TCS Interview Tips

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This is a guest post on TCS Interview by Rakesh Kumar. The views expressed are of the author.

I am sharing my TCS Interview experience with u all, along with some tips and tricks,hoping it would help everyone to crack their upcoming interviews... 🙂

My Interview panel consisted of 3 panel members, since my TR,MR and HR round was punched in2 1.

TCS Interview Tips
TCS Interview Tips

After 1st round of TCS interview, few were asked for 2nd or even 3rd round of TCS interview. after 1st round, either you are Accepted by everybody, rejected by everybody, or a conflict arises within the panel, when HR approves you, but Techie doesn't, or the other way round... in that case you may get a 2nd chance in proving yourself to another techie or TCS interview HR. It's all up to them.

Heres an account of my TCS interview :

  • Entered the room, shook hands with all 3 panel TCS interview members and took my seat. Techie guy started ask in questions first.
  • T: Which is the subject u most liked in ur last sem?Me: Sir, Software engg.
  • T: U mind if I ask u questions from Java?Me: Of course Sir. I'll try my best to answer your questions. 🙂
  • T: How is Java different from C?Me: Told
  • T: What is OOP? Me: Told
  • T : Explain these concepts u are using,that is Polymorphism,inheritance,data abstraction and Encapsulation?Me: Told
  • T: Which type of inheritance cannot be used in  java? how do u find an alternative to use it?Me: Told
  • T : Demonstrate polymorphism with the help of an example on ur paper.Me: (Explained function overloading with an example of area)
  • T:  Write any function of ur choice and explain each part of it,and also how to call it.Me: Told
  • T: What is method overriding? explain using an example.Me: Told
  • T: What are constructors? how many types are there? How are constructors different from functions? Me: Told.
  • T: What is Garbage Collection in Java?Me: Told
  • T: Explain recursion using an example. Me : Told
  • T:Write a program to check whether 2 strings are palindromes, without using any predefined string functions in Java.Me: Wrote and explained the concept.

    MR TCS interview questions began from another panel member.
  • M: Imagine a situation where u are working in a company which offers u more money and a routine 9-5 job. another company offers u less money,but u can use ur creativity there. Where wud u go and why?Me: Told. (went with 1st option)
  • M: Another situation, where you are doing a project with a team of 10, and they downsize the team to 3 members,and u are told u will still be in it,among the 3. wud u still continue with the project, or Go for a new one with the others?Me: chose 1st option, cuz I like to finish what I start.\
  • M: Suppose you are working in a project where you have no idea how 2 do it, cuz u dont know much about it. ur seniors wont help u at all. what do u do? Option 1: Have tea and food and stick with seniors and keep asking for help on the topic? option 2: try 2 work it on ur own,doing research on it? option 3: go to team leader and say,u cant work like this and ask for a new project?Me: option 2. if it doesnt work, option1... and if still that doesnt work, then no choice but option 3.
  • M: what is today's rate of sensex? or BSE/NSE? ME: Sir, I dont know.
  • M:Dont you read newspapers?Me: Sir, I've been waiting and preparing  for this moment, right here, right now for a long time. I do read newspapers but just not for the past few days.
  • M: Why do u think the IT industry is facing a recession right now?Me: told.
  • M: Can you offer any solution which might help in overcoming this recession?ME: told.
  • T: Explain ur project in brief and draw its ER diagram.ME: Told. (Thankfully, no additional Questions were asked from the project!)
  • HR : (Asked questions from  my hobbies - photography, Blogging and about the scholarships and  numerous extracurricular certificates I had mentioned on my CV)
  • HR: Ur sister is highly educated as I see. Dont u wish to study furthur after B.Tech?Me: My sister and I are quite the opposite... she hates to work and I hate to study 😛 I have been learning only for past 16yrs and i feel its the right time to put into good use.
  • HR: Why TCS? Why not any other company?Me: Told ( I had done my homework on TCS) 😛
  •  HR: If someday u feel TCS is not being enough and u wish to join some other company, what reason wud u have to stay with us?Me : The money I earn from TCS is always important, but whats more important is the knowledge and experience I gain from here. When I hear of a company and its employees, theres  only the names of few top hardworking employees that come to my mind, and I wish to be one of those for TCS someday...

At last, after a gruesome 50 mins, TCS interview was over. I shook hands with all 3 panel members and left the room.

Some tips and tricks for TCS interview :

  • Always have a smile on ur face, even while answering I dont know. HR checks your body movements and how nervous you get when you dont know the answer.
  • Firm Handshakes at the start and end are optional, but always a good gesture.
  • Wait for the TCS interview HR to finish their questions, and don't try to cut in between. wait for 1-2 secs, frame the answer in your mind, and answer in a medium, but confidant and audible voice.
  • Avoid looking here and there while thinking an answer. best to always keep looking straight in their eyes. They will know u are confidant.
  • Frame your answers wisely. Don't use terms in your answers you dont know about, because most TCS interview HRs have tendency 2 ask Qs from ur answer. I was setting bait by using only  terms i know in my answers, and in a way, was able to manipulate the HR in2 askin questions from my strengths and away from my weaknesses.
  • If you are from IT/CSE/ECE, know ur C/Java concepts and programs well. I was very  lucky not 2 have been asked from my subjects Software engg/Data Structure/C/DBMS at all, but most were asked from everywhere. So its best to prepare the subjects u r writing on ur CV well, cuz it is difficult to fool the HR, and they will know eventually, how much u know from each subject. So start preparing atleast C/Java well b4 going for interview.
  • Be calm and confidant, no matter how ugly questions become, cuz they notice ur every movement. "I dont know" is the best answer if u dont know anything about the answer at all, but dont lose hope no matter how many I dont knows u say. If u know atleast something about the answer, say it.
  • MR questions are always tricky, so answer them very wisely and think b4 u do. they try to found out ur nature of working and whether u'll stick with the company or run away later on 2 another 1,or go for higher studies. theres NO right answer to the MR questions,its all upto u how u justify ur answer.
  • Prepare "Tell me something about your yourself" b4 u go for the interview. The About me must be  smart and stylish, not ur plain intro,as that stuff is already written on ur CV, and "About me" makes the 1st impression on the panel.
  • Be positive in each and every answer. avoid saying anything negative about urself, ur college, the company or anybody at all. even questions like "5 bad things about u" shud be ended in a postive note,like i am overambitious,but i try my best to achieve my goals,or i get a little stressed with excess work, but i have overcome that with yoga exercises or sumthin like that...

I hope these tips and tricks I picked up while the TCS interview helps some of u... 🙂 All the very best 🙂

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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