TCS ILP Trivandrum Memories

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ILP Trivandrum (Dec 2017 to Mar 2018)

I received my ILP joining letter on 11th December and the date of reporting was 21st December 2017 until then I had my own plans and suddenly a bomb dropped in my life which I understood at the end was one of the awesome twist that happened in my life.

I had just 10 days to prepare for the number of prerequisite documents which was a tough task.

Then my journey to God's own country started it took me 48 hrs to reach Trivandrum. Trivandrum is a very peaceful place, but it takes time for you to accommodate there with climate and culture.

I was allotted Desai homes the best accommodation by TCS. It was a 3Bhk flat just a heaven place to live.

The first day at office started with the a fear of IRA 1 and IRA 2 but guys believe me in ILP Trivandrum there is nothing to fear except the strict policy in the office and accommodations.

I was given LG and we were seated in CLC block.

There are two blocks Peepul park and CLC building.

In Peepul park java, .net ,c/c++ trainee are trained and in CLC BIPM, BIPM AO, Mainframe, Assurance trainee are present.

North Indian's won't like the food generally in office canteen because of Coconut oil used in every dish, but you will find enough variety present in the 3 canteens i.e Peepul park canteen,CLC canteen and DC canteen.

Training is fun like you can learn and enjoy life both simultaneously don't waste the opportunity.

The best part of ILP in Kerala is that you can explore Kerala atleast the south Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu if you like to go on trips on weekends and if you are lucky you can get a 3-day off with national holiday combined, I visited many places in Kerala and some in Tamil Nadu like Varkala,Kanyakumari,Munnar,Kochi and many more details about which I will list in other answer as this will become too long.

TCS ILP Trivandrum Memories
TCS ILP Trivandrum Memories

Diversity in ILP has its own charm almost people from different regions having their own culture and language will meet together you can know and learn about those cultures and languages.

In between my accommodation was also changed to Scarlett where a 2bhk flat was allotted to us. Scarlett is like hostel of TCS like nearly around 1000 TCS trainees at a single place, so it feels more like hostel than society it is also a good accomodation.There are many options for having food near Sacrlett.

The unique feature about Trivandrum and Kerala is its very peaceful environment.People of Kerala are more silent and calm don't argue with them talk peacefully they will listen to you and help you out.

Vegetarians do have tough time for having food but believe me its worth suffering such is the beauty and aura of the place.Some of the good restaurants are Aaryas,Delhi Darbar,Qismat,Dhaba Project for more details you can ask.

Remidals and Re-test are the part of ILP don't fear about them almost everyone clears every test at some or other point so don't stress yourself with results cherish the moments.

Language barriers would be there but if you find and make some good friends from Kerala you will have a nice time ahead. I made some superb friends for lifetime tried to learn Malayalam and Telegu from them.

The TCS campus is also good and the coffee and fun with friends there will be missed always.

Finally, 23 March 2018 the last day at ILP everyone had there eyes filled with tears and hearts with memories and emotions such was the bond developed in these 3 months.

It's full of adventures so just if you get a chance don't miss it you will face ups and downs, but it would be one hell of life moment to remember. The emotions flowed down even writing this answer.

Cheers to life and the memories ILP has given✌️

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