Amazon work from home reviews

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Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world today, and the technologies it works on is one of the latest and greatest where innovations are happening. Amazon Web Services for example, continues to power some of the greatest corporations in the world. Hundreds of 1000s of employees work at Amazon every day in a variety of roles like warehouses, software engineers, administrative support, and mobile development. The below section consists of a variety of links that will take you to the perfect Amazon job. You will need to choose the right sector and category where you want to work on and you will find a lot of options for each of those categories and teams provided.

You can also filter by your preferred location, which will provide you the different jobs available at that location for a variety of skill sets. Amazon offers multiple types of methods by which you can get a job and all those details are continuously updated in the links below. Make sure to keep checking this place to get the latest and the most recent openings that are provided by Amazon. Amazon also provides a lot of work from home opportunities at various levels across the departments in the organization. Many of these roles, never request to attend office in person and they in place can fulfill all their duties. right from the comfort of their home. Many of the work from home jobs might require attending the office only once in a while or a quarter for rare reasons.

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Amazon Attrition Costs Billions

The work from home jobs has a lot of benefits, as it saves a lot of money in outside foods and travel expenses. However, there has been different perspectives about the work from home jobs that are provided by Amazon. Employees have highlighted both pros and cons of working from home at Amazon in different roles. There has been studies made where Amazon analyzes how they are managing their employees will during this expanding times There are a variety of aspects where Amazon can improve besides the advantages it provides. Amazon provides one of the most competitive salaries in the industry. However employees has different concerns who have shared their experiences over time.

Amazon churns through and analyzes its workers at an astonishing rate, which is far more than the industry average. There has been various reports that has been found recently where the attrition rate of Amazon is far greater than the industry average due to a variety of factors. And this has now come with the specific cost value that Amazon is suffering. The Amazon workforce has been working on analyzing a high level of attrition across all the levels at Amazon, which has totaled nearly $8 billion annually for the shareholders. The company's net profits for the recent fiscal year was close to $40 billion and hence this amount of cost of attrition is not negligible.

Amazon work from home reviews
Amazon work from home reviews

Amazon Lack of Employee Training

In the documents that has been leaked and circulated widely have included multiple internal research papers that Amazon spokesperson has claimed were in draft stage and were not vetted or approved. Many of the slide decks and spreadsheets, which have been widely circulated, painted a very bleak picture of Amazon's ability to retain highly trained and qualified employees in his organization. The papers which are often fine tuned before sharing with the public in an approved status showed that it is extremely harmful financially to the company as a whole. The papers that has been leaked also, condemn Amazon for not properly tracking the data and making good use of analytics to train and promote its employees large workforce.

This is a very dire shortcoming and dangerous to the employees at Amazon because managing the employees who are working so hard in this company should be one of the top priorities. Amazon obsessively harvests consumer information. Hence it is very important for them to analyze that data and listen to its employees when there are some shortcomings or grievances reported. The documents were leaked by a source at Amazon who believed that these gaps in accounting represent a dangerous lack of internal controls in Amazon. If these gaps continue to persist, this will create larger incidents in the future that might lead to more attrition and turnover in Amazon than the current rate of 150%.

Amazon Regretted Attrition Dangers

The employee turnover data at Amazon is already much higher than the industry standard and there is no sign that it will go down in the near future. There is a term which is called regretted attrition which means that the employees themselves choose to leave the company due to a variety of reasons like work life balance or job satisfaction. There is another term called on regretted attrition which means people are being laid off or fired by the company itself. The internal research papers that have been leaked have highlighted that regretted attrition occurs twice as often as unregulated attrition at Amazon. This is a dangerous statistics to have, which means that employees are finding the work culture not suitable to continue anymore. And hence are being forced to leave after working for a few months at Amazon.

The leaked papers consists of a variety of different statistics where it was indicated that regretted attrition expanded among different types of employees, which signifies overall retention issue of its employees. Amazon employees are segregated by tires Wet Tire one indicates the entry level roles, the entry level roles at Amazon are like that of the warehouse associates, which constitute of about 1000s of employees. The level 10 position indicates a vice president role at amazon it has been found during in the study of these papers that only one out of the three new hires in the recent years stay with Amazon for more than three months.

Amazon Employee Burnouts

There was another investigation from the New York Times where it was found that among the hourly jobs and employees that turnover rate at Amazon was nearly 150% annually. This rate of 150% is far more than what the industry standard is. The turnover is about 100% in the warehouses, as has been reported in The Wall Street Journal and the National Employment Law Project. These studies and the statistics indicate that the rate at which Amazon has burned through the working age population of Amazon is cautionary. This means that the company is actually depleting the available labor supply in the United States in a number of Metro regions these documents that has been leaked are often aligned with the various reporting that has been released in the past by independent and different agencies.

However, the problem that has been illustrated continues to be one of the same with Amazon, where it's workplace and culture is seems to be one of the major issues that extends much beyond the warehouses managers across different organizations and departments are also feeling the heat and are resigning due to lack of growth and development. Many of the papers also indicate the same issues that are being faced by the warehouse employees are also being faced by the senior managers and other employees of other designations The study that has been found from these papers that has been linked indicates a situation where it might be because Amazon actively stacks the deck against certain internal promotions.

Amazon Promotion Challenges

There has also been reports that Amazon intentionally limits the upward mobility for hourly workers for whom there is little opportunity for career growth. Entry Level workers who are constantly working and exhausting themselves. To get ahead and get a promotion are pitted against the company's preference. For fresh graduates from colleges and interns. Many of the leaders that has been hired in the recent years at Amazon are fresh university graduates who have no leadership experience. Compared to this only single digit percentage of warehouse process assistants were promoted to a management role. This is in stark contrast to what the actual situation demanded and would have helped.

Thus eligible employees are not seeing their work being rewarded with a promotion and hence are leaving the company with all their expertise and knowledge. While the only people left to do that job, are some fresh graduates with no work experience. This is a clear situation that will promote any employee to leave the organization because they are seeing their work is not rewarded. In many of the other sections of the documents that were leaked from Amazon, pointed to a lot of issues in the Learning and Development complex of Amazon. There were about 97 programs and 2000 learning modules that were managed by the consumer talent strategy, management and development team. This is also known as CTSMD.

Amazon Lack of Employee Analytics

The CTSMD existed for Amazon for a number of years, and at that time had an impressive size, which included a number of contractors many of the programs that were managed by the consumer talent strategy team were not created with financial metrics as their key metric. Hence, the programs spend a considerable amount of money due to lack of planned financial figures. There has been a report by the consumer Strategy Team further that there were no standardized processes that were used to measure the impact of the Amazon training programs on their employees. Amazon was not able to determine whether the training materials and learning programs that they were providing to their employees had any substantial business impact.

Amazon was also not able to check how regretted attrition was affected and how promotion rates varied across employees and departments. It is also to be noted that the learning modules were defined complete based on a variety of criteria that were not often clear. Many employees can simply click through to the end of the course, which might mark those topics complete and Amazon would have no idea whether the employees actually completed the course and training materials There was another report that was reviewed regarding the training programs which mentioned that the Amazon training programs use the Kirkpatrick model.

Amazon Poor Learning Programs

The Kirkpatrick model is a scheme within the learning and development field that is aimed at checking and reviewing the training programs and separates the programs into four individual levels. of the 26 programs that were examined in the report that was released a few A while back, only 12 of those programs as the trainees and the employees who took that program to respond to what they had learned. This is important because this makes sure that the candidates have actually gone through the lessons and has put an effort to learn it instead of simply trying to proceed to the end of the course just to be compliant. With Amazon policies. Nine of the 26 programs measured a level of information recall to check if the employees at Amazon have actually learned from these educational programs.

Only three of the 26 programs that were provided by Amazon tracked the degree to which the employees at Amazon were learning and applying that knowledge which they gained from the course. This is important because learning from the programs is critical to provide the level of service that Amazon is expecting from the employees to do. None of the employees reached Kirkpatrick level four, which is critical and that measures what is the impact such training might have on the business.

This puts Amazon training programs in very dire state because there is no way to measure the quality and impact that the educational programs that Amazon is conducting is having hints and was a nice to revisit these aspects of ITS Training Program and see how to better train their employees so that they perform in an expected way. Such metrics needs to be reevaluated repeatedly again and again and there cannot be scenarios where there is no way to measure how impactful these programs are. Measurement and analytics of these programs should be a key area where Amazon needs to focus on right now.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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