Google Hiring Freeze 2022

Background Google is one of the largest organizations today in the technological world. In the current economic scenario, where there is a huge chance of a prolonged recession and market volatility, the employees of Google are really concerned about their future. This topic has been coming up repeatedly in all the internal meetings in Google.Continue reading “Google Hiring Freeze 2022”

Will Google layoff employees?

Background Google has been known for years as one of the top companies providing luxurious perks to its employees. Due to rising inflation, and the ongoing economic weak scenario, the senior management at Google is facing a steep challenge. Advertisers who used to spend a lot of money in advertising in Google is reducing theirContinue reading “Will Google layoff employees?”

Google Plus will be a Facebook and Orkut killer

People have never really sticked to one particular social networking site for a long time. Since Orkut started out way back in the 2000s, people flocked into it, and it became a madness. There was nothing that could be compared to Orkut’s mad addiction to anything in the contemporary internet or physical world. Students andContinue reading “Google Plus will be a Facebook and Orkut killer”