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Why CV Format is important

Your CV tells your story to the whole world. For applying to Tata Consultancy Services, a quality CV can help you stand out from the crowd. What is the difference between a resume and CV? Well, a CV tells your whole story and remains unchanged even if you apply to different jobs and positions. Whereas, your resume is tailored to a specific role that you may be applying, and hence tends to be usually more specific and shorter than a CV. As a interviewer, I would love to see your CV that tells your story in a clear concise way.

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Get your CV reviewed for TCS

I can help you with that. Besides TCS, I have decades of extensive experience working with various organizations, experts, and talented teams across the world. Today, it is even more important to get your CV in proper format both design and information wise, because the initial validations are done by machines. You do not want to get your resume rejected and keep waiting for months in anticipation. Upload your resume using the below link.

I encourage you not to share any personal information above. Also, this is a service am providing from my personal experience, not affiliated with TCS in any way. I will give you 5 points of feedback on the resume you upload. Make sure to provide a correct email address, and monitor your email so that you do not miss my email. Implement these feedback to make your CV more professional and increase your chances of impressing your interviewer.

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TCS Resume Guidelines

TCS CV Tips for Fresh Candidates

Building your resume when you have no industry experience needs a lot of care. If you have a few projects to show in your accomplishments then it’s great. Make sure to highlight them in order of relevancy. As interviewer, I would like to see your credibility that are more close to the role that am interviewing you for. For developer position, I would like to see your analytical skills demonstrated. For a managerial position, I would like to see how your management skills added value to a team in the past. Let’s learn in details.

  • Know your job profile - Make sure your CV is curated for the job position that you want to be working for. I would like to see your skills and qualifications matching with your job profile that you are applying for. Your CV should be focused on highlighting this background, projects, certifications, and achievements. Categorize at a higher level as well like aptitude, logical, verbal, and see what you can highlight accordingly.

  • Add your contact details - Including your contact details is a key step for a complete CV. It should have your name, address, phone number, and email address. If you want, you can also include your social profile links for added credibility. If you have a personal website, show it to your prospective employer. If you have a blog or portfolio, go ahead and add it to show off your talent and accomplishments.

  • Have a strong summary statement - Your CV should have a powerful summary statement that encompasses everything you are in a concise way. As a interviewer, I want to see who you are in a nutshell before going into the details. I want to have a clear idea of your professional background, your career goals, and why you believe you are a good fit for the role you are applying for.

  • Highlight key skills - What skills have you acquired that you want to show off? Include your strongest skill to your average skill from top to bottom. Make sure they are relevant to the job position that you are looking to apply for. If there is no specific skill mentioned in the job application or if this is your first job, make sure to highlight key skills that you have acquired during your educational programs.

  • Elaborate on Education - Highlight and spotlight your education, certifications, trainings, internships, and on anything that have helped you learn. I want to see you as a continuous learner as that is a appreciable trait in professionals. The landscape is changing so fast, it is critical to be a fast and swift learner. I can assign you to different projects that has completely different architectures, learning fast is the key.

TCS CV Tips for Experienced Professionals

Highlighting the appropriate skills and projects is the key for experienced professionals. If you have certifications as well then it helps add value to your CV. Make sure you are able to answer if there any questions from the projects mentioned in your CV. As interviewer, I would like to see you fluently explain details of key achievements and tasks you performed in the projects mentioned in your CV. How you build your CV can decide in which direction the conversation will go. Let’s learn in details.

  • Resist the urge to add everything - You have gone through a lot of projects and learnt a lot. That’s impressive. But do not overwhelm me with your CV by adding everything. Your CV is not a log of your career history, it is a tool by which you are selling yourself to me, and explaining how you are the perfect person for my vacancy. It might even mean leaving out an experience that is not relevant to the job position.

  • Keep a CV Master Copy - You need to have a master CV that will help create the documents tailored to the position you are applying for. This will help you swap information in and out based on the job description. Keep handy bullet points and past projects that can be included only for those rare applications. Then when the time comes to apply, you will need minimal swapping in and out of content.

  • Prep up the best stuff - Take extra time to write your best accomplishments. Make sure even if there’s one portion of your CV that I read, it is this best section. Position it at a prominent section of your CV. If it’s interesting, I will continue reading and that’s where you win with your CV. You have successfully engaged me into reading your CV for which you are already prepared. Now get ready to brag about your accomplishments.

  • Keep it Reverse Chronological - You have accomplished several projects past few years. I want to see your recent accomplishments first, your oldest accomplishments last, i.e. in reverse chronological order. Rarely I come across a CV that only lists experiences ordered by skills. Most of the CVs are ordered by time, i.e. in reverse chronological order, and for good readability and faster processing too.

  • Be Simple and Careful - Use basic formatting but feel free to get creative enough with infographics to stand out. Design your CV for skimmability so that I can get as much information in as little time possible. Use bullet points with enough space around texts to not strain my eyes reading. Prioritize the relevant skills for the job and what impact you made in your past projects over awards, certifications and accomplishments.

  • Use Measurable Achievements - Use numbers, facts, and specifics whenever possible. Mention how much profit percentage you helped your last business gain and any beneficial yearly revenue growth impacts. I would love to see how you added measurable value. Also, instead of saying you are a strong leader, describe how you managed tasks earlier that demonstrated your leadership skills.

  • Add Continuous Education - Do you love to keep learning, that’s a trait I would appreciate. So show that in your CV, include any professional development coursework or online courses that you have undertaken, even if it feels negligible. It says a lot about your personality and determination to improve in your career. You can skip basic skills like Microsoft Word, that might come off as you are less tech savvy.

  • List skills into sections - Do you have skills of varied nature? Like foreign language, journalism, and technical? In such cases I would like to see them broken down into sections with their own headings. Then add each of the skills that you have acquired. This will help me stay focused and not lost in the sea of information. The focus should be on how maximum information can be skimmed in less time.

  • Show your Persona - There is no harm in including and showing off your interests in your CV. If you are good at piano, keep it in your CV. Based on the type of job position you are applying for, you might even want to highlight it. Do keep in mind politics and financial passions if listed is a slippery slope and can take the discussion in uncomfortable directions if not handled tactfully.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

How would you love to build your CV? What skills are you trying to highlight? Are your achievements so far aligned to the job position you are applying for? Upload your CV above if you want me to review it. Do you have an experience that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

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