TCS Digital Interview Experience

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This is guest post on TCS Digital by Ankita Mishra. The views expressed are of the author.

Well today I am going to explain my TCS Digital Interview Experience.

Our college got schedule on DEC 2ND-2020 for TCS Digital Interviews. My interview was at 10.25 AM , some students will have nervousness when attending for interviews . I too had nervousness when I was giving my first interview but TCS Digital Interview was not my first interview. Before that I had given interview for other companies like Cognizant, Hexaware, Postman, Infosys and few others.

If you have interview experiences you will gain some confidence of giving interviews without any fear. It's a better practice to give mock interviews. Well let's dive to into the interview.

TCS Digital Interview Experience
TCS Digital Interview Experience

TCS Digital interview was online due to the covid 19 pandemic . My slot was at 10.25 AM , and it was on Cisco Webex .

Really the tech interviews won't happen at the said time, in my case also same thing happened.

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HR  from TCS Team Called on my mobile to wait for some more time as the interviewer was stuck in some other interview.

The interview was started at 10.45 am ,and there 3 interviewers in the  panel. 

Firstly I greeted them all ,by saying GOOD MORNING SIR!

Then the TCS Digital HR asked me to enable my video . I enabled the video ,then the HR went on introducing the Interview panelists . I said Hi Sir, HR explained about them 

One of them were TR(Technical Round) Interviewer, another person is MR(Managerial Round) 

The HR asked me introduce myself for the TCS Digital interview by mentioning my details, where i was from, where iam studying, what projects i have done, internships done and what i want to be.

Then the TR Interviewer started TCS Digital Technical Round. During my introduction i said that previously i worked as a machine learning intern at some company. He took that point and moved to machine learning

TRI: Where did you done the internship and for what duration?
Me: answered

TRI: What is the machine learning project you had done?
Me: I explained(In my self introduction i told about my machine learning project and i kept it in my resume)

TRI: What is the Algorithm used?
ME: random forest
TRI: How Random forest works?
Me: I explained

TRI : Is your project a classification or regression project?
Me: Classification

TRI : If I give a random forest with 3 outcomes of type red and 2 outcomes of green what is the final output of Random Forest?
Me: Outcome of Red (Based on random forest majority classified outcome)

TRI : Do you use any common model for training and testing the dataset?
Me: No sir! It depends on the type of data and analysis

TRI: What is the decision trees?
Me: Explained

TRI: What is over fitting and under fitting?
Me: Failed to explain correctly

TRI: What is the difference between random forest and decision trees?
Me : Explained

TRI: How can you improve the accuracy of a model?
Me: using ensembled methods

TRI: What is Bagging?
ME: Explained

TRI: What is boosting?
Me: Explained

TRI: How Can you explain machine learning to naive person?
Me: It took me 2 minutes to explain using simple example of Bank and Loan risk predictions, that i had learned in DWDM Subject

TRI: Without using inbuilt methods , how can you find an element in Machine Learning perspective?
Me : They asked to write the code, I shared my screen and wrote the code

Then the TCS Digital MR took the lead and started to ask:

MRI: Is this your first interview?
Me: Answered

MRI : Will you able to work on any technology that we offer?
Me: Answered

MRI: Why you want to join TCS?

Then TCS Digital HR took the lead:

HRI: If we offer you to work in JAPAN, Will you work there?
Me: Answered

HRI: How will you adapt to a new place?
Me: Answered 

HRI : How do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?
Me: Answered

With that the interview came to an end and the final verdict is I got selected for TCS Digital Role(7LPA)

Tip: Please be confident and give answers accurately during your TCS Digital interview. If you don't know the answer, just tell them I don't have knowledge on that, or I don't know but don't give wrong or incomplete answers

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