TCS NQT Hiring Process

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This is a guest post on TCS NQT by Manish Chawla. The views expressed are of the author.

Welcome readers, TCS announced that it will conduct TCS NQT in every quarter of the year but hiring from NQT scores in every quarter is upto TCS as per their business requirement. But during the September or October of every year TCS will hire students in a large number approximately in some thousands.

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TCS NQT Hiring Process
TCS NQT Hiring Process

The application will starts probably in September and Exam shall be on the dates given by TCS. It can be online proctored exam or In center exam which is conducted in TCS Ion Centre's

The TCS NQT exam will be of 180 minutes duration quite  lengthy when compared to Infosys ,Capgemini ,Cognizant ,Wipro etc. It will comprise of all sections namely Quantitative aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, 2 Programming Questions (1-Easy,1 -Medium levels). A good preparation will gives you fruitful results.

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Once the TCS NQT exam was completed, you need to wait for long nearly about 1 month for getting results. One important thing in exam is plagiarism . Please don't copy other's code ,it will earn you some bad experience if you copy other's code. 

After the long wait the TCS team will share the TCS NQT test results who are cleared the test with the college TPO, in case the students whose college is not connected with TCS will be knowing their results through  mail.

Once the list of qualified candidates given, or got to know the result through mail, the please start to prepare for the TECHNICAL Interview as you have to do a lot of hard work still.

In our college(TCS Premium College),interviews were conducted on the next day of test result announcement . If want to know whether you are selected for an interview with TCS ,you can check it through next step portal . If your application status shows batched then you can start preparing for interview. 

For those who topped TCS NQT ,they will be called for TCS Digital Test. Luckily i was one of the Topper in TCS NQT and selected for TCS Digital Coding Test

For those who are selected for NINJA their interviews were happened on the very next day of Test Results

In Digital Coding test which was held on the same platform on which NQT was conducted ,we were given 2 coding questions to solve and they were easy for me. 1 hour time was given to solve them and  i was able to solve both of them in 30 minutes . Be careful about Plagiarism ,if you caught by plagiarism you even won't get a call for Ninja Interview also. It was happened with some of my friends who wrote digital test and they didn't got any Interview mail even for Ninja also.

The results of digital test were given after 2 weeks of exam. You need to solve both the programming questions in the digital test in order to get a call for DIGITAL INTERVIEW.

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