TCS ILP Hyderabad Experience

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This is a guest post by Tejaswini Naidu. The views expressed are of the author.

Our  ILP Center,Q-City, Hyderabad Although after selecting in TCS in my college campus…and due to some reason I joined TCS ultimately.Before joining a lot of people inspired me a lot about the brand TATA. As, TCS is being a part of TATA group,a most leading and trusted company in Asia as a tagline 'experience certainty'.          

So, after waiting 1 year 1 month 9 days and 15 hours I got my joining letter in TCS portal nextstep.tcs…casually I was preparing for my graduate aptitude test but, on spot I decided to join this conglomerate giant IT industry as my profession as well as from my passion. The date was 03 Jan,2013, new year, new life, and of course new as well as first job.

TCS ILP Hyderabad Experience
TCS ILP Hyderabad Experience

As my first location was in Hyderabad, I got that, and also booked ticket on 30th Dec in Falaknuma, to reach there. During that time I was in really a life puzzle dilemma between my hometown and my forthcoming job town. As a Bengali guy I also impact from some homesickness, nevertheless I knew I should go, whatever the place is. I was counting those days…till 30 comes. I spent lot of times to go my nearest and dearest relatives,friends,shopping mall in my hometown, my college in Durgapur and also at my sweet home with my sweetest Mom,Dad,Bro and my Grandma…!

From the career perspective, I was also in the real dilemma because mine was not from Computer science background, that's why I was little scared and panicked to join.Although. Finally I caught Falaknuma on 30th Dec…after leaving my born and brought up hometown and also with lots of remarkable, sweetest and unforgettable memories.I hurt-ed somehow from many of my nearest and closest persons due to my personal life I mean love life…may be to avoid or forget that memory I decided to go anywhere but I should not be in my hometown…whatever it is…I also don't know from that point…any way…after long journey only 26 hours in Falaknuma along with 5 hours travelling…I reached Secunderabad…along with my four friends…

The day we reached Hyderabad,at night we went to see our dream office at a glance, because before joining I personally get excited and also inspired by a lot of people and employees in tcs through Facebook…just they told,now you are going to spend a charming and never forgettable days or memory in TCS premises. General information about TCS ILP Hyderabad… If you ask me, I'll say Awesome! But it might not be the same for all. The Initial Learning Program [ILP], is a 60 day training program designed and evolved by Tata Consultancy Services [TCS].The training head office is in Trivandrum,Kerala.Our batch was lucky to have the BIPM(Business Intelligence and Performance Management) curriculum, and its working excellent so far.

So let me sum up the how things are going. The first two days were kind of hectic and tensed. The reason was for Documentation. TCS had quite an amount of joining formalities, with Documentation being the most difficult one. Many would not have taken seriously when they get the annexure and you are asked to do stuff. But TCS takes this seriously, they will scrutiny your every document, and fault in producing any would result in lots of confusion and running around. You have to reproduce the faulted documents in 5 working days. Again, these formalities differ according to the ILP locations. Everything I am writing now is purely based on my experience at ILP Trivandrum. The process was more relaxing at ILP Hyderabad. End of the second day, you will get to know your Stream(In my case we have 4 streams - Java/.Net/Bipm/Testing), Base Branch Location(i.e., where you will be joining after ILP) and your Batch. We don't have a choice to chose our Stream or Batch, and the Base Branch location was 90% based on the preferences you gave earlier at Nextstep portal.

At the end of day, I got into Java stream with Base Branch as Bangalore, but most of my friends landed in Mainframe(which turned out to be hectic later on) From the nest on, we attended session according to our respective batches. We basically had four sessions every day consisting of three technical sessions and one Business Skills session. The third day would be pretty much an intro to the whole procedure, which in our case was an intro to the new curriculum. The curriculum changed, now we had no more weekly exams and hardcore theory sessions. Instead, we have continuous evaluation with a Project Based training, which I should say has come out very well. We were put into one of the two shifts, Morning shift - 7am - 1.45pm and Night shift - 2.15pm to 9pm. You can have extra sessions, you can come Saturdays and Sundays, and workout whenever you wish to(i.e., apart from these sessions).

The faculties are excellent, we can talk, ask, request anything to everything! They will really help us to solve the issues we face. This has been particularly helpful to the students without a Computer background. And I have a note to those students, never feel like you will suffer in here. If you have the basics, you will conquer this world. Or else, you still have the time to frame the basics! Your friends from Computer background and the faculties will help you in every way possible. Now our curriculum is like, we have 30 days of Concept learning and 30 days of Case study. And by the look of it, the ILP is being as promising as ever. With a Project based training, you get a simulation of a real time project here at ILP.

First day in TCS : I got up too earlier because our reporting was at 8 a.m.I, along with my those friends caught cab to reach TCS ILP center at Q-city.First day, really was a meaningful day with full sleeve shirt, closing collar button with tied up, formal pant, polished shoe. We were in a queue in front of gate, after showing our joining letter and personal ID card, we entered into the giant building.By taking the elevator we reached at 7th floor, because 7th and 8th were for TCS in that building.One security issued our temporary id card to enter into the auditorium.We were all total 306 employees from different states with multicultural harmony like Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, West Bengal, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha.Although in entire arena at TCS Q-city every state people were there. However, one of the ILP co-ordinator by the name Vinay along with Naveen came and delivered basic speech about ILP Hyderabad, and we came to know we are the Hyd-19 batch.

Then our HR Mr. Edward came and delivered a long speech.We got our TCS Id-card on that day by exchanging the temporary one.Then our ISU head Mr.Arvind Srikrishnanan came and gave a long speech to us.At around afternoon we got our ILP-Hyderabad head Ms.Jayashri Sengupta ,really really really awesome…her voice,clarity and spoken english also with body language motivation…!!!At 5 p.m. we sat for our PAT exam to be extracted 10% of people who can choose their own branch in ILP based on score.After 7 p.m. my documents(Service agreement paper,Non-criminal affidavit, all mark sheets along with certificate from class 10th to,medical cerificate,PAN,EC card,Passport,NSR card and the main surity documents and form/land property certiface or affidavit/fixed deposit certificate) verification had been done.Ultimately,at around 8.30 I left the office and caught oto to reach my PG at Indra nagar.

Second day in TCS: That day we entered first also in auditorium.The first speech was from Mr.Gautam Redddy, Java HOD…He just looked like a ferocious spook,we were really sacred during that time …were thinking that….if I will get java…and so on…but from then onwards I personally get in touched with him and came to know about his real great knowledge.Actually,before joining that ILP he was a trainer in IBM,and the most interesting thing is that he is not from Computer science background than Electrical field.Anyway,again we got our HR, he told about the basic architecture about salary and various allowances provided by TCS.On that day we got Kapil sir who told us about the system and the TCS internal basic security policy also the working process within TCS.At afternoon ILP co-coordinators came along with HR to see us the different allocated Learning Group wrt stream.I got the most luckily and sweetest LG H114,BIPM.

Then most strict-ed and cool co-coordinator Junied Ahmed along with Soujawanya came to select two CRs,from different LG.Luckily we got Barnali and Atishay as our CRs…where Barnali was from my college. The three banks had been invited by TCS for us to open our bank account…ICICI,AXIS AND CITY Bank.I opened my account in AXIS Bank.Lastly I left out from office…and that was the week end day…Friday. Third day onwards… Meeting with skill leaders:  On that day we met with our technical lead and biz skill mean business skill lead.On this topic it will be better to let you know people about that.Technical skill means the leader or mentor who taught us the technological things like java,,bipm,mainframe,unix etc.Whereas biz skill lead means who dealt with us about communication skills,gesture,writing skills,presentations skills and also how to motivate in the co-operate society.We met two great personality on that day from biz skill faculty arena…one is Mr. Vijoy Mohan,who was the business skill head and second one is Mr. C Ravi Kumar Andrews,with whom we spent a great time during our ILP.He was just look like a father of a church and cool minded unique personality…that we liked most. Any way coming to the technical skill faculty, we got one cool smart well-behaved leader Mr. Sukriti Chowdhury who was from Kolkata TCS. So, on that day mainly introduction and basic course overview had been discussed in to leading fields.

Our daily jobs:        
1. Always come before 6.55 a.m. and leaving after 2 p.m.            
2.  Scan our bags before entering TCS premises.      
3.  Swipe Id card at entry and exit door.  
4. Finding CLR-Class Room-Lab and TR-Training Room.        
5. Log on to own system with own credentials.          
6. Fill time sheet entry.    
7. Insert and update learning logs.  
8. Zimbra mail account checking.    
9. Giving feedback with respect to courses and faculties.      
10. Come back within breakout time to avoid half day leave.          
11. Daily shaving to avoid half day leave.    
12.  Avoid gossiping and mobile at breakout area.        
13. Save daily task in winscp or ultimatix.  
14. Book sit in auditorium whenever there was session.        
15. Connecting database using putty.  
16. Taking coffee in break time.

Course Content Curriculum: From technical point.starting with HTML,CSS and JS within 2 weeks CORE JAVA had been completed.One thing is here, Our tech lead Mr. Sukriti was a visiting faculty in TCS Hyderabad,after one month from our joining he went Kolkata back.During that time no faculty was allotted to us,whenever java faculties were free,they came to our class or training room and scolded every time… However on 12th February an experienced,one clicked,most serious about his appraisal faculty came.That day we were in the training room,suddenly our stream owner Ms.Amirthakala Ganapathi came along with that faculty and introduced to us that he is Mr.Naveen Kumar from TCS Kolkata.Initially I thought why every faculties for only BIPM are coming from Kolkata,but after than I came to know why he is here.Actually he was really great and genius and I think he never missed a single piece of opportunity throughout his career.

Any way, starting from GE(General Electric) and BT(British Telecom) he taught us everything from his own experiences what he saw and felt throughout his career and during 7 years in TCS.At the beginning we get bored and sometimes laughed crisply and silently,but after few days his real knowledge came to us.Although,his teaching capability was not too good to be make out by any mediocre guy,nevertheless he was an experienced TCS associate.He taught us UML,POWER CENTER INFORMATICA,BUSINESS OBJECTS TOOL,these are based on data warehousing, business intelligence and web intelligence. During project, he was in a different attitude towards us and pressurized us a lot.We were so sacred about that how to complete project within time and submit on or before deadline.

However, ultimately we completed with hard works and patience with submission to our stream owner. Coming to the business skill curriculum we learned about various spoken skills, writing skills, presentations skills and team management skills.That was the only entertainment class in ILP where we enjoyed a lot from bottom to top hilariously. Ultimately, the last week and the day before release from ILP was scaring to me a lot.Because in the entire curriculum we never faced a high flashed and high voltage thread or viva or about exit test…but during that 7 days…oh! Finally, the 60th working day in ILP came.An auditorium function was there, where Our respected Mr. Arvind Sir and Ms.Jayashri mam declared the 4 and 5 rating associates name.Some people shared their experiences during ILP and after getting our release letter at around 7.30 p.m. we get released from ILP Hyderabad and Q-city also.

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