 3 or Java language.It depends on the language you choose 
  • For the 1st phase also you will be asked to choose java or python so choose accordingly

You need to get 65% to get a 3.6LPA SE offer from infosys in 2nd round 

Well if you solve both the coding questions then you are almost got qualified and solving 1 coding question you have be correct in all 20 MCQS,otherwise the chances are low

Try to solve both the coding questions as the only Interview round is HR Round and it was pretty simple.

The results of this round were given in the evening of the test day and also HR interview was happened in the evening only

May the offer CTC is low for this in beginning, but if you get the offer you are left with 2 benefits

1 . You can upgrade your offer to SES(5LPA) OR PP(8LPA) based on the upgrade test performance.

2.You do have a hope now without any tensions of whether you will get a job or not. May be the CTC is low but it will gives you a hope

Mostly all those who had given HR Round were got selected for final . Offer letters were released after 4 or 5 Months.

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