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Amazon is continuing to grow and becoming one of the largest online marketplace and supply chain platforms in the world. There are a variety of warehouses and 1000s of employees who are working every day to provide the best customer service experience to users of Amazon The Amazon workforce has a variety of different roles and responsibilities which is critical for the functioning of Amazon. Due to the large number of employees and the huge workforce Amazon continuously is expanding to the workforce stepping division at Amazon has a high impact role. Amazon has highlighted that workforce stuffing or wfs division of worldwide operations is aimed to bring together the workforce of Amazon powering its ability to delight more customers there are about 100,000 global hires for the Amazon workforce staffing division every year.

The WFS or workforce staffing division of Amazon supports the retail and prime brands of Amazon by sourcing, hiring and developing the best talents that it can find to work in the different fulfillment centers of Amazon. The wfs is also aimed at targeting to develop the best talent who can work at the Amazon sortation centers, delivery stations, shopping sites and Amazon Prime Air locations. The Amazon workforce staffing or wfs is a division of Amazon worldwide operations which is consist of professionals in the corporate field, domain, field based and remote jobs that are spread across a variety of disciplines. The wfs or workforce stuffing division of Amazon includes different sectors like operations, it marketing, human resources, and business intelligence to better provide the best tools to Amazon.

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Amazon Work Culture Reports

The above resources will help you prepare for the Amazon workforce staffing role in a variety of departments and locations that you might find suitable as per your skill sets. You can also use the Amazon job finder tool above to learn more about the types of the jobs that are available close to your location. The role of the Amazon workforce division is challenging because there has been reports of high employee turnover across various sectors at Amazon. Recently, there has been multiple confidential information released about Amazon's various practices across its products and different divisions, which has damaged their credibility and reputation. As the information that has been released, has forced Amazon to share their side of the story in an effort to manage the crisis that has unfolded.

There has been various issues that has been raised by the leaked documents at Amazon that casts a deep doubt over the Amazon workforce practices that has been going on. The business leaders at Amazon has a lot of explanation to do to manage this situation. There has been reports that the online retailer had an annual employee turnover rate of over 150%, which is nearly double that of the industry average. In essence, this has costs Amazon and its shareholders nearly $8 billion annually. The material that has been reported showing inside story of Amazon include several internal research papers, slide decks and spreadsheets, which paint a sorry figure of Amazon's inability to retain top employees. The current strategy of Amazon is financially dangerous to how the company is functioning overall.

Amazon workforce
Amazon workforce

Amazon Turnover Rate

Because if the employees are leaving at a high number like this, then there is definitely something wrong. The documents that has been reported with these dire statistics also condemn Amazon for not taking action to mitigate this situation. There also has been variety of complaints about not using the data that has been analyzed to train and improve their employees to resolve this particular situation. This is considered as a great shortcoming for the organization of this size and which is continuously storing large amounts of customer information. It has been expected by everyone that Amazon will be respecting its consumers and provide the best experience possible to his employees as well as customers.

However, with the leaked reports, it is starting to become uncertain why Amazon is not taking action to resolve the complaints and sufferings which is causing its employees this turnover There has been statements provided by Amazon as well, in response to this report that has been causing a great deal of concern among aspiring candidates as well. Amazon has stated that they weren't given the opportunity to review any of the draft documents that has been published in the internet. Many of the drafts that Amazon said when not reviewed were not final versions and not vetted. Amazon has also highlighted that the unverified documents were might have been outdated and they might have been corrected later on, which was not reported in the articles.

Amazon Leaked Documents

The Amazon spokesperson during the crisis management discussions mentioned that Amazon has a very rigorous document review process which takes a lot of time and the drafts that has been published where some of the unreviewed versions that might have undergone multiple corrections and reviews at later stages. Hence many of the rejected documents that are not supposed to be used for reference purpose might have got leaked and has been reported and causing this confusion in the social media. After some of the articles that were leaked, were published, Amazon were able to identify many of the leaked documents and review and confirm that none of those documents that were leaked had been fully vetted or approved.

This means that the documents that were leaked causing the rumors about the one 50% turnover rate has been an unofficial information which is now discarded by Amazon as a draft version of information from the company. Many of the senior management's at Amazon has weighed in about the company and the culture, how it operates and the hiring process. There are a variety of factors which needs to be considered starting from the salary, the culture and the value that recognition that employees feel while working in a positive work environment. The work culture at Amazon is one of the key criteria which Amazon focuses on with its leadership principles. Every employee who gets hired at Amazon is interviewed based on a variety of these principles which they must add to during each of their day to day activities.

Amazon Loss of Human Capital

How will Amazon pays to its employees ready to the market is definitely one of the main factors that determines employee attrition and turnover. How however, the number of employees who are waiting in masses might be due to the reason of culture crisis that is Amazon employees are facing right now. This can stemmed due to a number of reasons where Amazon employees might not feel valued enough due to the effort and work they're putting in the organization. The employees at Amazon might also not see a long term future for themselves at Amazon, due to the treatment they're getting. And any favoritism or stress they're experiencing this will force Amazon employees to seek employment elsewhere, thus resulting in a turnover and attrition.

It is to be noted that every employee who is leaving Amazon is taking away from the company months of training that Amazon has invested in them along with a lot of the skill sets that they have acquired over the months while working for Amazon As part of the responsibilities of the Amazon workforce, it is also mandatory to train every warehouse employee up to the industry standards that ensures good quality of services and maintenance. Hence every employee that leaves our organization includes valuable knowledge and industry experience, which is specific to Amazon. That hints to refill that position Amazon now has to retrain their employees again, which will incur significant costs for the replacement training.

Amazon Employee Satisfaction

Amazon will need to conduct a variety of introspections to understand what actually is causing these mass employee departure and how best they can mitigate this situation implies that Amazon should start to feel valued enough that they will continue to work for years and not planned to leave the company only after a few months of working there has to be a feedback system that needs to be listened to and address which should help the Amazon employees stick with the company one of the important lesson that business leaders often advise is having a good work culture. Good set of human resource policies along with a vibrant work culture that promotes trust recognition and growth is here to help.

Every Amazon workforce employees across all the warehouses continue to deliver exceptional performance with good HR policies which directly impact the organization along with employees motivation. There should not be any case and scenario where Amazon will have to worry about employee retention percentages. Once good policies and employee satisfaction is in place, then the businesses can expect all the problems like mass greeting and skilled resources moving away gone. One of the top things that Amazon needs to focus on as an employer is that all his employees needs to feel valued. If the employees are feeling valued, then there is no reason why they will be looking for other jobs.

Amazon Mental Stress and Value

Many of the causes of concern that has been reported by employees working in Amazon warehouses is that there is a large number of jobs that are repetitive which takes a toll on them mentally and physically. Since the warehouse employees are not allowed to use earphones, which acts in a therapeutic way in many cases, it's becomes more stressful for them. Many employees at Amazon warehouses have complained of physical pain and staff started using expensive shoes and bad braces because they are not getting breaks in between work. There are a variety of factors which have to be considered to make employees feel valued before providing a salary increase. salary increase is just one of the factors

But other than that employees should feel they're a crucial resource for the business and hence needs to be appreciated and their complaints need to be listened. They should be given a fair opportunity to grow and promotions should be provided without favoritism. And work life balance is also an important part of Amazon warehouse employees which should be a key point of discussion in Amazon workforce teams. To the reports that has come out of Amazon should be a lesson for all large corporations. Business leaders can learn from the mistakes that are being made by Amazon regarding its employee attrition and turnover. It should be a top priority for all organizations today to create a more positive and motivating culture, which makes employees feel greater job satisfaction.

Amazon Salary First Approach

The scenario has changed over the last several decades, and employees are no longer constrained to one workplace. There are multiple opportunities available right now. where employees can get a better paying job and find a different role that will provide them a work life balance and greater satisfaction. Hence creating a supportive and positive work culture along with competitive compensation should be a key priority for all employers today. Along with that, there should be facilities provided that empowers employees to grow their carriers and helps them learn new skills. Amazon is one of the salary first company which does not believe in necessarily providing parks a lot.

Hence, it is not exactly working in favor of Amazon due to which there is a huge turnover date of employees. Each each should be a mixed approach, where employee perks and job satisfaction is valued alongside the compensation that they're given. Amazon has consistently reported and announced a new hourly wage where they are paying much higher than the federal requirement and in country standard. These perks and benefits are aimed at providing greater benefits and career advancement opportunities to their employees. Amazon is also hoping that the employee perks and benefits will also help retain the employees and reduce attrition and the turnover percentage.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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