TCS CodeVita Hiring Process

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This is a guest post on TCS CodeVita by Sahil Jhunjhunwala. The views expressed are of the author.

Hello friends! Let me share today how interviews at TCS will be done, what type of questions you can expect from the interviewer and moreover what you need to prepare in order to crack TCS Interview either for the role of Ninja or Digital

Codevita Interview Pattern:

After codevita ,based on the questions that you solved in the contest ,the TCS HR Team will decide the interview type whether you will get a Ninja Interview Call or Digital Interview Call . As I said in my previous post ,if you solve 1 or more and less than 3 you will get Ninja Interview Call. Sometimes Luck Matters for Ninja Interview through TCS ,as the TCS Team will first conduct interviews for the TCS Premium Colleges and then after to other .So even if you qualified in codevita Round 1 ,sometimes luck matters in order to get interview call for Ninja through codevita.

TCS CodeVita Hiring Process
TCS CodeVita Hiring Process

You can connect with your TPO'S in order to know about whether your college is TCS Premium College or Not.

Ninja Interview:

You need to wait for the panelists to arrive as they may not be coming on time ,you will be given a time slot for interview . The panelists may take time for interviewing you . You need to wait until they arrive.

Questions asked:

1.Introduce youself

2.Can you explain the code for the question that you solved in codevita

 They can show you the code that you had written or you need to write and explain the code by yourself.

3.Can you give any other solution better than this for the question you solved in Codevita

4.Questions on project ,if you had done any?

5.Resume Based Question on Java

6.Resume based Question on Python

7.Resume based Question on OOPS Concepts and DBMS

8.Resume based Question on web technologies

9.Why TCS?

10.Who is the CEO of TCS?

11.Can you work on any technology that we will offer ?

12.Can you work in shifts?

13.Can you relocate?

Digital Interview:

 The same questions as above with including some questions on new topics like

1.What is Machine Learning?

2.How machine Learning will be useful?

3.Types of Machine Learning?

4.Algorithms used in Machine Learning?

5.What is Cloud Computing?

6.What is AWS?

7.Can you explain your project?

The questions will vary from Interviewer to Interviewer but the pattern of questions that will be asked is similar.

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