TCS Digital Interview Experience

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This is a guest post on TCS Digital by Nikhil Chauhan. The views expressed are of the author.

I have cleared TCS Digital internal drive 2019–2020 so many of my friends and I have tried to conclude some high-level information on interview experience of TCS employees which are mentioned below.

TCS Digital Interview Experience
TCS Digital Interview Experience

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  1. Interview mode: The interview mode was telephonic(before the pandemic and likely to be followed this year). To be honest I was happy with my interview being scheduled in the telephonic mode as nobody can ask to write any code during the interview.
  2. Interview Panelist: There was only one person on the line during the interview, and we had a good one-to-one discussion for more than 30 minutes. Experience of interview panelist will be at least 10 years minimum.
  3. Interview Questions: The scope of the questions was vast for me and for everyone I know who appeared with me in an interview process, so I have tried to consolidate few points which you can keep in mind while preparing for the interview, and it goes like below.
    1. Interviewers are very much interested in your TCS journey as you are not fresher they will evaluate you on basis of your TCS profile and by that, I mean what role are you in your current project what kind of value are you adding to it. I would like to mention here that they are not looking for someone who is working on the latest technologies but, someone who has a good grip on the technology used by his current project. Also, you should be well aware of all tools and technologies used in your project irrespective of your exposure to that tool it shows your learning mind-set.
    2. Learning progress that you have made after joining TCS particularly in Digital Technology by that I mean AI, ML, Data Science, Blockchain, etc. Don't worry if you haven't made any progress till now at least be ready with the basics of one of them which I have mentioned. Also, gather knowledge of the latest technology TCS is working on and any product TCS has developed (Yes you heard it right being an IT Service major TCS has also developed some Products based on AI, ML)
    3. Highlight achievement you have inside TCS or during your academics. As for me, I have received two awards during my TCS ILP(Training period) and one from my project which gave me a boost in an interview. Apart from this, I have done a project during my last year of B.Tech which was based on Machine learning which gave me good points to discuss Digital technology. Here By achievements, I mean achievement regarding technical skills like certification in any technology or any internships you have done.
    4. The interviewer was also interested in my future goal which is but obvious because if an organization is planning to make your salary double then in return they will expect you to retain with the organization for a long time. Here I want you to keep in mind that a Digital profile is purely a technical profile and has nothing to do with other managerial roles, so the answer to your future goals should be aligned to technical positions only. For example, you can not say you see yourself as a manager in TCS 5 years down the lane but, you can say something like solution architect or tech-lead position in a Digital project.
    5. Last but not least your communication plays a big role as this is a telephonic interview, so the interviewer will only judge you on basis of your answer over the phone so maintain confidence in your voice and give clear answers.

Hope this will help you!!

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