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Its been quite a while since I cracked TCS this year on the 19th of Feb. But I have been longing to share the wonderful experience that I went through during that time, and here it is. It was really unique. I never really did anything special for it except for revising a few subjects of previous semesters. After spending 15 years in South Point, I was more than a bit confident that my communication skill wouldn’t be a problem. So it all came down to brushing up my soft skills, revising subjects from old semesters and practising quantitave aptitude and reasoning from R.S.Agarwal, the very popular book amongst all engineering students.


The preparation started from about the end of 5th semester. Unlike other sem-breaks, this was different. Rigorous practice of previous year’s papers was an integral part. Popular sites like freshers world were really of good use. It’s really a continuous process. One really can’t change overnight and be a master in solving the aptitude and reasoning problems. Continuously revising RDBMS and C programs, I really forgot to listen to Enrique Iglesias and Suman Chattopadhyay. However, the process went on and on and on for the next 2 months. We were told campussing would start on mid-Feb. Near about the end of Jan, I got a mail from our placement cell that TCS is going to come any day from the 14th-16th !! Being my dream company, I was really charged up for it. Its always a unique feeling when facing something new for the first time in life. Around 12th or 13th we were informed that the D-day was 14th.

The D-day

Dressed in extreme formals for the first time in our lives, we all went to the specified venue, a different college, with my CV and all required mark sheets and documents at 9am. They gave a presentation on TCS. Really informative. Then batch by batch we were led to the computer lab of that college, where we gave our aptitude test online. Our batch was called up at about 4.30pm. The given 90 minutes passed in a flash, steadily answering question after question. There was no negative marking. After the test, we all went to hall and sat there waiting for our results to be declared. Our TPO came with the list and read out the names, and it was really a good feeling to hear my name being called out. After that we all were given a form to fill up, where we provided all our educational and residential details. The sirs from TCS who were there were extremely helpful to clarify all our doubts, I guess everybody from TCS are like them. Finally, after submitting the form we all left. A slight sense of victory, a feeling of slight success I felt, when I thought that I’ve cleared the first hurdle of my first attempt at a test in the outside world. But it was only the initial round. The next round of interview was to be held 2 days later, on the 17th, in our college, from 9am.

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Interview Experience and Tips


The 2 days were spent on revising some portions of C, Java, RDBMS and specially focusing on how to answer interview questions, how to handle myself during an interview. My dad provided me some very useful tips, I also got to know a lot of useful things from Google Search regarding the desired etiquettes. Finally, on 17th morning, one of the most memorable mornings of my life, I went to college. All of us were equally nervous, or confident, both we can say. We all waited in our 2nd floor classrooms while the interviews were held in the 1st floor classrooms by many panels, consisting of 2 persons in each panel, and 4 panels in a room in the 4 corners. We were called one-by-one. After being called, we briefly waited outside the interview rooms before being called in again. It was a peculiar feeling. It was not tension, it was not confidence, but it was also not normal. Something I fail to describe miserably every time someone asks me. It was 1.50pm. Finally I was called into the room by a sir who carried a list of all the names. Game on !!

Interview Questions

I was greeted by a firm handshake by one of the sirs. I wished him “Good Morning”, instantly realizing my mistake, I wished the other sir sitting beside him a “Good Afternoon”. What a beginning. But I managed to put it behind me the next moment. The sir who greeted me asked my name and brought out the form which I have filled up last day, there he saw my personal details, residential details and finally while looking at my educational details, he seemed to be pretty impressed when he saw I have spent 15 years in South Point and said “Why you want to join TCS? Why don’t you go for MBA, or higher studies when you have so high marks throughout?” I really answered from my heart that TCS had been my dream company and it would really be a privilege to be a part of the TCS family, so renowned for its work-culture. Unlike many other new companies, this company it has its own heritage which I really admire. He was really friendly and seemed pleased. After that he asked me a few questions on cardinality and 3NF. Satisfied with my answers, he asked the other sir to take care of me and went for a brief walk. This sir asked me about threads and processes, life cycle of threads and to mention the function of the methods. I answered fine. Next he asked me the order of bubble sort and difference between malloc and calloc. After that, he asked me the from Java the concepts of inheritance and interface, multiple inheritance, the life cycle of applet and synchronization. As he did not have any expression on his face, I could not understand whether he was happy or not, though I was very much satisfied with my answers. Then the other sir, who has already returned in the meantime, asked me what would I do if I had no work to do at office but still had to come. I thought for a second and said I could learn something from other departments, some thing I don’t know, which will help my career as well help my company in a broader sense. Then he asked what would I do if I saw someone completely neglecting his work. I said I would try to provide him encouragement to work. He asked me what if the person is extremely reluctant to work, hates to work, what would I do then? I said I might help him a little to do his work if I get time after finishing my own. “Both of you are getting the same package of 3 lacs, why would you do his work?” To this I paused for a bit longer, and replied it’s my nature sir. He seemed satisfied.

Tricky Ending

Then he asked me what would I do if your family members fell extremely ill, and your boss is extremely strict to provide you with any leave. I said I would ask my relatives and friends to manage the initial situation until I get a leave. He said no, the situation is such that you yourself have to come and you get no leave. I thought and said I would request my boss explaining him the priority of my request for leave. He said no, your boss won’t listen to anything. I was bowled out on that. I kept silent. Each second seemed like an eternity. Finally he broke the silence, asked me whether I am relocatable anywhere, whether I had any eyesight problem and finally whether I had any problem joining as a Software Testing Engineer. I had little idea which was better among various software engineering posts, but I said I would do my best to put up a performance up to his expectations, which I really felt. Happy with that, he asked me a bit more detailed about where I stay. After That, he said “Thank you, Rahul.” and reached out his hand for a handshake. After shaking and thanking him, I reached out my hand to the other sir for shaking (something which I later learned I shouldn’t have done, as he should have done that) and he also shook and I thanked him and finally left the room.

Dream and Reality Meets

Phew! What an experience. All my friends were really excited, each one discussing about their own experiences, some were sad, some were happy with their performance. I was satisfied. I returned home and shared all that happened with my parents. I felt I have done my best and would make it. But I really didn’t depend on it so much that it would break my heart if I didn’t make it. That’s me always. We’re not sure when the result would be declared. So a day passed. Next day, on 19th, I heard our results would be declared. I kept checking my mails all morning. But seeing no mails till about 12.30pm, I took a break and went about. One of my friends called me at about 1.10pm, asking me about his result. He said results were out at 1pm. I suddenly had my heart in my mouth, something that seldom happens to me. I found a mail in my Inbox from the placement cell of our college containing a list of names who has cleared the selection process. Bingo !! I found my name in it. My dream has come true. This would certainly be one of the most memorable mornings of my life, with the rejoicing that followed.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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  1. This would certainly be one of the most memorable mornings of my life, with the rejoicing that followed……… i also feel the same case when i got in infy.. BUt if i dont get into it becoz of some reason like … cancelling .. or getting year lag … then remembering that special day will bring bitterness… i always think about it

  2. True, but I better not taint my cherished moment by thinking about the future you know, I believe in handling a situation as it comes…I don’t believe in worrying unnecessarily..though being practical at the same time.

  3. It brings back to my memory the days i spent preparing for the tcs campusing and the way i was eliminated from the aptitude test ….. Also its brings backs the happier memories of joy when i finally got selected in infosys…

  4. First of all you were not wrong in wishing the other person Good Morning even though it was Afternoon. According to the etiquettes rules you can wish a person Good Morning before sunset if you have seen the person for the 1st time. Secondly it was very good gesture on your part to have extended your hand for the second time even though the other person is reluctant to do so since that proves that u are a person who is pro-active and takes initiative. Third point is that the answer to the boss question that you will surely tell your boss that life is much more important than job which can obviously be managed by somebody. One cannot neglect life because of job. That is the difference between humans and Robots. Finally I liked your answer about the other person being reluctant to work.

  5. wel congr8s!!! so u r gonna b in 8th sem .rt!!i ve never had da privillage of being in tcs campus..neways TCS relly rocks…all da best 4 ur trainin…gud day..

  6. @Saraactually TCS came to our campus, we didn’t have the privilege to visit them..but soon we’re going to really looking forward..dis is my 8th sem now…

  7. Hello frends…Well for my selection i will give 70% of my credit to my LUCK……..!First to start wid TI, it was of around 1/2 hr & taken by 1 sardar Person who already came to my college before for guiding lecture.He gone through my resume very deeply,asked about all d projects both of school & d college,my fav subjects & so on…..!About my fav subj., i told him about 5 subj. very well, but it what to say the bad luck for me was that his fav one was DBMS which i didnt prepared to the mark….So after every 2-3 questions he fires a question from DBMS & i have to say every time that srry sir i have not prepared that very well.At last he asked me some concepts from Data Comm..!Well after such interview i was not sured to be clearing that round, just keeping hope that my college project will help me to clear that round as it was in DBMS…!The main tension creating factor occurs now,when my result of that interview was waited for more than 2.5hrs.I thought in between that i m not selected but finally after 2.5hrs my name was announced for HR & I got the HR form to be filled….!& its the matter of luck only that only I was selected among all the boys frm that panel with the name starting with 'R'.Now for HR, I prepared many questions & I thought during d very 1st question of Introduce urself, I will be telling them about my name & its meaning……& now what to say that its all my gud luk that there 1st question to me was”Whats the special in ur name…”My HR round was of 45mins & there were 2 ladies taking my HR…!Then they asked me about “Why TCS”then about my stengths and weakness.Then define Team Work,about duration i will be working in TCS,etcFinally i became sured to be got in TCS when they said”Ur coming to Mumbai,meet u there”So HR was rocking…!During final result again GUDLUCK was wid me that d very 1st Name they announced was RISHABH MANGAL i.e. me & i really got shocked not for getting in to TCS but for the very first name to be of mine.

  8. Hello Frnds!!!My Technical Interview was (approx.) 40-50 min. long….the very first question they asked me was Introduce urself…I was less confident while answering as I was expecting this in HR….but I answered quite well…then they glanced at my Resume n asked about my Area of interest(I wrote that in Resume)…I said C/C++…then as expected they started grilling me on it…they asked Basic structure of C++program…a for loop code…basics concepts of OOPs examples…Polymorphism…etcetc..Then came the terrible part n i.e. DBMS….I said I m not well prepared in this but then also they asked me some Question on Keys n tried to confuse me…at last I gave up n they started asking Operating system…thank God I was good at it…the last Question was that if we will not select you then will you go for other company…the answer was Obviously YEs…but I framed it well n answered…I was really afraid that my last answer may throw me out …but after 1 hour I got a call for HR….HR was really gud..they just asked about my family background…n about places i like…then I was quite confident that i will be through…The person sitting next to me at the time of result was Rishabh only…I was waiting for my name…it was i think 15th 0r 16th name i dont know exactly…n Finally We celebrated,…………..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Interview was a mixture of my knowledge n my luck!!!!!

  9. Abwt my trip 2 TCS…Welllllllll!!!!!It was a Roller-Coaster trip for me compared to others…Aisa lag raha tha jaise…these interviews were just for formality…Everything happened as per I wished should go…Welllll let me start sharing my experience..Reached the TCS campus by 10.15am ie 15min be4 time as we(batch3 candidates) were expected 2 b there by 10.30(max)..Entered the canteen 2 see few having breakfast,few studying C & C++ & few nervous nerds just ratofying all they had studied in their engineering days till date..Saw my group(to b precise comps+tronics public) seated at a table in the back…The comps public were busy going thru the C,C++ materials…Asked one of them 2 just telllll give me an overview of C & C++ jitna bhi ho sakhee in 10min(I am from Electronics Branch & had C & C++ in 1st yr so couldnt recollect much)..5min tak sab shantii se sunaa after tht i said “i guess I had enough of C & C++”..Pataaa nahi woh kya tha…I said 2 myself “lets take a RISK 2day dude”…I was confident on myself thanks 2 the few projects which i had done till date..To b precise 3 of them…Was confident that..Whatever damn question he asks me abwt my projects will definitely satisfy him with my answers..Within half an hour my call for interview came..Was directed 2 a person named AMIT(my panel comprised of a single person) who was my tech interviewer..Scanned my resume thoroughly on whatever i had written..he went thru my “Projects undertaken” section..Asked abwt my Miniproject which was signal generator using MUC..Told everything from the designing 2 programming 2 implementation..then asked fw things abwt Digital 2 analog converter which was par of my project..Answered…Then he asked me abwt computer controled & manual controlled robotics…Answered everything with detail…After the project session his body language said that “He was quite impressed with me”..By tht time maine 60% bottle mein daal diya tha..Now bakii ka 40% bottle mein utarna bakii tha..Then he asked me few basic things abwt ECAD(like whts a diode,types of diode,whts an zener diode & few Q abwt opamps)…Luckily all questions were within my range. Then on similar lines he asked me few things abwt Microprocessors(8085 & 8086) with programs & even few questions from BCE(like wht r the various types of modulations,Whts multiplexing & bla bla bla..)..Answered 85-90% of questions put forward 2 me..Tab tak woh finally bottle mein completely ja chuka tha..Waha se uthne ke pehe hi i was confident tht i will make thru & the guy didnt dissappoint me either..Finally came out happy even be4 the results were out…Within 15min was asked 2 report 2 the HR department..Got a call frm them within 10min of arrival…The HR panel comprised of an 35-40yr old man & 24-26 yr old lady..they greeted me as i entered after i had greeted them..Then in the next 30min they just scanned thru my personality from top 2 bottom nearly 1000times would say..They put forward few practical case studies & asked my point of view on the same…& further requestioned on the answers i had given…Really enjoyed that experience…Was never nervous & had a friendly chat with the panelist..cracked few light jokes in between 2…..Baharrrr niklaaa toh i was 101% sure tht i was gonna b selected…But still waited for the next 4hrs @the canteen for the confirmation..& as expected..My name was in the future TCS associate list…frankly speaking..Interview ka thoda bhi nervousness nahi tha..I think it was destined tht I will get thru 2 TCS….

  10. Let me make it clear, I DID NOT EXPECT THIS.To get into TCS without ANY preparation, only for apti, i checked out RS Agarwal for only 2 hours (or maybe 3) And I did not expect to clear the apti, but by the grace of god, I did. When my name was announced, TCS-177, I was damn surprised, coz I didnt think I would clear.Anyway, so after the apti, we had to wait for 1-2 hrs, for the technical, which took place, I had NOT even read my resume properly before that time. Anyway, I filled the “blue sheet” properly and strictly with only those things in which I had total expertise. So finally my name was called, and I went in for my technical.The first question they shot was, tell us something about urself, with special reference to ur academic background, I was really surprised, coz this is a HR question, but recovered in time, and told them all about myself, i am so n school…Xth n XIIth %age…college, then degree %age. He was quite impressed by my marks.After that he asked me about my reading habits, since I had written only that (glass painting) in the hobbies section. He asked me to name 5 books which I have read. I named around 15 and told him I could name a lot more. Again he looked very impressively towards me and I felt the interview going good.Next he scanned my resume (literally). I had written around 20 symposiums in which I have participated for programming quiz he asked about my role in those teams, I told him it was 2 member team, and my main role was to provide syntax while the other member applied logic.Then came the bad part, both the panelists had started to scan my blue sheet.Int: what is the size of a pointer?Me: Sir, it depends on the type of data to be stored (extremely foolish answer)Int: So what does a pointer store?Me: Sir, it stores the memory address of a location.Int: So u r telling me, that the pointer stores an integer value and the size is determined by the type of value?Me: (Finally realizing my mistake) Yes Sir, I agree with u, it must b 2 bytesin size.Int: (Now smiling, heavens knows y) OK, (now staring at my blue sheet again) So ur fav subject was OOPS.Me:Yes SirInt: Ok, So u dont know about DBMS?Me: Sir, we were taught DBMS in theory as well as practicals in the fourth semester, but I am not very clear with the concepts.Int: (Without ANY mercy) Ok what is Codd's Rule?Me: I dont know sir.Int: Have u heard about something called compositve keys?Me: No Sir.Int: Ok, tell me about refrential integrity.Me: Sir it is the concept of using a foreign key, a master slave relation..blah blah.Int: Ok, then he asked a bit more about DBMS, which I knew thankfully.The Other Int: (He was just sitting and noticing my body language, I suppose, which I know for sure is really bad) Ok Shubham, (he took a paper and drew a circle on it) So u c the manholes on the road, y do u think they r round?Me: (Huh!?!?!?!?!?! Puzzles r really not my thing) Well…sir, maybe coz its helful for the guy to get in? (Go on, u can laugh, the interviewer also smiled in a very wry manner, as if to say, “beta thoda to dimag laga hi lete..”Int: So then even ur room door should be round? But its rectangle.Me: 😀 😀 (gayi naukri) Sir maybe the pipes r round, so that it maintains symmetry (No comments about this one)Int: Ok never do u have any questions for us?Me: No Thank u sir.Int: All right, u may leave.Me: Thank u sir.TIP TO THE PEOPLE WHO R PREPARING: PLZ GREET THEM CORRECTLY AND DO GREET THEM. DONT SAY GOOD MORNING AT 9 IN THE NIGHT.

  11. I was relieved to have come out, and hardly thought that I would clear it. But within 5 mins I was called for HR. I was really surprised and genuinely thought that there had been a mistake and I had been called again for the technical, so I told the teacher who took my name, “Mam my technical is already over” She simply smiled n beckoned me into the room, so I dutifully followed, all the while thinking about the inefficiency of a company which cant even keep its records straight. When I finally sat in front of the panel, only then did I realise that it was the HR.So first question, tell us about urself?Me: Sir, I m so n so, studied here gotr these many marks, was an active participant in computer symposia blah blah..Int: Well, how can u say that u have team spirit in u?Me: Sir, i was first member, then vice-president and finally president of my school's computer board, which has given me ample exposure to team work and decision making, it was a very enjoyable and informative phase of my life.Int: Ok, (He was impressed 😀 ) The lady asks, so y tcs? Me: Mam, TCS is Asia's largest IT company, has an employee base of so many and has very prestigious clients, 7 out of the top 100 fortune 500 companies are TCS clients, so I think that speaks for itself.Int: Ok, so how do u rate urself for ur general knowlege?Me: Mam..i would rate myself at 5 or 6 on a scale of 10.Int: Who is the president of India?Me: Mrs. Pratibha Patil.Int: Who was the president in 1991?Me: I dont know mam.Int: Ok. What r the services provided by TCS?Me: mam TCS exists in nearly all the spheres of a common man's life, be it electronics, banking, software, IT, TCS also helps the Govt.Int: How dus it help the govt?Me: mam…( i didnt know the answer to this one) well it has undertaken literacy missions in Andhra Pradesh etc.Int: (Not at all impressed) But that is a part of TCS's corporate social responsibility. How is that helping the Govt?Me: (Huh!?!) Well mam, maybe it can undertake such project which help.The other int: what kind of projects?Me: Sir, like it could undertake development of banking solutions for centralized banks which help in integration (this was complete crap, I had made it up)Int: Ok. So do u have any weaknesses?Me: Yes sir, rain is my weakness, when I see the raindrops falling with a pitter-patter sound on the window sill, I just cant handle the impulse of going out and wetting my hands in it. (This was a pre-decided answer, I was always taught never to reveal ur weakness until asked specifically about it)Int: (Laughing) No no, I meant something that u have to imporve upon.Me: Well sir, that would b my short temper.Int: Ok, so how do u plan to go about that?Me: Sir, I find that counting to 10 is a very good way, it usually helps.Int: Allright, so then u must b having lots of arguments with ur friends?me: No SirInt: How is that possible, u just said u r short tempered.Me: Yes sir, but until I am completely and 100% confident about what I am saying, or that I am correct, I dont pick an argument.Int: Ok. So will u have any problems relocating, if we post u to mumbai?Me: Sir, if I cud get Delhi, I would prefer it, but otherwise I have no problems.Int: Plz think about this, I think this problem of relocation might be with u.Me: No Sir, I will not let such a minor issue like relocation hamper my job.Int: OK, So u know about the 50,000 Rs. penalty in the service agreement?Me: YesInt: And about the medical test?Me: Yes.Int: Allright, u may leave.Me: Thanku mam, sir.After this, around 3 more people had to undergo the MR interview, which I did not have to give.At around 9:30 my name was announced….and trust me, it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.

  12. Hi Guys,Well My experience at TCS interview was the first and the best experience.TCS came to GEC – Goa, on 29th of feb 2008.On the first day we had TCS ppt(pre placement talk) and the apti.The apti was online and it was bit diffiult. But i Got through.Results were declared on that day itself.Next we had Technical interview.Many good students were thrown out due to many reasons, such as inconsistancy( as they want certainity in their employees), lack of positive attitude,etc.i was asked to write a program to implement a doubly link list.i was made to sit in a corner to write for 20 mins.Then i was told to exchange my paper with another candidate.and we were told to look for mistakes. he picked up 3 mistakes of mine.i picked up 2 of his mistakes.he was basically testing my attitude. I wasn't jealous of the other candidate.finally the other candidate left the room. Then the interviewer told me to brush up my concepts well.. At that time i was sure to be rejected…My Technical round results came within 15 mins. and I was called for MR(Managerial Resource) round.MR person was very experienced. It was fun talking with him.He asked me about my project. About TCS. I had done a lot of research on TCS. So i answered almost all the answers.i was called for HR(Human Resource) round immediately.He was Young, but quite experienced.He asked me to draw a picture, representing my personality……..i thought for 30 seconds……I drew a piece of paper.i marked straight, bold, neat lines . like that of a ruled paper. but little bold.then i drew musical notes on them.He asked me to justify. i said, bold lines indicate that i am neat and organized. and the musical notes indicate that m interested in Music…That's it!!Our results were disclosed after 10 days as we had to answer other companies too. i got through Cognizant too.But i selected TCS, as it respects ethics and is NO.1 company.

  13. well as for now let me share my exp…….my apti was on 15th of feb…yes my valentine's day wasn't exactly quite rocking dis time….well back to d apti…we reached the venue at 7.30 in the morning .by 10 we wer done wid d ppt n den the wait for the test started…finally aftr waitin for 12 hrs my apti was taken at 7.30 in d evening…results wer out aftr 2 hrs n i was pretty sure dat i wil clear the apti….interview was to be held on the 17th of febwe wer given the time at2pm but to my surprise it started at 1.15pm…i reached the venue late…and as soon as i entered the colg everybody was screamin my name….we wer divided into groups and taken to a hall….everybody was like so tensed but i was quite relaxed….i didn't have to wait for even 5 mins and my name was cald….tpo sir gave me a few tips b4 i entered(thank you sir!!!)i entered a cabin and two men wer sittin der.. i wishd dem n den dey had a luk over my blue form……dey wer quite impressed wid my marks…dey askd me tell me sumthin abt myself dat is not mentioned in the blue form…i said abt my strength and i mentioned dat i m hardworkin and a quick learner….den dey askd me abt tcs…watever i remembered frm d ppt i said it all and dey wer bowled over …dey said u r a quick learner…wow!!! good goin…den dey askd me a c program …i did it next grilling started frm my ee backgrnd….POWER SYSTEMS ……bus bars …bays …transformers…feeders dey askd me all….next dey askd abt WBSEDCL( i did my VT frm der)…. i was thorough wid my home work and dey wer impressed…dey askd abt my family backgrnd …abt my school…why DPS is better dan d rest..and some ques related to dance….next dey told me dat dey wil give the job if i ans 1 last ques…it was frm power system and i said it started the real twist.dey askd me dat wid my sound INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE i wil b doin injustice if i join tcs..for the next 20 mins i went on convincin them dat i wanna join tcs n nower else. aftr dat all of us started laughin(actually i smile a lot…may be dats y dey also ended up smilin!!) dey said it was a pleasure talkin…i left the cabintpo sir was der waitin for me n who tld me not to wori and prepare for d next company…i waited for 2 days and den finally on 19th seniors frm colg cald me up to congratulate… i got the job!!!

  14. well! since I'm the topper of our branch ECE, my parents, frnds,staff and all were very sure that I would get selected.( wid all their wishes I got moral support).in our col the process contained MR round for every student .so 3 interviews.first day on APRIL 2nd apti. many cleared it and I was one among them and my no. os 343 dat time. sir announced that till 345 d interview will be on the same, I started preparing along with 2 more girls from my branch below 345. the reps said that come with the blue forms before evening. we sat under a tree in our greenedcol. we went with forms around 6:30PM.So, our TPO was very strict. He didn't allow us for interview dat day coz we r late!!Thus!!!!! I started crying as the int was not conducted on that day.(even the other girl too started weeping!) It became very very troublesome for our co coordinator sir, toconsole us. At dat moment ma father came to take me home. I told him the situation and cried again.The coordinator came to ma dad and started explaining(of course the time was around 10PM and the interviewers even wanted to stop the ints. for dat day b4 completing 345) so I returned to home dat day the TR,MR,HR and announcement.So, wid Tonnes of freshness I entered the col.first TR:M: May I com in sir?Int: come in Bhavana!M: GM sir!Int: A very GM, Take ur seat!Int: so (as usual) TEll me abt ur selfM:hmm started wid parents,academics,contd wid my spirit,enthusiasm and courage……(told for abt 6-8 mins)Int: tell me somedig more abt u Bhavna…Me:(what to say….) started telling how my day starts, wt I learn, how it ends…(was very much impressed by my language skills and situational examples)——–The interviewer was very very humble and soon we started talking casually—-Int: (after a long general talk….) hmm let us come to technical round….asked the basic qs like FF,latches,rams,and many more (answered correctly)*******I wrote areas of interest as Microprocessors and Digital electronics*******Int: so can you write the program for Factorial in Microprocessors?M: started writing as I catched d logic(mov si,4000h/mov cl,[si]/mov ax,01h/mul cl/loop up/add si,02h/mov [si],ax/ends/end)Int: good. then… r u weak in any subjects?M: sir, I get a little bit problem wid Antennas , but i'm very much interested to learn that subject….i shall do it when ever i get leisure…Int: any more strong subjs?M: communications,STLD,Ic applications…..Int: I don't ask you from these subjs as u are strong i know….************again a very casual and lively talk ********Int: OK, thank you bhavana!M: Good day sir, Thank you!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@next MR, HR

  15. contd…MRm: good afternoon sir!Int: good afternoon! be seated!m: thank you sir!Int: well bhavna, ur interests are in microprocessors mainly… then how cud you leave ur stream?m: sir, I'm not at all away from my path.. MPS mainly deals wid programmingwhich needs logical thinking…same is the case with the present languages(c,java…). wt is important is the logical thinking and it can be implemented in anyplatform.Int: wt r ur considerations if a problem is given to you?M: told many… few…. team members, duration, seniors etcInt: ny qs?m: no sir(but I actually had one question…. but reserved it for HR)Int: thank you bhavna(gave a shake hand)m:Thank you sirHRint: hello!m: GE sir!Int: take ur seatm: thank u sirint: well, let us start from ur childhood till present- tell me abt ur selfyour academics, ur native every thing.m: told very well and he was listening very carefully int: very fine. Why TCS?m: as it is one of the most prestigious companies in the world and it is the place for the freshers to learn and grow. As i've heard dat TCS is employee friendly. and some statistics abt the company will you sign the agreement for 2 years with us?m: sure sirint: will you go if we post you in Delhi or Mumbai?m: with pleasure sir, as one of my interests is traveling, I shall take it any questions?m: yes sir. Are there any social service programs being conducted by TCS?int: yes bhavana! We have a website named not sure)through which many tcs employees help others.(and well explained the program's mission vision and response )m: I too will be one of the maytri members when I join TCS sirint: sure bhavana, thank you for spending your time with us(give a firm handshake with a beautiful smile)m: thnk you sirthats allllll!in the auditorium the names of 123 ppl selected were announced and I was one among helped me a lot to prepare for the apti.the prayers of mine, my parents' were heard by HIM the ultimate soul, the God,without whom nothing would have been possible.

  16. its my time to share ;)Technical interview:when I was called, the senior who took me said… “Main tujhey jiss panel main ley jaa raha hu ye program banwa rahey hain tu tayar rehna”… i was bit excited.. i entered in lab n the guy gave me a paper on which i had to write code, he made me sit at one corner… the problem was easy though, juss to print the pyramid..1 202 19 173 18 16 144 17 15 13 11it took ard 4-5 min to solve n i said “sir!!!” he said “ok done?.. wait” i saw there were 6 ppl already in queue.. after 3 i just stood up n said “sir may I” ba` that was not my chance to go… the guy who had to come flaged me n i was now facing interviewer… seemed he was quite professional… no introduction just asked me to explain my program… i said “ok lets debug it… ” n i started explaining… then he started reading my cv.. (standing) “ok u know BASH scripting??” i said “yes sir”… then he asked me to make a script which prints a string character by character… i said ok.. n started wid it… meanwhile he was going through my cv… suddenly he said.. “done??”… i just turned the page to him n said “yeah sir”… he saw n said “ok… can u tell me the difference btw K-shell n BASH” i started makin him count.. then he was like “ok ok m giving u this memory space n one pointer now play with it… make programs to print string in reverse, normally, ne 10 char from ne where”… it was again a simple task.. i wrote all tht n then he started pokin with pointers… i managed to show him tht i was correct ol the way … he said “(smiling)ok u can go..” well tht was my technical…then after waiting 5+ hrs I was called for HR.. there were two interviewer.. one lady n one gentleman… they tried to trap me in many situation like… if we send u to pakistan.. if u had to leave job for ur date… what is my weakness… on a scale of 10 hw much u will give urself for confidence… will u be in among selected ppl.. y u take part in coding competition… do i have gf… what is logic according to me… n many more…@Bhavananice writo… i guess u remmember everything 😉

  17. I love my interviewHi friends even i want to share my experience Initially we had the online test which many people scared me that it wud be difficult but i found it was fine and cleared it but later was stunned to se many of my talented colleagues unable to clear it and then i was a bit confident on myself and next came the first of my 3 roundsTechnical roundInt:HelloMe: Hello mamInt:Ok tell me about yourselfI prepared about myself very well and she was very impressed by my answer and thenInt:What is you fav subject?Me:UMLInt:Do u know databases?Me:Yes i know themShe game me some queries i wrote few and cudnt write one complex query she looked at my resume and i mentioned C,Java in my software proficiencyInt:Write a code for reversing a number in CMe:Yes mam and i wroteLater few questions about C i answered fw and others i didnt answer she saw i was becoming low on confidence so she Asked my hobbies i again gained confidence and was back on trackInt:Some question on javaMe: I answered themInt:Tell me about SDLCMe:I was perfect in that and i explained her clearlyInt:Ok Nishanth you can goMe:Thank you mamThat went on for 30 minsManagerial RoundInt:Hello Nishanth how are you?Me:Hello sir I am fine thankyou how are u?Int :I am fine too Nishanth. I will tell about myself and told his experience in TCSand then asked tel me about yourself?Me: I told he liked my way of speakingInt:See Nishanth in this round i will be mainly concentrating on your communication skills,our confidence and your way to solve problemsMe:I said ok sirI was confident on myselfInt:If you know about fibonacci series can u write a code for itMe:Yes sir and i wrote downInt :He gave me a problem in which he stated there is a cube of 8 cm how many 1 cm cubes can i fit in them Me:I solved it my own way and said 512 INT:He said you right and asked my approach and he said there is another simple approach can u tell meMe:Volume Int:Your rightAnd then he spoke about his experiences and asked my achievements and then asked about my life and alllThis went on for 20 mins

  18. contd…HR roundLast was my Hr roundHe called me and the interviewer was pretty youngMe:Good evening sirInt:Good evening have your seatOk Nishanth tell me about yourselfInt:Tell me about your ProjectMe:I toldInt:What is the foundation you have mentioned hereMe:I mentioned about the social service foundation that i work for and he was impressedInt:He saw my hobbies and said so you like singing what songs u sing?Me:Sir slow songs and patriotic songsInt:Why do u want to join Tcs ?Me:I said because tcs is a right platform for a fresher to grow with the company as well as an individualInt:are you interested in further studies?Me:Not as of now i need a job at presentInt:Why not further studies?Me:My financial status doesnt support me to do soInt:bank issues loans so you can go for themMe:May be but i wanna experience the industry by being an integral part of itInt:Ok do u know about the bond you have to sign for 2 years?Me:Yes sir Int:Ok Nishanth listen don't get demoralized if you wont be selected because this is not the end of world for you and you have many more companiesMe:No sir i wont because it has been a great experience for me with Tcs.Int:Ok Nishanth you can goMe:Thank you sirNext day results were announced and i was one among the selected candidatesI consider myself very lucky

  19. i hav had d BEST interview ever!!99% of u guys who read dis, wont believ der eyes..but i swear by d name of god.. iam not bluffin even a bit here!!my interview ws over just in 90 seconds!!i stepped in..he saw my profile..he ws very impressed wid my percentiles.. in 10th,12th, n even now..i hav maintained consistency.. he saw my project details..he asked only 2 questions..”y did u choose mechanical engg?”n two..” if u r so good on ur core side, y do u wanna shift ur line 2 software side?”i hv answered dem upright..d very next thin he said was.. “see u soon..”guys.. u really may not believ it..even i cant believ it dis far..its incredible!!but its true!!

  20. My life's best experience…hey friends i had prepared a lot for this interview…almost had learnt Barron's 1000 words or more…did RS and also solved many papers.. so was sure that i was going to clear the apti…we had aptitude on 26th march…and remain on 27th..on 27th i reached college at technical my number was 8th in my panel it started at 9:30 and the sir in our panel took interview of each for almost 45min to an hour so till lunch my turn did not come..but then after lunch at 2:00 i was waitin for sir to call me(as my turn was there) when they send the remaining three of us to a madam in other panel. again here there were many students in that panel so again i had to wait and atlast at 5:00pm my turn came…Me: may i come in.mam: yesMe: good afternoonmam: gud aftrnn,sit pleasemam: so are u tired waitin so long for no mam i was eagerly waintin for this.. and i was ready to wait even till late night..mam:good.. tell me what is difference between compile and compile all..?me:(i didnt know so just tried to guess) mam compile used for compililng single file and compile all to compile projectmam: are u (thought not to lie) mam i dont know what is compile all as i have never used it..mam asked some questions on pointers and linked list…i answrd them as i was confident i C and c++.and suddenly the mam stood up and walked out of the cabin…i was surprised but then came to know that there was a lizard and mam feared it she asked me to call a puen. i asked if i could n then took a book and tried the lizard out of the room…mam: what is done first compiling or she asked few to check whether i was bluffinmam then took a paper and asked me to convert sine wave in other waveforms which she drew…i was able to solve all except one..she asked me to draw circuit of differentiator…i could not recall..and then finally she asked me to explain project.. i was very happy that this questinand explnd her everythin…my interview took about 25 min and i was really nervous and then they gave me the form for the HR was at 7:30By the time i finished Technical most of them had finished there HR…HR just regular questions like tell me about ur self, family background, three things u like in ur college, college life, girlfriend(and asked a lot about this as i said i dont have), about my father, relocatable, bond, medical..and was really happy that i answered them well…then our result was to be anounced at 8:30 and it was already at 8 when i finished HR.. so didnt had to wait much.. and finally my name was announced and i felt like the king of the world… this was the best day in my life and even a sad news was there as my best friend did not clear the tech.. we will not stay together after college this thought still hurts me.. but hope for the best who knows he might be ther with me in future…

  21. Dream Experience for meHi Friends..Having gone through all the mentioned experiences and some other of my friends and colleagues i'm sure TCS looks for something unique in you and they have a unique interview for everyone. They may repeat certain questions but they check how good are you on what you claim (confidence and attitude).12th feb 2008:We reached at 9:10,10 minutes late than reporting time but well nothing actuaalyy happened till 9:45. The ppt was late as well.Apti was supposed to follow but our college had to wait till 6:45 PM. I'm good in apti & i prepared too little that at a time when people were carmming words and answer pattern of para based reasoning,i got really nervous. But the wait helped me calm my nerves. I was sure of clearing it after giving it as i was ahead of time in every section but still waited for the time to over rather than moving to next.It helped me relax when others were rushing and concentrate well for the next section.The result came at around 8:45 pm but since i knew i'll be through,i wanted to leave. A total of 11 students from college had cleared it.13th Feb 2008:We were supposed to report at 10 the next day and I reached by 9:30 the next day with my friend. We were arranging our certificates,CV and completing small things in blue form etc. when the announcement to report was made. We were scolded for not being in time even though those who were late weren't from our college. This sort of spoilt my mood as i dislike such a thing.They started calling alphabetically and due to some confusion on volunteers part my form was placed in the wrong set disrupting the order. I tried to correct htem and they were so confused the messed it up. I never came to know what happened. We waited for our interview & they started calling people ahead of me and next to me. We waited even more'probably because it was morning and 1st batch. Few of my classmates came after giving interview and suddenly the whole process seemed to stop. I enquired the volunteers but they never help.

  22. Contd. Interview ExperienceWe were now waiting by making group and kept on dicussing questions we've heard that were being asked. Everybody was tense due to delay. The process started and i still waited. I was wondering whether they had lost my form as the next lot of students from other college was put into waitng. When i felt restless I asked one volunteer who assured me that the forms are in random order and that they've not lost it. By the time i was called,only 1 of my classmate was waiting for interview. A volunteer showed me the room and asked to wait and i asked whether its tech first or HR. She said tech and asked me to wait. After 5 more minutes she called me by name and asked to enter another room (not the one i was waiting outside). I was surprised.I took a deep breath and thought “This is the moment of your life Ankush,go grab it” (The reason being my non cs background & not very solid tech knowledge like others of my batch)I was asked to wait for 1 minute before entering but they called me in 30 sec. I greeted the two members and they asked me to take seat.Q1. Are you doing MCA?Q2. Which college?Q3. Where is it?Q4. Are you passing out in 2008?These were probably to annoy me as they knew fully well about all the answers but i was relaxed & answered calmly.Q5. Why a B.Sc (Gen)? (I've done it from HansRaj College DU-he was probably impressed with it and my marks) and not honours?Q.6 Why MCA?I answered both of them satisfactorily.Q.7 Tell about your project.I told after being cut in b/w twice.Q.8 Subjects in current sem? Datawarehousing,Java,Linux,OB.I forgot 1 (Networks) & apologised for it.Q9 What is a Datawarehouse? OLAP,OLTP?I gave the meaning with purpose but no defn.Q10 Diff b/w linux & unix?Told.Some cross question on freeware & open source with lot of interruptions.Q 11What are classes in java?I was cut short and i fumbled in hurry of answering but made it up.Q 12 What are Java Beans?I had not heard of them so i said i've not studied.They tried to break my rhythm..

  23. Final conclusionQ Fav subject in graduation?Chemistry…Q Why?Answered partly before being cutQ Formula of ethylene?I told structure also.Q Benzene??Told.What is differential?Answered. Some cross questionsQ Newton's 2nd law of motion??ExplainedQ How is calculus related to 2nd law?Explained.A trick puzzle was given as i said i love maths and reasoning and i possess good anallytical skills.I solved it.Last question Reason of my surname not being same as my father's with complete explanation of gothras & saptarishis.It lasted for 30 mins approx but it was really fast paced. The two interviwers asked questions alternately without allowing me to answer in full. In fact they mixed the technical questions with my graduations trying to surprise me. Well i managed it and i wa pretty sure of making it. There were no programs and core technical questions & wondered if it was tech or HR…..I came out and started preparing for HR….. Specially the fav questions but the call for me never came. I waited for 3 to 4 hrs with my friend for a call which never came. At around 3 they announced that there will be no more HR or MR interviews of older batch (morning lot). We were left wondering what this meant. 5 of my classmates gave HR and 4 made it.I was not so sure after they asked us to leave the campus and told us to look for result on site or through our college.I returned to my rented room.Rested and discussed with friends. I slept at night at 10 30 with my cell on silent because i was due to appear for NIIT tech next day. The only doubt i had was because of just one interview.My friend told me the news when he recieved a call on his cell because i wasn't responding at 11 pm. I couldn't sleep whole night and the next day was the best Valentine's day i've ever had.I know i've stretched it a bit but its really a different experience. Its out of routine and indeed quite shocking for some so i thought i should share it

  24. well guys to start off i am from mechanical department studying in chennaimy TCS campus placement started on 14th may….it went two days so 15th may includedtwo days earlier…………. 12th mayi had my last exam of sixth semester which i didnt do well thinking about placements(i some how cleared it)the same day we were made to stay till 9 pm in the college in the name of giving last minute preparations…………a day earlier 13th mayone day is not enough for preparation of any kind which all of u should know even i did so i thought of just doing other work like taking photocopies of marksheets…., ironing and so onpreparing the resume told haft of the days work finally i had all the things ready except that i am yet to study for online teston the day of placement 14th mayi woke up on the day of placement thinking that i should attempt all the questions and solve the quants with the basics i knowthe day started horribly our college us got repaired so went late to collegebeing mechanical we were given the least priority so i had to wait till all other departmentfinished their online test ……… finally my turn came at 5:30 in the evening……u may ask me wat i did till then …..having fun with my friends (tats wat mech means)i cleared online test 🙂 one hurdel over the same day i reached home by 10:30on the day of interview 15th maynow again we were the last department to go in i waited for my turn wearing those tie and full sleeves the whole day first i had technical round at 5:15 in the evening …….to everyones surprise i had this round for 1 hour 10 minutes my friends thought tats the end of my chance for tcs but …….fate had something else after i finished my technical round within lessthan five minutes i was called for HR interview there were two people one lady around 28 years and a guy around mid 40sthere were very friendly ……. this round lasted for 15 minutesthen results came around 12.30 in the early hours….

  25. Guys here is my experience which i wanna share wid all u guys…..frst of all start wid the written exam………..fortunately it was quite easy nd i was preparing for it since one month infact the whole reasoning part from G.R.E. Barron's guide. It was expected that TCS will conduct the test at 11 a.m. on 26 March but it was started at 6 p.m. on the same day…..n then they announced frst batch of aroun 50 students for online written exam n again fortunately my seriol no was almost at the end so i gave my test on 27 March at around 6 p.m. can u believe guys after waiting almost 30 hrs i gave my written exam nd exam was so easy infact i prepared almost each nd everthing of quant section….. but i coudnt get the hang of English section…….nd ya reasoning part was like every answer was at my finger tip….TCS guys even dont change the serial of answers (hehehehe) …………….. nd on the same day it was declared that i was selcted for Interview….at around 10 p.m. then on 28 march i fully prepared for interview ( weAring a formal shirt nd a tie nd trouser) nd ya took “aashirwaads” of every elder person of my family……then around at 9 a.m. i entered the interviewer room i was the second person who gave interview to that panel……….as i enterd the room i saw two persons staring at me luking like they are thinking that AA Gaya Bakra!!!!!!……Me- Good Morning , SirInt.- Good Morning , have a seat……then i pulled the chair nd sat on that….Int.- May i have ur resume plz,me- sure sir….In my opinion wtever u wrote in resume u shud be well aware of each nd every aspect of it i wrote a line in resume that proefficient in using MS world ,PP , Excel ……nd that was my biggest mistake….becoz i knew very little about Excel Infact the frst question that interviewer asked me was frm excelInt.- so mayank r u really profficient of using these softwaresMe– yes sir…..Int. ok tell me that how can we write various formulas in excel can u write them here

  26. me- yes sir there are some symbols wid the help of them we can write various formulae in excel but rite now i m not able to recall my memory so i m not able to write ny formula…Int.- ok mayank can we use excel as a DBMS software nd how…???infact at that time i was thinking that there is no chance of my selction but i was still fighting wid those weird questions….Me- yes sir we can use excel as a DBMS software we can store various data in form of tables nd charts…then he noted down the thing that i have learnt C nd C++ (even i m 4m civil background)Int.- its really very gud that even frm civil background u have learnt C n C++.Me- yes sir i have a gr8 intrest in learning computers thats y i learnt these languages….Int2- ok mayank y do u want to switch over to IT field from Civil…???this was the question i really prepared a lot….me- sir it was my childhood dream to be a software engg but due to some circumstances i got civil branch in diploma then i got 4th rank there so i directly got selected for B.Tech. nd then i saw that there are so many IT companies coming to our college nd recruiting students frm all branches then i thought that it is the rite time to achieve my dream so i learnt computer languages nd did summer training in an IT company too…..(nd that was the great +ve point wid me that even having a civil engg background i did training in an IT company)Int. – ok mayank so ur project was “Waveplayer built in Visual C++ 6.0” thats gud …..tell me something about ur project….me- sir we made a media player which can play wave type files in Visual C++ 6.0 as an MFC app wizInt .- can u tell me something about MFCthen i described the whole project nd they were quite impressed wid me becoz of my project nd intrest in computer programing…..

  27. well i m vinit chaturvedi from BIT mesra…last year MCA…..i think TCS interview my 1st official one…….nd it was gr8…………the only thing with me was my confidence nd knowledge………it was only 1 round tech+HR ………basically it was an tech cum HR jyada interview tha……frm d starting they asked me abt my hobbies nd they were trapping me……it was 25-30 min long…….nd they asked only 3 or 4 tech questions……what is A.I.abt normalisation………..nd OSI layers…….thats all……… question of maths was also there which i coudn't answer…………but one thing i wanna tell dat during the whole interview i was talking normally with the HR………nd its all gone well………..nd finallly i m there in TCS 2k9……..with all u guys………..hope to be friendly with all uguys in TCS……best of luck to everyone of 2k9 TCS batch…………..

  28. hello everybody…I m manmohit pal singh from Guru Nank dev University, RC jalandhar…I dont know how i got into TCS…i had close to disastrous interview…it all started wid technical interview….Panel:hello, introduce urself..Me:(introduction wid an extra effort on accent and trying to be very intelligent)Panel:you from an electronics field….so which are ur favourite subjects???Me: microprocessors,Analog electronics,basics of C/C++Panel:so i will ask you question from digital electronics!!!Me:(stumped)ok sir(i hadnt studied digital after 3rd sem)Panel:what is a universal gate?Me:answeredpanel:implement a gate using universal gate?Me:Wait sir (Dunno how i did it bt i manged to draw a circuit) panel:what is a multiplexer?Me:answered panel:What is an encoder?Me:sir again digital electronics!!!panel waz infuriatedpanel:We can ask you any question from anywhere…it is our wish…you dont hav a say in dese things…Me:(i thought my ordeal is over.Any chance of getting in TCS was over with that obnoxious little remark from me)I m sorry sir…you can ask me anythingPanel:(after few seconds of deafning silence)So what you know…??Me:Err…microprocessorPanel:What is da difference between 8085 and 8086?Me:Answeredafter that a string of questions followed about interrupts and its handling…i managed to answer all those…few general electronics questions were also asked…i answered all of dem satisfactorilyAt the endPanel:ok may go now.Me:Sir, I am really sorry if i crossed my limits.Panel:doesnt may go now…best of luckMe:thanx

  29. Hiii…well my interview experience was really awsome…as i faced this recruitment process 1st time in my life….after clearing apti…next day i was called 4 TI….it was arond of 15 min. only…he asked me to introdue urself??? n then some question frm microprocessor….n can u imagine he told me to draw the whole micro processor's diagram…i was really astonished n ofcourse my ans was no….then some ques. frm DBMS…n a program in C language….meanwhile he scanned my whole CV…then i asked him ques abt training of tcs…n TI was nw over…then i was called for HR…it was 4 half an hour…. i was 2nd candidate 4 this…they asked to inroduce urself…why tcs…hav u seen tcs website…wat i knw abt tcs…any relative at tcs….abt my dream company…abt my proj….why i m nt aspiring 4 other company's…my strengths…weakness…hobbies…n after grilling me lot they told me to leave…bt i requested them to ask a ques…n after their permission i asked n they all 3 people really took intrest in answering me…i was quiet confident after seeing their intrest in my ques….n finally i got selected….it was really wonderful tht in 1st interview i got placed at such corporate…well this is all abt my interview experience…

  30. my interview was mastiit was one on one interview…it happned for 20mins…interviewer asked me about it ws written in ma cv..he asked me about ma fav guitarist and music band…it was almost hrhe asked me little bout dbms and coverall it ws funbzoy kalpanit silchar(cse)

  31. Its my time to share…After clearing the aptitude round i was very confident that i will get placed in TCS. It happened as it is :)I cant forget my first and best interview experience.. Also the 'B9' panel. We dont have separate rounds. 'All in One'My panel consists of three interviewers. I entered into the room with smile and my file. Two of them smiled and asked me to take the seat. I sat. Suddenly the third person told that “I didnt tell you to take your seat”. got shocked and stood up.. Then he smiled and asked me to take the seat. (His main aim is to stress)Then the same person asked that which one is better MCA or BE(since i am from MCA)I told that MCA is better,since its a PG degree and students from that stream will have more maturity.Three of thm hv gone thru my resume well. So another person asked about J2ME, J2EE & J2SE. I explained everything. Then asked Why PHP? Explained that also.Suddenly the third person started recording me with a cellphone to deviate me from the interview. I just smiled and turned. He kept his camera inside :pThey asked about my brother who is working for TCS and the tech details about his proj. I explained that also. The Ist person asked that what technology is used in J2ME? At that time I realized that they dont know about J2ME. So I explained about it clearly.Then, IInd person asked nearly ten types of S/W testing. But I answered only for White box testing.All asked that will I move to another company if i get a better chance.. They make many comedies with me. At last they asked that my resume is looking different from others. Because I am first from my college. 🙂 At last general discussions about my college and about the aptitude test.Almost thirty minutes over. But I couldnt realize thatFinally they gave hands to me and said “Thank you Arun, Meet you in TCS”.Got excited and came out.. Thats all.. Whats next.. Waited in an auditorium about three hours for already know result :)304th name was mine… 🙂

  32. guys it is march 23 rd when tcs came to our written about 192 were selected…next day interview began..Mr naveen bendict was main HR…when my name was called it was lunch time..Naveen sir came and asked me to go for lunch..a great opportunity for me to impress him…i told i wil have after getting selected to TCS..he became happy and forced me to go..later my first round cleared only because of a mini project which i had done..he was dam impressed..later my sec round cleared was my round..for my good sake all the questions asked were wel prepared one He told that my communication skills was round for my luck was taken by Naveen sir only..I had already impressed him..his last question was what should i do for u..i was confident enough to say select me..Naveen sir got up shaked my hand and told U have been selected.. thats it i was full of JOY

  33. suprised too see sooooooo long postshi peoplemy interview for tcs last for hmm….mayb 5 mins…..definetly not more than that…he just asked…hometown n school??wat u did at tata steel?mesra,main campus naa??over…

  34. @allmine was also a bit simplethey asked…………..meabt my hobby…….which i poseted in my resume as formulae-1then why tcs………………very few technical questions………..

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