TCS BPS Hiring Guide and Interview Questions

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TCS Business Process Services (BPS) centers around managing and executing business operations seamlessly. All industries today execute in a complex framework of various systems and processes. The domain expertise of Tata Consultancy Services help deliver core business services across various industries. TCS BPS also help provide analytics and insight along with support processes to accounting, human resources, and supply chain management systems. The strong partnership TCS has with customers helps them accelerate transformation and increase their business value. TCS provides innovative models like Platform BPS that are delivered in the mode of process as a service. TCS BPS has a revenue of nearly $2 billion. Tata Consultancy Services is one of the largest Business Process Services provider with nearly 100,000 employees servicing 300+ customers across the globe. Let’s learn about the hiring process of TCS BPS.

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🎧 TCS BPS Hiring Guide and Interview Questions

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NQT Registration Date

Apply for TCS NQT here. The Registration Last Date for the Sep exam is 4th Sep 2023.

TCS NQT Exam Date

The TCS NQT Exam Date 2023 is 16th Sep 2023 onwards. TCS NQT Results will be declared shortly after the exam.

TCS NQT Results

The TCS NQT Results are declared within 1 week of the TCS NQT Exam in the TCS official site.

Arts, Commerce, Science

The TCS BPS profile is for Arts, Commerce, and Science candidates.


The TCS profile is for candidates who are ready to support the IT infrastructure services operations.

TCS Helpline

The TCS contact email is The TCS contact phone number is 18002093111.

The TCS NQT exam has eligibility requirements. The TCS NQT Eligibility Checker Tool below will help you find if you can apply for the TCS NQT Exam.

Please select all the parameters above to find your TCS NQT eligibility.

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TCS BPS Eligibility

Before getting into the eligibility, take a moment to find the TCS BPS Hiring Practice Tests I have shared above. Improve your skills with topic-wise tests to be ready for the TCS BPS exam. Your highest qualification should be successfully completed with no extended education. There should be no active backlog or arrears at the time of appearing for the test. Also, your backlogs should be cleared within the stipulated time duration. I have seen many questions among candidates regarding a gap or break in education. TCS says it is mandatory to declare any gap in education for TCS BPS. Keep any relevant documents regarding your education gap handy to present to TCS if asked for. For assistance email TCS at or call at helpline 022-67784065. Do you need help with a specific situation or have a unique scenario where you need help with? You can share your queries me below to discuss.

TCS considers only full-time courses for TCS BPS. Part-time courses will not be considered. TCS however mentions in their site that if you have completed your Secondary (Class X) or Higher Secondary (Class XII) course from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), you would be considered. If you have a work experience of up to 3 months then you are eligible to apply for the TCS BPS hiring drive. Your age should be at least 18 and no more than 28 to be eligible for TCS BPS. Eligible courses and disciplines include full-time Arts, Commerce, and Science graduates from B.A., B.B.A., B.Com., B.A.F., B.B.I., B.B.M., B.M.S., B.Sc.-IT/CS/General, B.C.A., B.C.S., B.Pharm., and M.Pharm. You need to have completed these studies from any recognized university or college.

TCS BPS Hiring Guide
TCS BPS Hiring Guide

TCS BPS Exam Questions

The test provider for TCS BPS is TCS iON. Get the TCS BPS sample practice tests and mock questions shared above. The test duration is usually about an hour, and consists of sections aimed at evaluating your Quantitative Aptitude ability, Verbal ability, and Logical reasoning ability. The weightage on each section is nearly equal, with slightly more emphasis on the Logical Reasoning section. The TCS BPS Hiring practice tests above will help improve your knowledge and skills before appearing for the actual exam. Each of the practice test is powered by thousands of questions, so you will get a fresh set of questions in every attempt. There are various topics in each of the sections mentioned above.

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During the interview, you will be asked to describe work you did in your previous projects, and how you believe your knowledge would be valuable to the organization. Be ready to explain the work you did in as many details as possible, and what you learned from each assignment. Spend some time preparing for the TCS BPS interview. Walk through your resume multiple times and be ready to answer any question that the TCS BPS interviewer might ask from there. Plan on highlighting your strengths that you would like the interviewer to know. Also keep some of your most challenging and memorable experiences ready to mention in case asked for. If you have a hobby then mention that as well, as an interviewer I would love to know you more and your hobby speaks for itself. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have regarding TCS BPS. And make sure to keep practicing with the TCS BPS mock tests shared above. Strategic preparation with real-time feedback and explanations will help you fine-tune your preparation for the TCS BPS assessment exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The TCS BPS exam date will be communicated to you by TCS in your registered email id. To be eligible for TCS BPS hiring, you need to create your profile under ‘BPS’. A common question asked by TCS BPS aspirants is regarding the type of job in offer. TCS says 3 main domains that TCS BPS candidates can engage and maneuver their career upwards - Cognitive Business Operations (CBO), Banking and Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), and Life Sciences. Each of these domains help enhance business operations using digital tolls, automation, internet of things, cloud, and agile practices. Hence, we can see there is a large amount of growth opportunities in each of these domains as long as you keep learning and improving yourself. Your shift timing will vary from project to project.

  • If you are selected, TCS will inform of your TCS BPS joining date in your registered email id. TCS provides health care coverage with domiciliary per member of Rs. 6000, and higher hospitalization of Rs. 12 lakhs. You will also be entitled to personal accident insurance, critical illness, hospitalization cash benefit, and trauma care support. TCS also provides employee engagement programs at its TCS locations with recreational activities, sports and festival celebrations, family days, fitness events, and more. Regarding the TCS BPS process, you will receive an email with details of the TCS BPS interview schedule if you clear the TCS BPS hiring test. I suggest check your email at least twice every day during this period. Only shortlisted candidates will receive further communication in their registered email ids. Your email will mention all the details on what you need to carry during the tests and interview.

  • If you miss the date of your TCS BPS interview, please reach out to your TCS contact mentioning some difficulty you faced and request to reschedule. Within few days you might get another date. Many people with experience in the field say TCS BPS has less salary compared to TCS IT, this may be true because the work is often less demanding and requires fewer skills. You can however keep improving your skills and move to IT in the future if an opportunity appears. There has been cases where candidates with 3-4 years of TCS BPS experience, i.e. having designation BPO3 and above, get to join IT projects. You cannot however move from TCS BPS to TCS Digital which has requirements of an engineering degree as eligibility criteria.

TCS BPS Salary

TCS BPS salary ranges between 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per year. On top of that there are shift allowances of 200 INR for band 1 and 2, and 250 INR for band 3 and 4. You will also be eligible for city change allowances for the first year as trainee, these may add up to monthly 3,000-4,000 INR extra based on how many days you qualify for shift allowance. Note that these are on case to case basis. During your first year the salary may be less as a trainee. Your initial role as trainee would be BPOS. Then with promotion the grades are BPO1, BPO2, BPO3, up to BPO9. Roles like BPO3 indicates Business Process Lead where you would be leading a team to drive projects as per the requirements. If you have 2-4 years of experience you can expect a salary around 5 lakhs. Your can get your monthly in-hand salary by dividing your yearly salary by 12, and further excluding 10-20% for provident fund, taxes, and other deductions. The deduction percentage overall varies based on your income and how much tax-exempt Section 80C you have. Salary hikes will be based on performance and varies between 4-8%.

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There is significant difference between TCS Business Process Services (BPS) and TCS Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). TCS BPS will give you more exposure to technical activities than TCS BPO. The role in TCS BPO centers around calls and emails from customers and other departments, whereas the role in TCS BPS includes extensive troubleshooting along with the activities done by a TCS BPO specialist which includes calls and emails. Hence, the learning opportunity for technical items is more in TCS BPS. If you are working in TCS BPO and want to switch to TCS BPS, keep trying to learn more than what is demanded from the role you are working in. Get in-depth knowledge of the tools and the systems and reach out to your manager or trainer to connect with more experts and personnel as and when needed to create a network of learning around you. As you get into a good pace of learning, keep checking for opportunities to move to TCS BPS profile in different TCS announcements.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

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