TCS NQT 2023

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TCS is one of the largest technology corporations in the world today which employs more than half a million employees. The number of employees in Tata Consultancy Services is growing every day as it continues to expand in a variety of different sectors. One of the most popular assessment examination in TCS is the National Qualifier Test using which thousands of candidates participate every year who want to be a part of this reputed organization. The exam has different sets of eligibility criteria and candidates can only appear for this exam if they meet the eligibility criteria set by TCS. All candidates can appear for this examination if they have recently completed their graduation in the last 3 to 4 years. Students who are currently in their final or pre final year in any discipline are also eligible to apply for the TCS NQT exam.

Freshers and professionals can apply if they have a maximum of 2 years of working experience. The NQT variant scorecards are valid for up to 2 years and all the tests are conducted online or via the TCS iON authorized exam centers. There is a lot of flexibility provided to apply to take this exam every quarter. By retaking the exam candidates can attempt to improve their National Qualifier Test scores. It is important to note that if you are taking the exam multiple times, only your best score will be published for the same registration numbers. Once you have achieved your score you are now eligible to apply for the jobs in the TCS iON job listing portal. Candidates can also become a part of TCS by using their good scores and also get a job in the TCS Ninja and the much coveted TCS Digital job profile.

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NQT Registration Date

Apply for TCS NQT here. The Registration Last Date for the Sep exam is 4th Sep 2023.

TCS NQT Exam Date

The TCS NQT Exam Date 2023 is 16th Sep 2023 onwards. TCS NQT Results will be declared shortly after the exam.

TCS NQT Results

The TCS NQT Results are declared within 1 week of the TCS NQT Exam in the TCS official site.

Arts, Commerce, Science

The TCS BPS profile is for Arts, Commerce, and Science candidates.


The TCS profile is for candidates who are ready to support the IT infrastructure services operations.

TCS Helpline

The TCS contact email is The TCS contact phone number is 18002093111.

The TCS NQT exam has eligibility requirements. The TCS NQT Eligibility Checker Tool below will help you find if you can apply for the TCS NQT Exam.

Please select all the parameters above to find your TCS NQT eligibility.

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How to apply for TCS NQT?

One of the most popular questions that I have come across candidates who are looking forward to being a part of Tata Consultancy Services and getting a good score in the TCS NQT exam is how to apply for the TCS NQT exam. First candidates will have to click on the Register Now button in the TCS National Qualifier Test page. If candidates are already an existing user, then they can directly use a login button and enter their TCS iON Learning Hub credentials to login and take their exam. Otherwise, candidates will have to register by creating their own profile, and finally they will see a success message with the confirmation in their registered mobile number and email id

It is extremely important to prepare well before appearing for the TCS NQT exam because TCS has a very high standard of quality when it hires candidates. Hence, the journey to prepare for the TCS NQT exam start several months before with a strong focus on strategy and planned preparation approach. With several years of experience in the industry and seeing candidates who are appearing for the examination and interacting with them, the tips here will give you a comprehensive experience on how to prepare for the Tata Consultancy Services National Qualifier Test examination.

TCS NQT 2023
TCS NQT 2023

TCS NQT Percentage Questions

One of the most common type of questions that is asked in this examination is regarding percentages. For example, the question in the TCS NQT exam might mention that a person is purchasing from shopkeeper a particular product. Now, if the price of the product is being increased, the person will be buying a different amount of the product than he could buy earlier. In that particular scenario, the TCS NQT exam might ask what would have been the original price of the product? Now, in solving these types of questions, you will need to consider variable to start forming an equation with all the given details in the question. Now, there are different ways that you can consider a variable.

Often, candidates prefer choosing a variable like 100a, or simply a. This is because using large even numbers with zeros often help during calculations because many candidates do not love to handle fractions. Hence, considering large number like 100a will help you eliminate the fractions. Practicing a lot of such types of problems will help you learn how to deal with fractions and complex equations. The question might then ask how much less of the product will the person be able to buy now, due to the increase of the price of the product? You will have to compare the value given with your variable, and ultimately you can find the original price of the product this way. It will take you a few minutes to solve this problem.

But remember that every minute spent is crucial in the TCS NQT exam. Hence, always try to improve your speed because that way you will be freeing up enough time to allocate to the harder problems where you might need more time to solve. If you want to be one of the toppers who will succeed with good scores in the TCS National Qualifier Test exam, you have to increase your speed. One of the best ways to improve your speed in problems where you are facing difficulty is to change the numbers in the problem and create your own question. Try to practice that particular problem in a variety of different ways to make sure you do not face any surprises during the exam. Keep practicing with different such types of questions to make sure you improve your time with every attempt.

You should get comfortable handling different types of complex numbers, even though initially you will see that you are taking more time to solve the equations by using complex numbers. Try to improve your speed when you are using fractions. Candidates have often shared their experiences that with this type of approach they have been gradually being able to improve their speed. It is possible to solve such types of problems of percentages in less than a minute with enough practice. You can also solve a lot of such equations and percentages with complex numbers really fast if you are practicing sufficiently. This approach will help to be ready with any kind of questions on percentages in the TCS NQT exam.

TCS NQT Spatial Reasoning Questions

The next type of question that I often advise candidates to prepare for the TCS NQT exam is related to spatial reasoning. Spatial reasoning is one of the key topics that candidates should prepare for to get a good score in the TCS NQT exam. Handling different types of shapes and figures is one of the key skills that is essential to get a good score in the TCS NQT exam. You must remember the different formulas and equations that are associated with each of the different shapes. Finding the area, perimeter volume, and similar such formulas are must for the candidates who are preparing for the TCS NQT exam. For example, in a problem a semicircle may be given to you and another smaller semicircle is also given.

These two semicircles now might have common points and the question in the TCS NQT exam might ask you to find the ratio of the length of the arcs of the semicircles. Now, it is important to note that the length may be formed by one semicircle or by combining parts of both the semicircles. To handle questions of these types, it is extremely important that you are aware of the formula of the perimeter of a semicircle. Now, during the exam, you will face a lot of difficulty in solving this type of question if you're not sure of the formula of the perimeter of a semicircle. Hence, you have to apply the formula in both the bigger and the smaller semicircles to compare them both and arrive at the resulting ratio.

The figures that are provided in the question in the TCS NQT exam might look very complex initially. And you might also face a lot of challenges in forming the equations. You might also come across thinking whether you'll be able to solve the equations at all in the end. However, with strategic approach you should be able to solve these types of problems. First try to name each of the points that is provided by the intersection of the semicircles mentioned in the question. Then you will find it looks a lot more manageable and relates to whatever you have learned. Implement your expertise and knowledge that you have garnered while practicing for the exam and preparing with various different types of shapes.

Initially, you would have found these types of figures fairly complex. However, by breaking down them into smaller figures, you will find that these will look familiar to you. You should realize that remembering the formula of the most common shapes and sizes is extremely critical for the Tata Consultancy Services National Qualifier Test examination. Make it a point to make notes of these different types of formulas and write them and revise them frequently. With frequent practice and preparation of these types of formulas, you should be able to memorize them and apply them under pressure easily. Keep in mind that if you forget one formula, you might not be able to answer one question in the TCS NQT exam, which can prove to be a costly mistake because others might be able to answer that question.

TCS NQT Permutation Combination Questions

One of the next important topics in the TCS NQT exam is regarding permutation and competition. There are various types of problems that can be formed based on the concepts of permutation and combination. One such problem is where a member might not want to be part of a group with another member. In such type of question, you have to find how many different types of combinations of the group can be formed at first. Now, having a knowledge of permutation and combination and all the related formulas is extremely important to solve these types of questions in the TCS NQT exam.

The number of scenarios that can be formed and asked based on permutation and combination type concepts is unlimited. There is literally no end to the number of possibilities by which a question can be asked to the candidate in this exam. The best possible way to prepare is to practice all the types of questions and scenarios based on permutation and combination. To challenge yourself, try to add more complexity to these type of problems by considering one more member who does not want to be part of the group. These types of additions and customizations if you make to your problem will make them more hard and force you to take a long time to finish.

However, remember that the harder you challenge yourself the stronger you become, and it will be easier for you to solve the problems. Speed is extremely important in the TCS NQT examination. Hence, try to minimize the time you are taking to solve these types of hard problems. The faster you are able to solve these types of problems, the more time you will free up to solve the other problems where you actually need more time to solve. The more you stress yourself to solve such types of hard problems and customized problems in lesser time, you will learn to not forget these types of permutation and combination formulas under pressure.

Many candidates whom I have come across had this concern that they forgot many of the formulas when they were under pressure. This type of tactic where they created custom problems and practiced help them to build up their skills so that during the actual exam, they could easily solve that particular problem. Try to create different exam like scenarios at your home so that when you practice regularly, it will build up your time management skills. Solving as many types of hard problems as possible in the shortest possible amount of time will definitely help you a lot in your actual examination.

TCS NQT Average Questions

One more important type of problem that I strongly recommend preparing for is on averages. Average is one of the most important topic for the TCS NQT exam. For example, there might be a question where the average marks in a subject of all the boys and all the girls in a class is given. And the question asks you to find the overall average marks in another subject for the same class. But the question does not tell you how many boys and how many girls are present in the class. In this type of questions, you have to assume different variables where one of the variables will be the number of boys and the other variable will be the number of girls.

Then for the subject where you are given the overall average marks, you have to form an equation by which you will get a relation between the two variables that you chose. Now for the subject for which you have to find the average marks, you will have to frame one more equation and apply the relation between the variables that you found earlier. By this way, you will be able to find out the requested average marks for the subject. Now it is important to remember that this type of question might seem really overwhelming and complex initially, because many of the values that you need to solve is not given. Doubts might arise whether you will be able to solve this problem at all.

When the number of students is not given, how can you find the overall average marks in such a scenario? What would happen if you create the variables and the variables do not actually cancel out each other at the end? These types of concerns are extremely logical. However, only with a lot of practice can you become more confident in handling these types of questions. You need to be extremely fast and form the equations in such a way that you are able to bypass all those hurdles that come with these types of trick questions. Practice a lot and make sure you build up your skills anytime you face this type of question by creating custom problems and changing the numbers to challenge yourself more.

By creating custom problems in such a way you will be challenging yourself like no other candidate because most of the candidates will be solving only the type of question that is available in the practice tests that they have been provided. However, the more you change the numbers and build up your own equations, you will see that you're discovering new different types of scenarios that you might not have thought of. And because you are already practicing that particular concept your brain will also be easily grasping those concepts and help you remember them to score well ultimately in the TCS NQT Exam.

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