Tableau Certification

Overview Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools today. Business across the world are using Tableau to analyze their data. The demand for skilled Tableau professionals is now more than ever before. A Tableau Certification definitely goes along way in demonstrating your familiarity with the tool. Tableau offers different types of certificationsContinue reading “Tableau Certification”

Whole to part panorama

 Any new initiative brings with it several bytes of data to start with. When we start with the goal to derive insights, evaluating the available raw data becomes the only activity for days. Fields stop making sense with relation to another if at all when we challenge it enough but often enables modeling with precisionContinue reading “Whole to part panorama”

The Elusive Paradox

Curiosity to derive a metric however simple or complex it may be, requires clear objective and precision right from the initial stages. Adding to it the modern examples of flashy dashboards and infinite interactivity, and we have all the ingredients of a recipe that can go extreme either way. All that dazzles and sparkles needContinue reading “The Elusive Paradox”